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    Thank you for responding. Most of the stuff on here is 15+ years old and it seems that very few folks are actively participating anymore
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    I got involved in Sept. 2009. In the following 2 1/2 years i went to all the classes, including advanced class and met and married my husband (he was in for 40 years), I saw so much unbiblical and unloving (downright nasty and hateful) behavior that I would have left by a year later. Eventually my husband saw these behaviors directed at me and we finally left together in 2017. Im an old hippie rebel, non-conformist and never really fit the mold.
  3. Hi...I was only involved with TWI for 8 years but during that time I was mistreated by so-called ‘leadership’ numerous times. After just a year in the ministry I met my current husband who was involved for 40 years, and if it had not been for him I would have left much sooner. It’s an organization run by pompous, arrogant, narcissistic, power freaks who, in their eyes, can do no wrong. 2 Peter 2 describes them well.
  4. I was only involved in TWI from 2009-2017 and have heard vague rumors that VPW did not believe the Holocaust happened. Does anyone know if that is true? Was he also anti-Semitic? I was Jewish before believing in Jesus so I find it very offensive and if it’s true and I had known, I never would have gotten involved with TWI in the first place and could have avoided all the grief from them from those 8 years of my life.
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