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  1. Infoabsorption

    Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    Is that the one that had all the artwork & paintings in it from various TWI artists?
  2. Infoabsorption

    Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    Yes, it was immaculate inside. Had a huge staircase which was really beautiful. I remember spending the night in it once for a "teen advance". We actually had a great time during that particular event. I think Mark Carli was our counselor. Vaguely remember some tunnel in the basement.
  3. Infoabsorption

    The Victor Paul Wierwille Memorial Museum

    Seems like intentional downsizing is occurring. Cutting the membership will lighten the workload and reduce some overhead. Free of taxation they have a nice chunk of change to party on.
  4. Infoabsorption

    Idiom of Permission

    I've completely abandoned the "Word Faith" theology. Took me a while but I finally got it out of my head several years ago. If Job was ultimately at fault for his problems then I guess we are supposed to believe that Peter & Paul were themselves at fault when they were executed by Nero during the mid-60s AD as well as all the Christian martyrs throughout history. It's along the lines of blaming the victim and a reason not to help people who are going through a tough time. "I'm not going to help you. You just need to believe dammit!"
  5. Infoabsorption

    Plagiarism and Wierwille: Interview with Ralph Dubofsky

    Thanks for the clarification DWBH. I knew it was the 80's but I forgot the exact year. Do you recall BG chiding TWI for doctrinal errors in 1982?
  6. Infoabsorption

    Plagiarism and Wierwille: Interview with Ralph Dubofsky

    I vaguely remember hearing about B.G.L.'s visit to an R.O.A. years ago. Heard that BG was not treated very kindly there. Your comment about BG rebuking TWI about wrong teaching at the 1985 ROA is interesting. The erroneous teaching may have been just one of the reasons BG showed up there. Did BG intend to confront TWI for the doctrinal errors and also plagiarism? That page attached to BG's book has VPW written all over it. The Way was damned for a lot more than wrong teaching about gifts of the Spirit. Anybody who has more info on this please reply.
  7. HAHA! Hey Grace! Too much Drambuie aye? LOL!
  8. Dispensationalism is all f*d up and was/is one of the main problems with TWI. Paul's writings were distorted by dispensationalists such as J.N. Darby and E.W. Bullinger. There is no exegetical justification within Paul's writings to conclude that the dispensation of grace will end at the gathering together(rapture) which then triggers a re-establishment of the 'Law Administration" for 7 years. It's not there! Ephesians 3 describes exactly what changed in the dispensation of grace: that the Gentiles are included and joint heirs with Christ. All this other stuff is false doctrine. I agree with Twinky that this thread is turning into doctrinal so I'm done with it.
  9. I don't know when you were involved, but when I was involved they frequently taught that we are currently "in the grace administration" which they taught will end with the "gathering together". They most certainly did align themselves with dispensationalism back in the day. TWI from 1990 onward I don't know much about. Maybe they don't teach much about dispensationalism these days. I have no clue. Maybe shiftthis or some recent escapees could shed some light on this.
  10. shiftthis, TWI does NOT teach the rightly divided word of God. Among their most egregious errors is their ultra-dispensational teachings based upon E.W. Bullinger's writings.
  11. Infoabsorption

    Magic Bible Translation by an Unqualified Autistic Savant

    Acts 2:17
  12. The video below from a local Dayton news program confirms that Marcia King was involved with TWI back in 1981. The segment concerning Marcia begins at 5:26.
  13. Hello pawtucket,

    1st, I want to say thank you for your dedication in keeping this site up and running over the years. I believe it has been an extremely valuable resource for exposing TWI for what it really is. I didn't realize the cost and effort it required to keep GSC going. Another thing I didn't realize was how easy it is for TWI to shut down GSC when it was hosted on public servers.

    I did some web searching and found this site: https://www.orangewebsite.com They are based in Iceland which is not apart of the USA or EU legally. Many publishers use Orange because it is a safe haven for freedom of speech. Too bad we(USA) are no longer that safe haven. This could be a way to cut costs if you are still interested in continuing GSC. If there is more to this than the costs involved I completely understand and do not blame you one bit.