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  1. What these dip s——-s don’t understand is we that have left have marked and avoided them!
  2. I read the comments about this class on the link posted. Same old bs about the household blah blah blah. FYI wayfers you’re not the household and nobody is impressed by the overuse of this word. Also Merry Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas. It’s called Christmas not hoho household prevailing in the 20 th century super duper household holidays lol! Nut job’s
  3. Good for them on leaving and buying a home!! Is twi still against having a mortgage/just believe God for $80,000 to fall from thre sky?
  4. mudflaps

    way books

    Thanks everyone. I'd like to find that handful of pigeons!
  5. mudflaps

    way books

    Anybody know of someplace or somebody I could sell my old way books to?
  6. Good topic OldSkool Yes it's amazing how us wayfers could stop bad things from happening.Looking back I am discusted with how arrogant I was when with twi. It was like God or anyone that believed in God outside of twi mattered.
  7. Yeah I think E like most of the way "leaders" walked around like he was some sort of "tough guy" I believe the majority of of the "leaders" could'nt "Cut the mustard" in the real world so they become a leader in the way where absolute obedience to a leader is required.
  8. I took LCM's A.C. in the late 90's.I expected to be amazed to learn about the other manifestations,looking back though I think the scriptures they taught related well to the manifestations,but as far as how to operate the manifestations they did not have a clue,reason being they just cannot get it through their heads that it's up to God to give revelation,heal etc.,It's not up to the wayfer. Off the subject,E& H#%*!y coordinated my class and I think that guy has some issues.Is he still around?
  9. Remember being forbidden to say Merry Christmas?Well maybe forbidden is a strong word,could say you were looked upon as out of fellowship or whatever wayspeak s#!t talk they decided to use. No more "happy household holiday" or sitting through another teaching on Jesus Christ or promised seed. Do any of you have any stories of Christmastime in the way? Merry Christmas!
  10. Let me guess they said it was "Just a front of the adversary". Man,I don't miss those days,thanks for the reminder Waysider.
  11. AHH YES...The old "God tried to tell you but,you were not listening". News flash morons it's up to God when He talks to you. It's funny I never heard this lie until I went way disciple,Heard it from a apprentice corps couple.
  12. That is very sick!I know when I was still involved alot of wayfers talked s#!t about God giving people over to the adversary,if they somehow wronged the "ministry". I remember one incident where a nice lady decided not to attend a weekend long limb meeting,nice lady got in a car accident while limb meeting was going on and got injured,the branch coordinator said the accident happened because she did not go to the limb meeting.
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