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  1. If I remember correctly virtually all occurrences of "love" in the NT are translations of agape and it is used in various contexts, not limited to "the love of God". I remember many teachings where the teacher would come across the word "love" and breathlessly announce "and it's the word agape" as if it were soehow unique
  2. The "1942 Promise" wasn't something I thought a lot about back when I was involved. In fact, I signed up and paid for PFAL without knowing anything about Wierwille. I had attended a few twigs with my cousin, who had a crush on the Twig Leader and was impressed with how the people in the twig had (or at least seemed to have) answers based on the Bible. I had been told that a guy named Wierwille, who was from Ohio, would be the class teacher. I was also told that the class instructor was a guy named Jerry and it would be held in Flushing. So I thought that Jerry Wierwille from Ohio would be teac
  3. I'd just be curious if there was still a Way presence here in Nebraska. When I left in 2001 there was one anemic twig composed mainly of two families. It was considered an "outlying fellowship" of the Kansas City Branch. I officiated at a wedding a few years ago and all the old timers from that twig were there (the groom was the son of a Wayfer) but I didn't want to talk to them
  4. I got involved with The Way Corporation in 1978 in NY - at that time there weren't even any BRANCH leaders who were Corps grads and the Area Leader (over all the branches on Long Island - 8 or 9 branches) was interim Corps. Even though we were still selling Wierwille's plagiarized class and suspect theology, there just weren't enough Way Corps to effectively execute top-down control from HQ; the first big Corps graduating class (6th) had just graduated. So there was at least the illusion of autonomy.
  5. In the late nineties it was changed to: Year 1: Candidate Year - same as what had been Apprentice Year Year 2: Apprentice Year - required to be out as a Way Disciple or on staff Years 3 & 4: In residence at the Colorado location
  6. Pretty interesting stuff. Great context from the journalistic and medical folks. While I do not discount out of hand claims of miraculous events, I am a skeptic and my mind usually scans the horizon for mundane explanations. A believer will often scan for supernatural explanations. And the nature of that supernatural explanation will usually depend on the predetermined mindset. A Christian might interpret a certain event as God's intervention, a new-age type might credit Reiki, a guy I once knew would almost certainly point to aliens! That voice that you think you hear, or that feeling you hav
  7. Great example of Wierwille completely misconstruing, misunderstanding or possibly misrepresenting what Bullinger wrote in order to bolster a completely different position. Bullinger wrote that "idios" meant to "unloose" (or loosen) and the other occurrences of similar words confirms this (context, right?). Bullinger used the example of hounds being loosed upon the game, with the emphasis on loosed, where Wierwille emphasized the "upon the game" part, inventing the part about the dogs being somehow frenzied and wild. After a while both Bullinger and what the Bible actually said were ignored and
  8. Oakspear

    Got a Life!

    "Drive-By Posters"...ah, those were the days! Greasespot Cafe is one of the things that helped me to get a post-TWI life. From the early days, when I was still an innie, venting about various nonsensical Way things, to being an almost daily poster and moderator; commiserating with other posters who were getting divorced from hard-core Way cultists to eventually moving on to other things. I've had the privilege to meet 30 or 35 of you over the years at the Jack Daniels Weinie Roasts, a wedding, my Oakspear 2002 North American Tour and some of you stopping in Lincoln for a cup of coff
  9. Just got involved in The Way Corporation in March 1978
  10. I don't come here that often any more...is this 'Revival & Restoration' group another splinter group? New as of 2017? Just another bunch of 'enlightened' knuckleheads
  11. I never lived at any of the so-called root locales, but out in "the world" we did everything that non-Way people did, we just called it "Household Holiday". They talked a good game about not being observers of days & seasons, but didn't have the balls to walk the walk
  12. I took the PFAL class in Flushing in '76 and lived in Kew Gardens through '80 before moving to Nebraska
  13. The subject of whether or not someone is a Christian and how to determine that was not meant to be a major part of this discussion. My fault for including that one sentence at the end of my initial post. My point in starting this topic was to discuss the lengths some people go to in order to harmonize biblical contradictions. The criteria that the writers of the bible set down about what makes someone a Christian might be an interesting topic, but I ask that a separate thread be started if discussion on that topic continues. I'm sure the mods could move any relevant posts if asked. Again, my f
  14. I expect that it's a given that anyone posting on this thread knows that we don't have the originals and have no access to them. However, despite this, we (on this thread and in other places) discuss "the bible", what it says, what's in it and what its meaning is all the time. We have a collection of books that some time around 1600 years ago (referring to what we call the New Testament) were collected into a canon of scripture. Understanding that what we have are versions and translations of various manuscripts that underwent copyists' errors and do not all agree with each other, we can still
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