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  1. T-Bone, I saw that movie several years ago. Great movie! I think Tina Turner, is a great singer, and an amazing woman. All that abuse, and she was still able to have a successful life. Wow!
  2. Way, I do wonder why I got involved. I think, if my childhood, had been happy, I never would have gotten involved. I think it was probably, the 'Love Bombing' that drew me in, and kept me in. I had never felt so loved, as I did in my first Twig. Never again, would I feel that loved.
  3. T-Bone, yes! I agree with you, and Rocky. Future generations, need to know about cults, like TWI, so they don't get trapped in them. I wish I had known years ago, that the TWI was a cult. If I had known, I would never have gotten involved with it.
  4. Oak, thank the good lord, you got out! I know it took me years to exit TWI, but I finally did it. Once out, I never went back.
  5. T-Bone, Spotlight was a very revealing movie, IMO. Until I saw that movie, I had no idea, how rampant sexual abuse, had been in the Catholic Church. Worse than knowing about the abuse, was the cover up. The Church knew, some priests were abusing members of their congregations, and did nothing to stop it. Finally, the Church was forced to pay out Billions of dollars, to the victims. However, by that time, many of the survivors, had drug, and alcohol problems. Some of the victims even committed suicide, if I remember correctly, from the movie. No amount of money will ever compensate, those unfortunate victims.
  6. Thanks, T-Bone, but I have always wondered why VPW, dragged his whole family to India, minus JP. I guess I will never know the answer, but I am open to opinions.
  7. Twinky, you could give it to an animal pound. It might be used to clean up feces; manure is manure.
  8. Engine, you are welcomed. I still think the POTP, was a lot of Hog Wash.
  9. Excuse me! I wanted the Branch Leader to pray for me. I was happy not to have to deal with this fool!
  10. Hello, Grace and Mercy! It's good to have you here, at the GSC. You got in TWI, a few years before, I did, but both of us left in 1990. I also noticed that some of the WC people, throught they were God's personal representatives, here to help us "peons", with our walks with God. Most of the WC people, were wonderful to be around, and really did try their best to walk the walk, and talk the talk. However, a few of them had attitudes, that rubbed me the wrong way. These Corps members, throught they were "special", because they were Corps, and most of us regular people weren't. I remember once, I had to go to the ER, for a problem. After, I left the ER, I attended the tail end of a Branch Meeting, and wanted him to pray for me. Instead, he yelled at me, for being sick! I looked at him, but didn't say, a word, and left the meeting quite upset. Never again, did I have any interaction with this foot. In time, the medical problem was dealt with, but I realized how insensitive some of the "Big Wigs", really were. I was thrilled when this man, moved out of my area, and I didn't have to deal with him. Oh Happy Day! .
  11. Out, yes!! Back when I was in TWI, people would say that S--t happens because of my believing. No, sometimes life is hard, and things happen we have no control over. For example, those poor people in Houston, who have been without power for several days. They had no control over what happened to them, and they are suffering mightily from not having heat, or electricity. Poor souls.
  12. Sky, how much do these classes cost? In 1985, my AC cost 500.00 dollars. I imagine these classes aren't cheap.
  13. Oak, wow!! I didn't know that was possible. Good for you!
  14. Oak, I used to attend a Methodist Church in Bethesda, and we called the ministers, by their first names. They would call me by my first name, which was fine. Everyone calls me by my first name, which I really like. I like the fact that people feel comfortable doing it.
  15. Oak, I have no idea who you are, but I probably wouldn't know you from Adam, because I left over thirty years ago. Why were you kicked out? If you don't want to share that information, that is fine.
  16. Sky, in other words, same S--t, just a different day.
  17. Twinky, that cake looks so good!! But, it's not in my diet plan, so I will let someone else have it. But thanks!!
  18. Hello ACO! Good for you!! Life is good outside of TWI. One thing I really enjoy about my life, is today I can be the real me. I can say what I want, read what I want, and do what I want. I don't have a lot of people telling me, what I should, or shouldn't do. I don't have to witness to anyone, or take a bunch of boring classes. Liberty is intoxicateing!
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