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  1. The way is also incorporated in Barbados. https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/101225180 I dunno if this is well known. But I was googling Jean Yves Delisle and his page on this was like the 10th result or something. There's no financial details, but I think its a little interesting. I guess they wanted to hedge their bets against US tax law. Also, this info was leaked in 2016, so don't expect it to reflect whatever changes in leadership have come about since then.
  2. Gene worked close to my mom the whole time we were there. From knowing him as a kid, I would tend to believe that he's doing what he has to to provide for a family bereft of income after xx years working for pennies, if I was inclined to believe he was grifting at all. My impression: smart dude who can provide real value. Not sure what unlucky trick caused him to become sucked up for so long.
  3. True. My understanding is based on a conversation with a current staffperson, and hasn't been represented in other replies, so I posted. Who knows honestly, but I imagine the image will be fun for people to roll around in their heads, even if my source is wrong and this is hearsay. Well, John Rxpp was just posted to the board along with Vern and Bill. These guys just watched Rosalie publicly humiliate JyDL for 'failing' after 2 years to turn around an organization that has been a slow trainwreck for 17 years under the leadership of...Rosalie. As an example, when I was a boy wonder in the mid 00's, InRez enrollment averaged 3-5, and in 2011 I think there were 2. There's also plenty of top-threads detailing financial troubles, etc..this one's pretty funny: .Full circle how some of the comments mention Rupp. It's hard to imagine that any kind of shell RR built for herself can withstand both this slow decline and the significant recent splinters. There's no kind of successful record for her to stand on, and frankly, she doesn't seem like she has the humility to choose to stand down having failed so completely. So, hearsay or not, I think she could definitely have been ousted. But I did hear that she's Emeritus, so I doubt she's about to get up behind the podium and pontificate about her own failings like poor JyDL..
  4. Heard through the grapevine she was ousted.
  5. Not in the circles the kids run in. My parents were never high up- In 20 years of working on staff they were never promoted. I dunno what that says about them. Seems to me they liked to keep their heads down. I think I heard once at the dinner table that Donna lived with Rosalie and helped her with her housework or something. As far as teaching is concerned, yes, homosexuality was cast to me as like this cardinal sin.
  6. He drew a picture of my face once in like a minute. A really kind, genuine guy- thanks for being awesome if you ever read this Gene.
  7. Mornin' y'all, I was born into this ministry about 21 years ago to two Way Corps(e? lol) ministers who worked at HQ from I don't know when to 2013. That means- yes, your logical inferences are correct- I had to spend my entire childhood living in f*cking New Knoxville, OH. There were, I think, only two other kids my age who were born in '98 and stayed through '13; certainly there were none whose parents were fired in '13. So I'm sure whatever poor guy they've got monitoring this has already deductively identified me- but I don't care, I've already put my name to a review on Google Maps. 2 stars, I have only good memories of the food, especially that dope foot split pea soup. To give you an idea of the enduring psychological pain I've got, just writing that opener means my arms have started shaking and my mind has sorta gone blank. The shrink at my college told me I've got PTSD, though she was a PHD student so that's no official diagnosis. In the few years I've been out, I've managed to forget a lot, but I see that y'all are curious for what goes on past 2000, and I think it'll be a good exercise for me to try and remember. So any questions you've got about HQ, or even through R&R- my parents still keep up with that- I'm right here. I'll just use the rest of this post to detail the circumstances of our leaving, since I think they're pretty emblematic of the, uh, dank authoritarian vibes leadership has kept up past the Martindale era. In the 2011-2012 school year I was in eighth grade and I developed this illness which was pretty bad- kept me out of school almost every day in April of that year. My attendance freshman year was even worse; I think I missed close to 1/3 of all school days. What was this illness, you ask? The main symptom was very intense physical stomach pain- which doctors couldn't explain after 2 endoscopes and a colonoscopy. My personal theory is that it was literally a physical incarnation of the stress I was under, since it sort of magically disappeared about 6 months after my family left NK. Correlation =/= causation and all that, but whatever. So anyway, I go into sophomore year and rack up like 7 absences in 3 weeks and NKHS tells my parents look, ya kid is a straight-A student who easily passes his tests without attending class but we just can't do this relationship anymore because we're unwilling to bend our absence policy. So I'm politely shown the door to this alternative online high school. That's all it took, folks. See, Rivenbark apparently does not believe that online school is a place that good Way Corps should send their kids. So two weeks after my parents make this decision, she gets Phil to summarily fire them from their severely underpaid HQ jobs. (Thank god, maybe they still have time to save for retirement.) Then about a year later, they're booted from the core. It was my dream to be a Way Corps member through 9th grade, guys I was 100% sold. Now I flinch when I hear church music- I heard Rise and Shine a couple months ago and had a full-on mental breakdown. My parents have gone from making me speak in tongues to pleading with me to not give up on God. My honest response to that is that whatever God I believed in in childhood is 6 feet under, the new meme is judging people based on their actions and words instead of automatically hating gay people. I think I love them too much to ever say that, especially since sometimes I think otherwise about the first part. Anyway, thanks for reading, peace.
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