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  1. Thank you for the welcome! I have had a few talks, yes. I think they recognize that where we were at HQ, it wasn't the best place in the world to be a child. I'm almost certain that they still believe in a good number of TWI's teachings, so they might have some inner conflict with that. I'm very much not still in. To be quite honest even if I said that I missed a good portion of my summers, I probably would have done similar things to what we did during the play time, just in the comfort of my own or somebody else's home. Minus the bible teachings and some of the games we played outside.
  2. Yes, it was indeed my parents decisions. I was born into it. You're probably right about the counter-productive rabbit hole and I most certainly do have the now. I'm going to be a bit vague regarding myself, but I'm currently in college for one of the arts, writing papers as it's close to finals week. Trying to go around and socialize the best I can.
  3. You're absolutely right, I had forgotten about Colorado. I am indeed talking about HQ in New Knoxville Ohio.
  4. Right, sorry. At TWI, they have a day care for younger kids and a day camp for kids that have reached school. day care is year round and day camp is during the summer. The people in charge changed and honestly I don't fully remember their names anyway. It doesn't really matter. I was in both for about 3/4ths of the last 20 years, just trying to figure out how much time I lost during my summers that I would have rather spent elsewhere for personal reasons. Is that better? And thank you for the feedback.
  5. Just wondering since I feel like I missed a good portion of my summers to day care and day camp at TWI. Does anyone know or remember how long they were? I have a feeling that it was 5 hours, 6 if you include the lunch after, but I like to be sure, thanks.
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