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  1. So is the author saying Satan/Lucifer/Dragon/serpent is really Adam and not a fallen angel?
  2. Also look into University of Chicago which has been studying Aramaic/Syriac manuscripts since the 1970's
  3. DWBH, you were a slave for TWI. Want some reparations?
  4. Twinky, I studied music in college but my CCM days have past since 2015 and am now more traditional classical style(organ, piano, harpsicord, percussion, sacred choral). I now rarely listen to Hillsong, Bethel, Newsong, Newsboys, etc.
  5. Brian had the potential to be another Don Moen, Paul Baloche, or Chris Tomlin but he never aimed for the top of CCM fame
  6. It is only a secret because most people don't care about VPW
  7. Did VPW expect people to come to his home on Sunday mornings only to find that others attended denominational churches only some would attend his home church either in the afternoon or early evening(6pm)?
  8. I find better teachings/blogs from Frank Viola, Jon Zens, Milt Rodrieguez, and Keith Giles than I can find from CFF, STF, and R&R. Viola takes the same concept from Colossians about The Mystery and does a hell better teaching than VPW ever could. He has written a new book called The Gospel of the Kingdom/Insurgency and does a podcast with 2 or 3 others every week.
  9. They can't go beyond their teaching, regurgitating what they first heard nearly 50 years ago, in other words, they are stuck and can't think for themselves, exploring other avenues of life.
  10. Bullinger(and maybe Wierwille) in addition to 5 crosses in a cemetary, a particular cross was the Jerusalem cross with a central cross and 4 others located NW, NE, SE, and SW corners which I happen to have. These 2 also claimed that Peter's denial occured at different times during the meal, one says cock will crow just once after Peter denies Jesus, other gospel says the cock crows twice. Yes, the gospels have different details and seemingly don't agree with each other, no harmonizations of the Passion gospel. But our salvation is in a person, not a book.Otherwise we have bibliodalatry. sorry for poor spelling errors.
  11. Bullinger claimed(likewise Wierwille)2 different Palm processions , one on Friday with Jesus cursing a fig tree and mourning that Jerusalem would reject him, the 2nd on Saturday morning, both a donkey and it's colt, disciples notice weathered fig tree dead, Sanhedrin say quit singing by people because it is the Sabbath and is disrectable to tradition, Jesus says the very stones would praise him, he turns over the tables of moneychangers and shoos away the animals(texts does not say he bullwhipped the people or clergy). First procession only has palms, 2nd has both palms and cloaks/clothing. Lamsa and his protege Rocco Errico, and Pillai make similar claims. Discussions.
  12. VPW claimed that Holy Communion was not the Passover literally re-enacted, so the bread was white enriched flour and a yeast roll or hamburger bun was fine for Communion. He rejected wafers and matza, but saltine crackers or Ritzs was ok.
  13. In another post here on GSC recently, Supposedly Wierwille gave instructions on how to locally celebrate Communion. He mentions a dish/plate(paten) for bread(roll/hamburger bun) and a chalice/cup for wine/grape juice, and to light 2 red candles, and to use a coffee table (altar) with a large white cloth/towel(mensa). Why did he suggest red? why not white? or better yet either blue or green candles(TV soap opera Dark Shadows)?
  14. How about we focus on the Palm procession? Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? 1 or 2 according to Bullinger and Wierwille? 2 or 4 crucified with Jesus, kleptes/kleptomaniac and thief/burgurlar vs. robber, malefactor/felon? Wiewille's suggestion of using red candles when celebrating communion? Why red and not white? These are questions I ask.
  15. Maybe they are not yet, but don't be surprised if they are actually doing that and you just haven't heard about it. They may be keeping it secret and not making it publickly known.
  16. I did post an announcement in In The Way forum about this topic
  17. I posted down in Doctrinal section about how TWI/Wierwille taught about Holy Week in The Word's Way and Jesus Christ Our Passover, and how much influence did Bullinger, Kenyon, Lamsa and his protege Errico, Pillai, The Armstrong's(WCOG), JW's did VPW use? Do you still teach those understandings, or do you use Lutheran/Episcopalian/Catholic/Methodist worship services? If possible respond in Doctrinal forums.
  18. Most of traditional Christianity is focusing on Luke's gospel for this year and celebrations such as congregation waving palms in procession, Tenebrae, Stations of the Cross, Maundy Thursday stripping of altar, Proper Good Friday Liturgy, post sunset Easter Vigil Saturday evening with multiple scripture readings, baptism/confirmation renewal. Btw, I always thought it strange Wierwille suggested red candles to use for Holy Communion instead of white.
  19. That is why I posted it here and not in About The Way
  20. In most Christian denominations, we are approaching Holy Week. In TWI,chapters from The Word's Way and Jesus Christ Our Passover, along with materials from Bullinger, Lamsa, and Pillai about Palm Sunday, Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Saturday(Easter Vigil) were repeated about Holy Communion, crucifixion, resurrection that Wierwille kept teaching for several years(including the Armstrongs, JW's, Rocco Errico, etc.). Do you still accept TWI's understanding, or do you go with traditional denominational teachings?
  21. The reason this season was short was because Scientology sent in a spy who was/is a strong member who pretended to be a person interested in escaping the cult but was reporting back to Miscavege and others in Clearwater, Florida. When Mike and Leah found out, they erased the episode but have promised in a future episode what exactly happened.
  22. There are at least 3 Dave Craley's on FB, 2 do not have photos
  23. btw, not to get off subject, whatever happened to Dave Craley?
  24. Did the city of Sidney purchase it and made it a historic property site?
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