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  1. i remember Bill and Gloria Gaither threatened a lawsuit for changing I'm so glad to be part of the family of God. That was quickly dropped from the blue Sing along the Way
  2. I am surprised Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings didn't sue The Way for copyright infringement. But what's new? Wierwille wasn't sued either
  3. VPW Magna opus JCING was poor church history and implying works from Bullinger, Lamsa(and Errico), JW, WCOG, Unitarians, Christian Science, Quakers, etc.Lynn/Schoenheit/Grasser made a slightly better case in CES/ST&F's book One God and one Lord. This plus JCOP/Word's Way(Bullinger, Lamsa, PIllai), and JCOPS/Ernest Martin/Word's Way/Bullinger/Lamsa and Errico/ Pillai was to explain everything about Jesus Christ. btw, I now believe in the Holy Trinity but I can not make anyone agree with me. Video classes like Alpha, Christian Believer(United Methodist), Foundations(Saddleback), Open Home, Open Bible(All Soul's Langham Place, London) all mention the Trinity. Check them out.
  4. obviously Mike thought JJ was lying and a bigot
  5. I doubt Stiles spoke harshly to his wife, otherwise she would have beaten the sh-t out of him and called the police.
  6. Still have it and originally thought it was neat. Now I consider it propaganda. Likewise Harry Wierwille's book
  7. Martin was originally associated with Herbert and Garner Ted Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. He left in the late 70's and started his own ministry ASK- Ascertain Scriptural Knowledge.
  8. I wonder if he already had Bullinger's books before he spoke to Rosalind Rinker. He probably also had Ruben Archer Torrey's materials, Albert Benjamin Simpson, Smith Wigglesworth. Kenyon, Austin-Sparks, Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, Watch Tower/JW, etc. in cluding John Nelson Darby and Plymouth Brethern, all between 1940 and 1960.
  9. Poor Mikey, his addiction is scripture originally was perfect but sinful human beings purposely decided to pervert them, hence poor translations and not understanding Semetic mid-eastern culture, so radically different than Europe(Greek, Roman, Germanic, and British). Like VPW, he has no knowledge of History, church or secular
  10. I had not heard of the Assembly(problobably similiar to Children of God), but the similliarity to TWI is striking. I wonder if that gropu was influenced by House of Acts in San Francisco/Oakland.
  11. VPW misused Bullinger's Figures of Speech book, Lamsa's materials on OT and NT commentaries(Rocco Errico up the ante on Aramaic), Pillai, and other Socialistic culture and customs by James Freeman, Fred Wight, Abraham Ribadney. So does Spirit and Truth Fellowship. Actually the other 2 books on Jesus Christ(Passover and Promised Seed) was more informated because of the research team led by Walter Cummins.. Schoenheit and Grasser wrote a book called One God and Lord, which does Church history a bit better that VPW.
  12. Wish Goldstar would introduce himself so we can understand his background
  13. BTW, who was that masked man, Tonto? It was the Lone Stranger, portrayed by Dictor Wierdwillie, Cragsie, and Chrissy Gear
  14. I never understood why Wierwille didn't have Way Builders build dormitories at HQ and build class rooms for his University of Life(seminary), and get rid of the trailer park for residences for staff and teachers instead of purchasing Emporia and Rome City.
  15. wow, I didn't realise that some of my comments were so witty:jump:

  16. At least it would have been more honest than claiming originality
  17. I invited Goldstar to share his background to TWI in the forum relating to new members. I don't know what set him off about Graham. Btw, the proper forum is in memory, not About The Way.
  18. Lutherans, Episcopalians/Anglicans, Roman Catholics, United Methodists, Moravians observe Advent. While official Presbyterians and Reformed Churches list it in their hymnals and books of worship, not all congregations observe it.
  19. Cat Woman wasn't Rosie the riverter?
  20. Some of The Way implied that Mary was a guinea pig and that both the egg and semen/sperm was created by God to prevent blood transfusion, both had different DNA/genome. Adam was with Eve when Satan deceived them when eating from tree of Good and Evil, which meant we don't want God chaperoning/spying on us, thus the 2 of them did treason against God.
  21. What Mike is saying, I am addicted to PFAL and particularly to the collaterals(supplemented materials). If I give them up, my life is worthless, I can't face reality. In my mind, they give me comfort. Did I get this right, what you are really saying to us?
  22. Jean deLuise(?) supposedly is new President, but Rosalie and Donna run everything
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