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  1. Thanks for the reminder what a blessing it is to be free.
  2. "I can't get no satisfaction" (screamed at the top of his lungs)
  3. The teachings were not wrong. When they were first taught whether by JE Stiles, EW Kenyon, Bishop Pillai, Billy Graham, Norman Vincent Peale, Oral Roberts -- those from whom he stole their words -- which were given by men of integrity and relationship with Holy Spirit, Who supplies the power for living properly by them. vp was a hypocrite a liar, and a thief who stole those teachings, but when he stole them he did not have the power of the Holy Spirit they require. One cannot live a life of holiness or even understand what such a life is all about outside of the Holy Spirit's comfort and guidance and strength and wisdom etc. etc. Today the same words of the Holy Spirit are continued to be taught and brought into the earth by such as many many men and women -- Perry Stone, Michael Brown, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Reinhard Bonnke, and Billy Graham still -- multitudes of people who bring the knowledge of God's loving kindness into the earth and teach people how to live in relationship with Him. Many of the "words" were good, but the context was all wrong. And the life blood of Jesus did not flood them.
  4. People have been proving that our service given our gifts given are always only a drop in the bucket compared to all that we have been given, from every breath we take, just everything is by God's hand of kindness to us. The problem with twi teaching foundationally, (1) keeping everything on a 5-senses level and (2) that we were the ones who determined whether God and His promises were true. I know it's deeper than that, but the more tightly I have found myself bound to the Lord, the less "stuff" I have and the more His loving kindness means everything to me. I am in a run down mobile home in the outskirts of Reno on rented property (rent goes up again this month). The most precious thing in the world to me is knowing that the Lord cares for me. That's it. Our lives and the balance of the Righteous Judge will be weighed when we meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with Him. At that time the rewards will be given (or not). Nothing this side of heaven's door can be weighed in eternal balance scale. (e.g. the beheaded children in Iran, James Foley, Daniel Pearl, Steven Sotloff slaughtered) Fred fixed cars for friends. . . Mother Teresa and her bunch did and do all they can to relieve suffering and misery of people without hope in the world. Millions of missionaries have gone out over the world to give God's kindness into the lives of people who do not know He cares for them. Catholic Charities and others build schools, orphanages, hospitals, building wells providing water, giving cows and goats and sewing machines and other things families to people provide a lifefor themselves, as well as churches and music and loving kindness of the brethren gathered together. So many many people through the years have all done what we could, I think. And many have been and are daily being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their efforts. Reading the stories of persecuted Christians (persecution.com and Voice of the Martyrs, for example), is striking that people are willing rather to suffer than to deny the Lord. To me it is pitiful that Americans we are so shallow in our devotion. All these things will be weighed in the balance when we meet the Lord. I certainly don't know how my life will be weighed when I meet the Lord in the air, but I certainly hope and do all I know so that He might say, "Well done," although I certainly cannot imagine such a thing looking at the visible poverty of my life, despite my efforts. Basically, to me, it's not a question of "outgiving God," any more than I could give but rather only repay to my parents who gave me life and a start in this world.
  5. I found this 116 year old Gertrude Weaver cited three factors for her longevity: "Trusting in the Lord, hard work and loving everybody." Upon ruminating over this I think that we were made to love, and that loving is the only thing we are good for. Everything else is wasted effort.
  6. Max Lucado This is a quote from the daily devotional, "This Day's thought." Max Lucado is a hero to me because he lives the Christianity I read about in the Bible, in my opinion. He has a book "Dad Time," which tells how the world looks to a loving father who loves his wife and has raised two precious daughters. I also have experienced this change, having watched my son Paul grow to love his daughter Emma, who he would rather die than yell at. (And Paul's dad was a master yeller.) Just saying that the shepherd doesn't yell at sheep he wants to call home, only when he wants to scatter them for some reason. And a loving father a loving husband a loving wife a loving friend does not yell. There is no record of Jesus yelling. Not when he SAID to the moneychangers in the temple, "You have made my father's house a den of thieves." He cried from the cross, but that is understandable, I think, given the agony of the moment. And no stress of having run into a microphone because of one's own stupidity ranks to that category, in my opinion. And Emma at 3 1/2 draws a picture of her dad. Paul did not rant that it wasn't a true likeness, but cherished it (and sent it to me) and he and Rachel cherish anything she draws (or sings or writes, or says, etc. etc.)
  7. My mother thought twi people were the nicest people (such as R1ck and Judy Bagge11, Wayne and L!nd@ McMi!!an, De! and Nan(y, Ra1ph and J0anne @nders0n,J@ne and H0w@ard Yerem!an, etc. etc.), who all were so very precious and real. She met these people at our wedding.
  8. I never thought warfare was an excuse for yelling and screaming at people: Our spiritual warfare is not waged with guns and sledgehammers, but by love. I have seen sufficient demons cast out by kindness, which simply smothers them because they feed on strife and bitterness and yelling. The awesome cry of Tyndale while being burned at the stake, "Lord open the King of England's eye," paved the highway over which the Lord could bring the KJ Bible. And of course, "Forgive them father for they know not what they do," paved the way for our wholeness and graceful forgiveness at the hand of the Just and Mighty God, Who could not bestow His kindness to us if the Lord had called for vengeance and wrath and the fires of hell to come upon those who mocked and tortured and crucified Him. By our love one for another will we be known as His disciples is as vital today as it was when the Lord first spoke it.
  9. I was not among those who spoke to leadership, but I always said what was on my mind. Regarding the ROA 1995 incident: They did not take Dr Harbord from our RV, but found him afterwards, and then went bragging about their [wicked] deed.
  10. I believed the truth-you know, search and research, ts peak the truth and don't back down. . . Therefore when I saw something not right I spoke up. IAt ROA 1995that guy LCMs was hot about sneaking into the ROA to attend twig was my friend and he was at my twig and I told him I couldn't see anything wrong with him coming to twig, which was an open fellowship and he was always welcome. He was an old man I had met many years ago. A gem in my opinion. Anyway. I think that was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak and got me kicked out.. Ii always wanted to ask LCMs why he kicked me out. I always prayed for him and supported him, although I did say that a shepherd never gathered sheep by yelling at them. Yelling only scattered sheep as I saw it. I did not believe twi was flawed until trashchat (groucho's words of wisdom) and then waydale and greasespot cafe that I was able to see I had been lured into a cult (and what a cult was).
  11. And then there was me. I believed every word. I thought it was all real, and pfal was the greatest thing since post toasters I even had my colaterals leather bound.if LCMs hadn't kicked me out, I would still be there probably. If anyone said anything derogatory about anything twi, I wuss sure they were nuts. Only a slew of miracles got me out.
  12. I had people tell me they thought Kit Sober was a made up name. I know that wasn't what you meant, but only Holy Spirit could make up a name like that. Now looking back. It was like a game show script, without the required-for-success real life skills.
  13. Some precious facebook friends brought this to mind with reverence and respect. To me, I know he has been judged. I do not know how the Lord judged him, but I do know that he has been reckoned with by the Righteous Judge, and therefore no thought word or deed of mine will have any further bearing on the case. (I can't understand how men and women who know of his hurt to so many can hold him in reverence, but I know my primary job is to get the beam out of my own eye before I try to wrestle the mote out of another's eye.) Watching that movie so many years ago gave me my first nightmares (the witch with Toto in her basket).
  14. I generally look for more sound backup than the Amplified to settle deep concerns. To me ithe Amplified is more correctly called, The Embellished Version because it's their private interpretation. Holy Spirit doesn't always agree with what they have written, and because there are so many words therein, it's difficult (and certainly beyond my level of expertise) to backtrack to the any semblance of the original. When the Embellished Version agrees with what I know, it can be interesting, but I wouldn't trust it on a question such as this, "was there rain before the flood." I am looking at the One New Man bible, which has a Jewish background, and I got it from sidroth.org, which is a Messianic Jewish group (believe that Jesus/Yeshua is the promised Messiah). The emphasis on the record of the flood and of Noah is that the wickedness of man became great and God Almighty was going to destroy man, who He created, from the face of the earth, but Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. The concern, which seems of primary importance to consider for me, is whether i am helping to build the ark today and will I/am I in the ark of The Lord, or am I outside when God Almighty shuts the door.
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