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  1. Well, I suppose it's time again. The Oswego WOWs actually found me on Facebook. And I think Diane has a page there too, although she doesn't appear to access it very often. -JJ
  2. There is barely proof he existed, much less rose from the dead. -JJ
  3. Good point on the man picking up sticks, Raf. The other that always bothers me is God striking Uzzah dead for touching the ark after the oxen stumbled. -JJ
  4. If I only had a nickle for every time someone told me Christendom has been caught in a delusion. -JJ
  5. Well, I suppose I'll ask again for the fun of it. Anybody heard anything? -JJ
  6. It was actually a class on the OT that led me to throw my 'research' books in the trash. It was through Restoration Fellowship and covered the first half of the OT. About the time I got to the dismembered concubine in Judges, I'd had enough. Upon further reflection, I realized that after years of trying, none of the so-called "promises" had come to pass anywhere around me. I tossed the research books and discovered Bart Ehrman. None of that is to say the Bible hasn't had a huge impact on Western Civilization. There might not be evidence of the Exodus but the story has had a wide ranging, and I would argue positive, impact on the world. It's those kind of things I look into now, i.e., the principles discussed in the Bible and how they have been implemented and their impact on humanity. We seem to be creatures with leanings towards religion. Somehow it seems to provide comfort in a remarkably screwed up world. -JJ
  7. Thanks, Raf! I didn't even think of it in terms of Greasespot's rules. It was just quick observation. Thanks for staying on top of it!!
  8. Sounds more like a loosely disguised political diatribe to me. I bounced around quite a bit during my years after TheWay and don't recall ever coming across the kind of hate he's claiming permeates Christianity in America. An isolated pocket here and there but that's about it. Now, if he wants to discuss the emptiness of the practices as opposed to the promises. I'd be all in.
  9. Cool! Thanks, Rocky! He does that on occasion. Sadly, I already have it.
  10. I have found his books to be honest and thought provoking. The of them in particular changed how I think about Christianity and a large number of doctrines promoted by The Way. I'm looking forward to the conversation if I can find the Questioning Faith location.
  11. I'm trying to listen to the interview with Ralph and am getting this when clicking on the 'The Interview' link: Strict Standards: Declaration of xclDBTable::store() should be compatible with mosDBTable::store($updateNulls = false) in /home/grease/public_html/main2/administrator/components/com_sef/includes/sef.common.php on line 156Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _POST in /home/grease/public_html/main2/administrator/components/com_sef/sef.functions.php on line 1016
  12. Cribbage! My dad's game. Sadly, haven't played that one in years either.
  13. Used to back in the day. My twig leader got me playing. Haven't played in years though.
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