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  1. So I have a medical condition that precludes seeds, nuts, raw grains. Does that mean I'm eating devil's food? As Bugs Bunny would say "what a maroon!"
  2. Mr. Garden frequently cooks potatoes and onions together. The onions perfume the house. To me, it's the scent of a beloved man enjoying a meal. I was flabbergasted at the thought of every one lining up their taste buds with his. So not right!
  3. The worst part was only the Head Table got coffee!
  4. In 1993 we were FWC for a couple of months, at the Indiana campus. The food was atrocious! Chickens were raised and slaughtered, as well as pigs and beef. We seldom ate meat. Most got shipped to NK.The kids were always hungry. We made tons of "salsa" with no onion or tomato. The idiot in charge bitched me out for removing rotten portions of tomatoes. There was no cilantro, either. We were always hungry from working outside to the exercise program to 5 hours of sleep per night. I lost at least 15 pounds if not more the first six weeks. It was heck.
  5. One of the most embarrassing moments of my TWI-life was happy household holiday carolling using those fake lyrics. Most of our victims didn't hear the difference but it was horrible nevertheless.
  6. Newly married in a college town in Ohio.
  7. We were in residence in early 1993 (family division of the horror that was WC). During that time there was an incident where a helicopter carrying U.S. military was shot down and survivors tortured and their bodies dragged through the streets of Mogadishu(?) And hanged from bridges. I knew nothing about it until the motion picture "Black Hawk Down" was released. What offends me about all the silence is that prayer is a powerful weapon and we should have been praying for these situations. As I recall the 9/11 attacks were minimized as well.
  8. When I took the advanced class at Emporia, I would stand in line at the ladies' room door for ten minutes, get right up to the door, and here would come the trustee's wives, and frequently Mrs. Wierwille. The ladies room would be closed for their convenience and rest of us would be ushered back to our seats, bladders aching. One person actually complained and was promptly reminded if the privilege she was given to be there, and the greater privilege of waiting for the next break, when it would happen all over again.
  9. I believe I've forgiven him for being a jerk and inspiring others to emulate him, but I wouldn't listen to him recite a nursery rhyme, much less teach the Bible.
  10. Penguin2, I don't post very often so you probably haven't seen my name. In 1994, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This was after being kicked out of FWC 20 a year earlier. The Corps where we lived offered no comfort, and busily set about trying to figure out where I had "blown it" for God to smite me thus. THIS IS BULL CRAP! I will tell you what a REAL man of God said to me. We live in a broken world. Our bodies are finite but our Father is infinite I can tell you one thing. You did not bring this upon yourself by any sin or lack of faith on your part. God will heal you he
  11. Waysider probably remembers the time in Fellow Laborers when we were all jerked out of bed in the middle of the night and told to report to limb in the middle of the night. This was a twenty minute drive. Got there, were screamed at by the limb leader, J** M**ne, and dismissed en masse. Nowhere to go, no idea why. Weighed in the balance of an unknown judge and found wanting in unknown ways for unknown reasons. We were later reinstated, except for a few hapless souls. Later, I realized the purpose of this little exercise was to keep us off balance and fearful, dependent and confused.
  12. I think the artist's parents may have been in family way corps when we were.
  13. I thought it was one of the most most disgusting things I'd ever heard anyone say. But then you get this mental image of a king, wearing a long, red velvet robe trimmed in ermine, wearing a huge glittering crown and carrying a scepter. And behind him, as he pridefully strides down a long aisle of bowing, scraping sycophants, a proud acolyte bears a red velvet, ermine trimmed pillow, upon which rests...The Golden Jock Strap!
  14. Hi, Maya, glad to have you aboard! I post rather sporadically nowadays. I was "in" from 1973 to 1996, when we were unceremoniously dumped. First, let me say the response of your leadership to your account of sexual abuse was horrible and wrong, but typically TWI. You were completely innocent and they had no business treating you that way. I hope you're doing well now and enjoying life. It's heartbreaking to me that so many "way kids" turned completely from a loving God because of their upbringing in this vicious little cult.
  15. We were only "in" the FWC for three months, so I'm not sure how qualified I am to answer this question. But here's what I recall: Rome City campus had farm fields, a dairy barn, a pig barn and chickens. While I was there, chickens were slaughtered and dressed and frozen, potatoes, onions and tomatoes were harvested (I wrote elsewhere about the nightmare salsa making and tomato processing), pigs were slaughtered, dressed and frozen. You would think we ate like kings! Nope, these goodies were for the tables of the anointed ones at NK. We worked four hours and went to classes four hours. I w
  16. I would credit this guy with at least publicly repenting and apologizing. But I wouldn't trust him ever. I personally think he should be de-frocked or whatever his denomination does. And no, TWI will never admit such wrongdoing.
  17. Being diagnosed with diabetes put me under suspicion. Having a son with multiple mental/emotional problems who was acting out because he didn't know how else to get help was another. The only solution the men of God of that place and time could come up with was to beat him, to death if necessary. I am still amazed that a so-called Christian organization fails to even attempt to help or even pray for those who are ill, those who are having problems with children or marriage or anything else. I thank God that the standard I try to live up to is that of a loving, compassionate, forgiving, me
  18. First of all, thank you for the compliment. Sometimes I think I do have a brain cell or two floating around. Now, as to the above: The one word I don't see in this second missive is the word that should be underlined, all caps, bolded and in about 20 font or so: REPENTANCE! These guys, at least some of them, were the haughtiest, more superior, unloving, unhelpful, uncaring, hardhearted people I've ever heard of. And they think they are going to move forward? Come to my door, ladies and gentlemen, and I will tell you how I moved forward: 1. I quit believing the words of D**id M
  19. You bring tears to my eyes. I'm certainly not perfect, and our son still struggles, but by God's wonderful grace we are all making it. I worry and pray for her now grown-up children; three boys one girl. I hope they are doing well. I think one is a pretty well recognized artist.
  20. Whatever makes you happy! Costco sold packages of dried seaweed, rice paper thing, as a snack. It was popular with some of the Asian members. I liked it but most Westerners thought it was awful, especially because it was green, and as Americans, we must consume salt, sugar and fat in large amounts to keep our generous figures!
  21. TWI knew about as much about counseling as I know about nuclear physics. You say you have a troubled, rebellious, disobedient child who's been diagnosed with ADHD? There is no such thing as ADHD. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOUR DEVIL SPIRIT POSSESSED CHILD AND HE WILL LISTEN-REMEMBER-OBEY! You've been diagnosed with a serious disorder and you're scared? Well, where's your believing? It was either your lack of believing or devil spirit influence/possession that screwed you up. I watched someone who I considered to be the most exceedingly great and mighty woman of God who had ever lived
  22. Waysider! Knock it off or I'll flatulate on you! Seriously, I still get millet occasionally. Think of it as a bland carrier for more important stuff like cheese, garlic, onion, etc. How about powdered kelp? My mother made wilted lettuce when I was a kid. I hated it then and I hate it now. I do sautee greens occasionally, kale to be exact. However, I fry bacon first, then sautee onions and garlic in the bacon fat, then add the kale until slightly wilted, stirring to be sure it gets coated with bacon grease, and then crumble the bacon on top. Not a familia treat, but it beats
  23. Maybe he thought, "It's good to be king!" LOL. the incident I referred to in replying to Waysider: We fellowlaborers were sent to RC on at least one occasion to help with the garden while the WC was doing something more important. I remember this incident because I had just gotten engaged and met some guy who knew Mr. Garden and we chatted for a while. I also remember the food was miserable, two pieces of burnt toast and water for breakfast. This always puzzled me because we were surrounded by gorgeous gardens and there was a huge kitchen. There was also a chicken coop with chickens and c
  24. Waysider, I remember having the mother of all migraines that weekend and getting no help at all. There was not so much as an aspirin tablet available. I remember either that or another weekend having LCM command me to "find some of your Fellow Laborers and sweep these steps." It was on the tip of my tongue to say "why don't you find some of your corps and have them do it" but I didn't. Were there two occasions we were subleased to these people at Rome City? I remember our 2nd year we all had to sleep on cots in one big room, there was very little food and J. Mi$ne sent a couple of gu
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