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  1. Actually I used the contemporary idiom on a different object. The logic should still hold, as a train being on time for a person would be the same as God being on time for a person. Claiming a one time event is you attempting to torture language and adds nothing to you claim that God is always on time suggests a budget. How does it suggest a budget? And you're slightly in error, God does more than one time unique interventions, he may have to do the same intervention multiple times. Like forgiving Saint Vic for his sexual preditory activities.
  2. The 3:10 from Yuma is always on time. How does that suggest a budget?
  3. Double doors and budgets! Whatever happened to God is always on time?
  4. Of course it's about money. Those board meetings in the Bahamas aren't cheap. Come home folks to the new and improved PLAF class (no red curtains and more bs added) and, we know we promised you grads can take the class as many times as you want, but we'll let you sit in on this one for the poultry sum of $100.
  5. Like I said, believing equals recieving. As Saint Vic says in the class, I don't care to hear the details of the birth, show me the baby. I want to see the baby!
  6. No, just wondering why you even bother preaching if you don't want to give a testimonial. Your gotcha excuse not only shows your believing, but shows how dumb you think your audience is.
  7. Save me the bull. You're trying to tell me testimonies don't help anyone. If you had fruit in your life you'd be bragging it up to the rafters.
  8. Here's wild idea: why don't YOU become meek and I'll tell you about all the fruit in my life since I stopped making PLAF the center of my life. Oh, wait, I'm already doing that.
  9. You claim there's fruit in your life. Once again you use the abstract (like all that supposed good Saint Vic was supposed to do). How about some specifics? Considering you claim we have piddly replacements, I would assume you have oodles of examples of fruit in your life.
  10. **Points over Mike's head** Look, Mike, there goes the point. I think what they're getting at is that you keep blaming the Corps for being the Corps, failing to realize the Corps is Saint Vic.
  11. Yah, Mike, the guy who insisted on being called "Doctor" didn't want to get any of the credit, so he skipped being graded. Now tell me the one with the three bears.
  12. I think this goes back to the teacher of the class. Once again, communication was his responsibility and it's not our job to guess what he means. Especially, when he's using archaic terms no one understands but him. Parallel, indeed.
  13. In other words, Mike has squat. Actually, he wishes he had squat.
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