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  1. Well said. It would be one thing if a person was well established in life and then made the decision to become way corps. But they prey on the young and vulnerable, and before you know it you haven't developed yourself and your options become very limited as you get older. The experiences and education the way Corps provided was nothing that could be brought to a new job. Nobody is hiring for a chair stringing temper tantrum throwing plastic utensil saver.
  2. LOL. I'll have to remember that line. Thanks wayside and word wolf. I did eventually learn the Christ-mass thing was a lot of bunk. I was trying to be wry, tongue in cheek. Maybe should have put these behind that sentence. :wacko:
  3. During my twi years I didn't admit how much I loved Christmas. (Always have and still do.) I hated calling it "HO HO" and having to sing the twi version of Christmas Carols. ie: "Speak in tongues, speak in tongues do it every day..." to the tune of jingle bells. Although the worst was "I'm dreaming of a white HO HO" LOL, how completely out of touch. Leaders were so superstitious about saying the word Christmas yet didn't have a problem with us all looking like a bunch of idiots walking down the street singing that we were dreaming about a white whore. Anyway newlife, back to your question. I choked on the word Christmas for a bit, feeling ashamed because after all it meant Christ-mass a celebration of death. But this is how I dealt with it eventually. I realized that words can change in their meaning due to the current culture. Like when "you're so bad" evolved into a compliment. I now think of Christmas as the word it's called in our culture for celebrating in December. I try not to think of the origin anymore, just that there are days our culture sets aside to have celebrations and the one in December happens to be called Christmas. The meaning of the word has evolved for me. Non Christians say Merry Christmas because they are recognizing the holiday, not Christ. It's also ok to celebrate the life of Christ on the 25th as you might on any other day. Something that helped my husband and I start to enjoy holidays was to identify what we really wanted to be doing. We had fallen into the pattern of keeping family traditions that had really run their course and were no longer fulfilling. On Christmas we would go to this set of relatives, Thanksgiving the other relatives, Easter at our house etc... Some of these locations also required travelling distances. We were knocking ourselves out to keep up these traditions and then when we got there it was tedious and boring. Then we'd come home and have to get back to work, feeling worn out. But since we're both die hard people pleasers it took us a while to realize we were no longer happy participating in these holiday traditions. How we handled it was to give our relatives advanced notice that we would not be able to come on holidays anymore. We communicated it as kindly as we could. They were disappointed at first but it didn't last. It helped that we communicated well in advance of any holidays and that we found other less pressured times to visit. We have great relatives and we love them, but we needed to change things up. We now have a better time visiting each other on non-holidays. Quality instead of quantity. We celebrate at home now, with friends we enjoy being with and have a things in common with. It's been a lot of fun. Everyone brings their favorite dish, we play games, watch movies and talk about cars or anything else we find interesting. We now save our vacation days for actual vacations. But like I said, it helped when we finally identified what we wanted to be doing on holidays. It's different for everyone, so I would suggest you don't just go with the flow. Think about what would make you happy and who you would like to be with. I hope this helps.
  4. Well said- you're right, the goal post was moved.
  5. Don't think I ever knew Sunny. Are you ok Exie? Just had some questions and this topic seemed to fit. Hope you're ok.
  6. LOL. twi leaders are legends in their own minds.
  7. So full of himself. Yeah, understanding him better? That he exaggerated his abilities and usefulness? Although if the Olympics had throwing tantrums as a sport, he would have taken the gold medal.
  8. I don't remember him. I'll need to read the posts. It will be interesting to see if it leads anywhere.
  9. That's right, he did say running. This delusion was passed on to many twi leaders too. They truly thought the world would be begging for them to manage them. It was a rude awakening for many. That's why they mope. What about the college football success? Was that ever true? I don't see anywhere he was even mentioned. But I may not be looking in the right place.
  10. He used to say he could be working for a fortune 500 company if it wasn't for all of us. Also, was he really that much of a jock? Is there anywhere on the internet that verifies his so called football success?
  11. A different grandson, from another branch of the family. It was in a film where vpw made the mistake of thinking his affection for a grandchild meant the kid was going to be a prophet or something. I can't remember vpw's exact words but he was wrong about the kid. The kid and his family never "stood" with twi or vpw. He just happened to be vpw's favorite grandkid.
  12. For as much as they used and abused us- the media really doesn't care about them, even the Loyster. They are just too stupid to profile on national TV. Any thoughts?
  13. Like- wasn't his grandson supposed to have a special calling? That grandson has had nothing to do with it all as far as I know.
  14. Yep- that's exactly what would have happened. I used to vacuum up a lot of big dead flies in window sils with the attachment hose. But I had to wait until the housekeeping coord left. She wanted us to wipe up the dead flies with a cloth. Yuck. She would flip out if anyone had a good idea or the ability to think for themselves. She considered efficiency or innovation by others to be devilish.
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