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  1. RottieGrrrl

    Your fave Christmas music

    That is a nice piece. Every one of those guys can sing.
  2. RottieGrrrl

    Your fave Christmas music

    All these songs are great! WW: It's Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses, lol. Great song. I love these songs, some of them I've never seen before, like the Alison Krause song. And the nutty cracker cartoon, lol. Keep these coming, I need some good Christmas music to listen to, instead of the tired old radio songs. Okay, I do like the Elvis/Martina McBride song, though I know it's probably been seen a million times, it's still pretty cool.
  3. RottieGrrrl

    Random thoughts

    Okay. I know nothing about this type of stuff. I seriously can be stupid all day about it. But my recollection of what I remember learning about this, is that they did lower the drinking age during the VietNam War, and it was a freaking disaster. At least in the US. I know living in Illinois that the kids who were 18 here, would always do beer runs across the border to Wisconsin to get their booze, because beer and wine was legal to buy at 19 or something. I have to say that I don't think it's quite fair to compare the US to other countries and their laws, because the US is just so BIG and populated. It's like 50 countries. But, like I said. What do I know?
  4. You are welcome Twinky! And yes that website is BG's ministry. My friend says he's not sure when this copy was made. He did say that by the reference to putting them on audio and/or video cassettes would date it after the Advanced Class, in the early to mid 1980s. He said every manifestation definition was plagiarized, so from the time the Foundation and Intermediate classes were video taped, this would have been in the mid 1970s. He also said that VP was being interviews by TWI's historian (Pam something) he was asked what he did with all his notes from years of researching. VP said "I burned all my notes, all of them" Nobody bought this since the guy kept his basketball jersey, everything, like he was history in the making. He said those who took BG's class, including Dale Sides and others, would know more when BG was first aware of it at all. He said BG was an obscure person easily taken advantage of by VP. Who would ever find out?
  5. Sorry it's so big and sideways. I suck at this and don't know how to make it smaller.
  6. Okay I found it. The thing is it's a spiral, typed book, with no year in it. I'm going to attempt to post a pic. I hope this works. I am also going to email my buddy who sent it to me and find out if he can tell me what year this might be. Let me know if you can't see the pic
  7. I knew somebody was going to ask me that. Hold on while I look for it again. Yes I already misplaced it. Ill be back.
  8. I found my book! lol, I'm excited anyway. Forgive me it's B.G.Leonard and "Gifts of the Spirit" I'm kind of stupid about this kind of stuff. A friend gave this to me and told me to note the forward in the beginning, which he said was meant for VP. This probably has been mentioned on the board before, but I'll type it out anyway. I couldn't believe it when I read it myself, even after knowing that VP did this, lol. Okay, this is on the inside cover of the book. AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE RE REV. B.G. LEONARDS BOOKS. FROM THE AUTHOR TO YOU Skipping down to the second paragraph of the "preface" There has been, from the first appearance of my very first appearance of my very first books upon the market, one terrible and continuing sinful practice engaged in by a high number of BELIEVERS. I refer to PLAGERISM: the sin of attempting him or herself up as THE AUTHOR thereof! They then proceed to photocopy my works in whole or in part and to sell them! Others put them on audio or video cassettes as their own works and get remuneration for same. All this is abhorrent to Our God Who totally forbids it. Okay, then he quotes Jer. 23:30 and said the copyright is his, then he says this. I should have stepped on this diabolical disgrace ages ago. I shall do so now, at the very first signs of its reappearance "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" means exactly that. Then he signs his name Rev. B.G.Leonard. Okay, I just thought that was very interesting.
  9. Okay WordWolf I just did post it in Gems. Took me a search to find where it was though. Mark you made me lol with your nicely and politely correcting VP. I wish I could find my copy of that Stiles book I have (a friend gave me) where the forward is pretty straightforward about a certain person who plagiarized his work and is charging money for classes from it.
  10. RottieGrrrl

    GreaseSpot Gems

    This one from WordWolf..." Every crackpot idea that connected to sex found a home in twi."
  11. waysider: Thank you! That makes more sense, lol. I was under the impression that Martindale taught that though. Thank you for clearing that up. WordWolf. Thank you for that additional info. I do remember somebody mentioning that Jesus was molested, something about "being brought to naught." I'd have to look it up, but I doubt I will. I didn't know about the Samson one though. Thank you for bringing that up as well. I sometimes wonder why this weird stuff is in the back of my mind, and now I know.It's past TWI stuff that sticks on some brain cells like a piece of toilet paper clinging to your shoe.
  12. Mark that is what I've come to realize too. I've heard that Jesus Christ Our Passover is an excellent book, but I've read on GS that was entirely written by the research team and VP put his name on it. I honestly don't remember him teaching the masturbation thing, in the 79 PFAL class I took, but I pretty much slept and drooled through the whole boring class. However, I do remember the teaching that Mary was not a virgin when she gave birth, and this continued even to the offshoot I attended in the 90s. I clearly remember him teaching that when scripture says "They knew each other" it means not having sex alone, but to have children with that union. I also remember the "angels don't sing" teaching, which they held onto so religiously they wouldn't even sing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" Well, I could go on, but then this will turn into a doctrinal thread, and that's not what I intended. I just wanted to let you know I agree totally. When others did the research, from his own camp or people like Stiles, it was considered some great revelation. Interestingly, On Stiles forward on his Holy Spirit Book, he pretty much says he wished he would have sued Wierwille (though he doesn't use his name) and stopped him from using his book to charge for classes. Yeah, I sincerely wish he would have sued Wierwille too. It would have prevented a lot of grief for people.
  13. RottieGrrrl

    To The Country Music Fans?

    Well now, that's interesting. lol. Somehow though it doesn't seem as weird for Korean gals to be doing that as much as it would Swiss girls though. ;)
  14. RottieGrrrl

    To The Country Music Fans?

    Hey waysider, thanks for popping in! lol. Yeah I just think it's weird that this "group" from the Dutch Netherlands made a C/W record at all, I guess. I mean, it's like somebody from Switzerland doing a gangsta rap song. Maybe I just don't get out enough, lol.