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  1. This story may sound similar or maybe not. Before I got involved with WTI (mid 80s), I had been to many different types of denominational churches but felt I like there was a piece missing... I just didn't understand how these great men and women of the bible had this great relationship with God. I did my best to love and serve God but had more questions than answers. To be honest, I read a couple of verses a day (short ones... because I was completely lost), went to Sunday school (which was usually a printed booklet for that week) didn't really see how it related to me, went to church services and that was about it. But I did my best to live what I thought was Christian life. Speaking only about my experience (very summed up)... here's where the confusion get me in a complete circle. A. Before TWI, living life and doing my best to live the way I'm suppose to. Have belief system in place. B. Mid 80s, take PFAL and instructed to put what I've learned before "spiritually" on hold. C. I question what I been taught (spiritually) before hand. D. Get involve with TWI, living life, doing my best to live that way I'm suppose to. Have belief system in place. E. Don't like the direction TWI is going, decide to leave. But still believe in what they taught me. F. After leaving TWI, living life and doing my best to live the way I'm suppose to. G. Find GS, read about abuse, doctrine errors, etc... H. I question what I been taught (spiritually) before hand. Now I feel I back to square one. But what was real in TWI scripture wise? Where can I go for real answers?
  2. Sudo big thanks for sending me the song... I hope you are feeling better. I thought this could use its own topic. Sudo I would enjoy hearing some the old songs (I often look on ebay to find them but never do). I think for some us "new folks" we would love the opportunity to hear/see anything you could post from your collection (again big thanks).
  3. I never understood how far they went to find out if you were in debt. Did they run credit checks? Look at your car & home and then your ABS? Played golf with your mortgage loan officer? Seen student loans deferrment letters? Okay, I know that most people were honest and probably told them or they knew you didn't own your home/car out right. But if you rented and didn't have a car payment, how did they know? I remember them runing a get a debt workshop at word & business in the early 90s... hmmm did those people get M&A?
  4. Thanks MC! She did have a great voice....hmmm speaking of hearing her sing.... Sudo I enjoyed hearing that snippet, I like to hear the full song (and any others that you care to share).
  5. As the one who started this thread and reading the responses, I found it very interesting. I'm very new to posting and have my own reasons for asking questions about certain subjects. Which I thought was one the point for this forum, to get some answers from people who would know, if they decide to share. Now I understand that when someone post something you must be prepared for all types of information: positive and negative; facts, opinion, fiction, exaggerations; etc... and that's fine with me. How she felt was only a small part of my post (by the way I care or I wouldn't have bother to post it ) the other part of my post got no response at all.
  6. JavaJane I meant if you say something enough times some people will believe it. Like panic of Y2K?
  7. I too believe them about not surviving if you left the protection of the Way. To honest, I believe this even after I left. I was so screwed up that whenever things happen badly to me (after I left) I thought it was because I left. But what do I know, if someone says something enough times (especially someone you trust) you tend to believe them no matter how crazy it sounds to people that think straight. But I think that how the mind works, after all how many times have you heard someone that was in a relationship believe some crazy stuff because they trusted their partner? When I was kid there was nine planets, now they say there's only eight (major planets).... and if they keep saying it, who knows maybe I believe it. The power of continually saying certain phrases (no matter how stupid it is). "Snakes on the plane was a good movie... snakes on the plane was a good movie... snakes on the plane was a good movie..."
  8. Was Chr*s G. the only one with a guard dog? How did they (TWI) explain that... And who was the "lucky" believer that got the job to feed and clean up after the attack dog(s). So whatever the "need" was for attack dogs... did that "need" disappear once CG left? The only thing I can think of way of an explanation is "...we have to guard the Word... or... we just got Arnold the pig and Babe to take the class and they're being guarded from devil spirits...". I mean, come on... guard dogs where people are learning to be Christian leaders. What on earth could be that valuable? What makes it really weird is that I bet nothing was ever said to him or anyone else that had guard dogs, that this action is way over the top, because of the mental games they played... Not to mention if some of the top leaders were "packing" heat to boot. This was like bizzaro world or something. Where was this in the brochure/green card "...We're a research ministry with wonderful loving, kind people... but just in case, we've got guard dogs and we're packing heat!"
  9. I'm still amazed by this. Do anyone know why there was a need for attack dogs? What was they guarding? Did anyone have any close call with the dogs? Also was it common knowledge about the dogs? Why were people carrying guns (I read this in another thread that someone keeping Don W. from entering with a gun)?
  10. Did anyone every notice that the cameramen at SNS would stand a formal "at ease" stance when they weren't working the camera? The same thing seem to happen to the piano player. Was this some sort of policy? Any insight on this?
  11. What I know about Claud*tte R@y*l you could write on an a grain of rice. I always enjoyed her singing and sat in on her sharing at a Word in Business workshop once in IL but that's about all I know about her. She appeared to be pretty nice (I think she was ordained... I don't know if that was through TWI) but I often wonder what (if any) part she played in the things that were happening. I like to believe she was not involved but she was there for so long, she would have to known sooner or later what was going on. She such a stand out figure in the way (in my opinion, of course).
  12. How embarrassing! Do you know of anyone that protested and "tried" to refuse to go? What was the hurry anyway, did they feel some "devil spirit" might escape if they didn't get people removed by a certain time? Was clergy "bum rushed" off too?
  13. I guess if you found yourself working on the "honey wagon" at the rock... my guess was you were on the unfavored list.
  14. Thank Radar that thread gave a lot insight (and ww, for finding/linking it)... should be required reading (just my opinion). Couple of questions: What was in the Galatians teachings? Does anyone know if there is thread out there about this? What CG problem with Mrs W.? Why did they allow him to speak to Corp at all? Huh??? Attack dogs... S.W.A.T. training... what in the world was I involved in? What is Illuminati "stuff"?
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