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  1. yeah! depends on the day or hour, there is plenty to go on, then I come out of it somehow...
  2. well... I can't put any faith into some kind of return of Christ when Christ is here now took a long time to get rid of a bunch of pfal/twi doctrines, some of it was me, my quest for truth, but it was mainly the spirit of God that helped me, showed me and I can't deny it's presence perhaps this return teachings is why some just look at it as some kind of salvation instead of finding their salvation now, and believing that there is answers now and that it's simple, easy, it has to be
  3. I believe what has been proven to me. If you want my definition then there it is.
  4. If you want to advance your understanding then listen Or do as Jesus instructed ask seek knock.
  5. I have claimed nothing and assumed nothing. Or show me what the f you are talking about.
  6. No, I don't think so. You know when only 2 options are presented then there is always more
  7. Either Paul's writtings are a great lie or he's talking about something you know nothing about
  8. a baby in the womb is breathing, there is life in the womb no matter what is done, abortion or whatever, that life cannot be ended
  9. faith is probably the biggest thing needed, and let your faith reveal itself to you and not some preconceived definition of it
  10. do you want to understand or are you convinced that there is no understanding, maybe there is some missing pieces....
  11. fear of freedom is probably the reason anyone would go back to twi......or maybe loneliness....
  12. here is the standard definition by twi/bullinger and other offshoots The Idiom of Permission : Biblical Studies by Phillip Varady Sr. there is a lot of assumptions in this definition to make it sound real
  13. It's one thing to be an arrogant know it all and another to be arrogant and think no one knows anything including one's self except for what is arrogantly posted as if it means something to anyone. That's not the only 2 ways to do it either.
  14. I think the old testament folks were just like us, you know, people, Jesus too Primitive like us, refined like us, just as dumb and just as smart
  15. figures of speech in many languages offer vast amounts of information in a lot less words I tend to take it in as is and let it grow if there is life in those ideas, no matter the source or perceived to be revelation or not
  16. other things come into play with script of any origin, figures of speech are just part of the narrative, not the whole thing that is being communicated just looking at any person writing or talking there is a lot we register to understand without having to break everything down to parts of speech, a lot of automatic understanding is already present
  17. don't know which I am most of the time, both I'm sure saw your edit in the 1st post, modcat, no problems, these things work themselves out
  18. how is this not about the idiom of permission? god allowed the tree of life to be eaten but did not allow the tree of knowledge of good and evil to be eaten it don't matter I suppose, people see things differently and can't see some things differently,
  19. it's an experience that is useful, I think ... --- If it's not taken too personally, you know anyways, it's an internal fight with yourself that someone brings out in you.... a good thing to bring out...most of the time....
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