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  1. This feels like TWI has turned into a franchise...
  2. JustThinking

    Growth vs attrition

    Oh, that is good!!! WordWolf, I wish I had that term 20 years ago. Stump Coordinator! It describes exactly what I saw again and again. Even a few who meant well but had no real natural leadership ability. No charisma. Unlike many here, most of my Corps were actually decent to me. Or maybe more they were harmless. Not that they didn't try to do the whole "Craig being tough" bit but it was more funny than scary. Think Barney Fife not John Wayne. Not all though. One or two were creepy (including the one who slept with my wife and several others). A few were even admirable. But those got booted early in Craig's time. But the result was never MORE people. It got to the point where we were told to split a six person twig to give the next incoming stump coordinator his own. No kidding. He took over my twig, told HQ he split it in just two months, and gave me half back. Instant growth!! He kicked someone out during that time so we were actually back to six. The funny thing is TWI then recorded us as a growing area and he eventually got promoted to limb coordinator!!!! JT
  3. JustThinking


    Do you think local kids get drunk and go to wayfer concerts just for laughs? You could probably do a GREAT drinking game. JT
  4. JustThinking


    I would pay to rent that video.
  5. JustThinking

    Special treatment

    So what does TWI call ABS now? Anybody know? JT
  6. JustThinking

    Special treatment

    Really?! What do they call it now?
  7. JustThinking

    Current Way Corps Numbers

    Wow, it's a complete clone!
  8. JustThinking

    Special treatment

    Exactly. My understanding was that very few people gave even 10%. Maybe they aimed for more than 10% but took what they could. JT
  9. JustThinking

    Special treatment

    I was reading another thread on butt chewings and I felt a little guilty. I actually was never screamed at by anyone in TWI. I'm sorry for those of you who were. Maybe I was just lucky? But I have wondered if I got special treatment. I was a successful business owner and would ABS quite a bit. I was happy to do so because I got a LOT of good help and coaching from folks in my fellowship. A few very early Corps, for example. The same kind who were reamed and hated by LCM. Kind, wise folks who showed me genuine love. I wasn't the only business person in our fellowship though. We had a few, all of whom did very well financially. I can't remember any of them getting the abusive treatment. Was this just where we were or did TWI make exceptions for people with $$$? JT
  10. JustThinking

    WOW and LEAD trademarked by SOWERS?

    In this thread, like in life, I owe a lot to ham and twinky. Thanks to both of you. It sounds like it isn't quite as solid as they imply. I'm SO shocked. Gee, maybe I will beg them to pick me next for their backwoods believing bonanza?! With my new GSC t-shirt from Twinky, I might just be spiritual enough. Maybe if I pray really hard, SIT much and, well, donate a ton of cash, they will see how awesomely cool and spiritual I really am? :lol: JT
  11. JustThinking

    Who's left here...anybody?

    Who knew Twinky was such a tough boss! Hey, watch it! I'm not THAT old. ;) Can I have a VW monogram instead?
  12. JustThinking

    WOW and LEAD trademarked by SOWERS?

    I saw the name of an offshoot group called S.O.W.E.R.S. in another thread. I kind of, sort of remember hearing about them before. Probably here. They have almost completely cloned old Weirwille material including names like W.O.W. Ambassador. On their web site, they claim to have the trademark on that and several other TWI programs such as L.E.AD. Do they really own those trademarks? Did TWI lose them during the 80s or is just BS. Anyone know? If it's been covered before, forgive me. I tried searching but nothing came up. The guy running it is named Victor Wierwille (VW?) too! He's young though. Must be a grandchild? JT - Edited to add info about VW running it.
  13. JustThinking

    Who's left here...anybody?

    Have I been here long enough to be an old-timer? Do I get a t-shirt? I check in from time to time. There are some wonderful people here. JT
  14. JustThinking

    Any current or recent TWI members here?

    Yes, that's it!!! Tank you, tank you. Now fur a luvly number called Rotting wit Jezusss. A one and a two... JT TLB, Thanks for the info! JT
  15. Well, my fellow grease spots, it has been some time. Does GSC have any current or recent TWI members? How big is TWI now? Roughly. And, please, I know we all love to joke and kid and vent but I would like to get some real info. Also, I looked at TWI's web site recently. Wow, it looks like the same type of poster/theme from 20 years ago. Can you imagine how boring it must be for those who have been in a long time?!!! It's like having the same food for dinner every night. JT