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  1. One has to wonder what else they think they can do? Isn't being a formal cult big shot a limited resume? Imagine being white haired with no skills other than manipulating people. Other than politics, what else is there for them? So sad. Like being the last professor of Soviet economics. When your grandkids look at you, what do you say? I preyed on innocent people and other people's spouses? I realized way too late in life that I add no value to society? (I also have very little in social security and am therefore living in your basement) For me, I apologized to anyone I harmed, tried my best to make amends and have tried really hard to be a good and kind human being since TWI. I wasn't for a while for which I will be eternally ashamed. But to double down on that s**t show? SMH....
  2. ...and I have now attained the rank of Rookie!!! By any measure, this is a tough crowd! Happy Sunday all wherever you are!
  3. Is it my imagination or do many of these letters have the same specificity of a daily horoscope? Vague missives designed just for you. Well, you and roughly 1/12 of the entire planet.
  4. Thank you! I heard it immediately but couldn't place the tune.
  5. He has a smartphone AND wireless headphones? Does this mean they no longer Mark & Avoid the internet? Fun fact: when that happened, my limb coordinator EMAILED the directive to everyone!!! I asked at our next twig coordinator meeting if he saw any irony in that. Sadly, he didn't. SMH.
  6. Wait, they still sell Craig's book?! How do they explain that one?!
  7. Another purge? OldSkool, what was it this time? This feels like Groundhog Day. Or the religious version of The Death of Stalin.
  8. I haven't been on this site lately so I'm a little out of date. Out of morbid curiosity, I searched on the (what I thought was) marked and avoided evil internet. Turns out TWI have a web site now AND mobile apps?!!! I guess the whole mark and avoid the internet thing was rescinded? It would be fun to ask my old state coordinator about that. He was the one who roasted me for pointing out (in front a large group) the irony of sending that new/old policy to us via EMAIL!!!!
  9. Oh, that is good!!! WordWolf, I wish I had that term 20 years ago. Stump Coordinator! It describes exactly what I saw again and again. Even a few who meant well but had no real natural leadership ability. No charisma. Unlike many here, most of my Corps were actually decent to me. Or maybe more they were harmless. Not that they didn't try to do the whole "Craig being tough" bit but it was more funny than scary. Think Barney Fife not John Wayne. Not all though. One or two were creepy (including the one who slept with my wife and several others). A few were even admirable. But those got booted early in Craig's time. But the result was never MORE people. It got to the point where we were told to split a six person twig to give the next incoming stump coordinator his own. No kidding. He took over my twig, told HQ he split it in just two months, and gave me half back. Instant growth!! He kicked someone out during that time so we were actually back to six. The funny thing is TWI then recorded us as a growing area and he eventually got promoted to limb coordinator!!!! JT
  10. Do you think local kids get drunk and go to wayfer concerts just for laughs? You could probably do a GREAT drinking game. JT
  11. I would pay to rent that video.
  12. So what does TWI call ABS now? Anybody know? JT
  13. Really?! What do they call it now?
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