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  1. Dr. Wierwille's sins: Adultery Lying (plagarizing and failing to credit other people's works) Condemnation and Judgmentalism (failing to forgive and forget other people's shortcomings) Craig Martindale's sins: Adultery Lying Condemnation Judgmentalism Elitism False teaching. The list above is in no way a complete list. I had no problem forgiving Dr. Wierwille for his plagarism and making up stories to enhance his credibility. Those things are easily forgiven. It is harder to forgive his condemning people for things outside of their control, such as blaming someone for someone els
  2. I had the privilege of being in the DC area, while John Lynn was the Limb Coordinator. I was here when John was fired. I saw dramatic changes in the personalities and demeanors of people who were firm in the belief that the Word and The Way were intrinsically connected. I left in 1987 when I decided that I could not, in all good conscience, continue to be a part of The Way. I have sporadically fellowshipped with other believers who left. I have gone through some rough times. I got so depressed that I sought help from hospitals. I began drinking a lot more. I started searching for answe
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