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  1. After reading the first three pages (that was all I could stomach) of that thread, as well as this thread and other posts I have seen in this forum, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of those posting at GreaseSpot cafe are even wackier than TWI or any of the other offshoots. I didn't even know that was possible. I am bowing out of this whole forum. Later you all.
  2. I would say the most overrated is Dan Marino and I'm a Dolphins fan. My all time favorite was Earl Morrall. I don't think he was the best ever but was my favorite none the less.
  3. I am just curious and have a question for other posters here who disagree with dispensationalism. I certainly respect your position. However I would like to ask if you share the belief that what the apostle Paul wrote is not scripture and that he preached a different form of Christianity than its founder? This sounds very extreme to me. I have spoken with a lot of Christian believers in person and on the internet who disagree with dispensationalism. Yet very few have had the extreme position that what the apostle Paul wrote is not scripture and that he preached a different form of Christia
  4. DontWorryBeHappy - so you don't believe what Paul wrote is scripture and should be thrown out of the bible? You believe the apostle Paul preached a different Christianity than its founder. I would say most non dispensationalists out there and here as well would disagree with you. Your position is very extreme to say the least. I am just curious, do you feel EVERYTHING the apostle Paul wrote should be thrown out of the bible or just the parts you don't like? What exactly are the parts you don't like?
  5. To be fair to Vince, I was going by what one of his followers said to me and not something Vince himself said.
  6. I just read this post from the starter of this thread. The starter of this thread has lost all credibility with me.
  7. This is the biggest bunch of nonsense I have read in any forum. Do you think everything the apostle Paul wrote should be thrown out of the bible. Chew on that for awhile. Chew on that for awhile? I don't think so. The very smell of it makes me want to vomit.
  8. Hopefully I am not opening up too big a can of worms starting this thread. I remember when I was with TWI, they were very adamantly pre-trib. Since leaving, have you changed your end-times viewpoint or are you still pre-trib? if you changed, what do you believe now?
  9. Paul wasn't Christ, yet the words he wrote in the epistles ARE the words of Christ He got them by revelation from Jesus Christ.
  10. Someone once told me, "every viewpoint has some valid points. If not, nobody would believe it. By the same token, every viewpoint has holes in it. if not everybody would believe it". The person who told me that was referring to end times view points. In my study of end time viewpoints I have come to conclusion that person was right. I think what he said could probably apply to all the theological viewpoints.
  11. The thing is I have seen some take dispensationalism to such an extreme, it doesn't even represent what most dispensationalists believe. TWI, in my opinion did that. I had a friend at the time I was part of that ministry (between 1980 and 1985) who was told by somebody very high up in the ministry that he didn't have to worry about lusting after women because when Jesus said that looking at a woman to lust after her was the same as adultery, he was talking to a different administration and that doesn't apply to him. So knowing that TWI and their offshoots is a very small subset of those who
  12. So if I believe the dispensationalists have a valid point in saying a new "era" (or dispensation, or administration or whatever you want call it) began with the day of Pentecost, yet don't agree with them on the end times stuff should I still consider myself a Dispensationalist ?
  13. is Dispensationalism only about eschatology? I am just asking about the definition of Dispensationalism. I thought it was about dividing the whole bible into different time periods, not just the end times. So if I believe there is different "dispensation" between the law and the gospels, and a different "dispensation" between the gospels and the day of Pentecost till today, but don't believe the rapture is before the tribulation, should I still consider myself a Dispensationalist?
  14. I still believe there will be a new earth for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as lord and savior. There wont be so much caca there. There is just too much caca in this present world,.
  15. LOL. I think I would rather be a "grease spot" than lose my salvation. In any case, I guess trying to compare the two is kind of like having to compare a hard stool with diarrhea - or having to compare republicans with democrats (now you know how I feel about both political parties).
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