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  1. Hi Grease Spotters ! This is my last post. The Grease Spot Café is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to be free of the harmful and controlling cult, The Way International. And not just to be clear of their physical influence but also unencumbered by their twisted ideology. One must also unravel the insidious nature of their doctrine and practice that becomes embedded in the mind. I was unaware of the intellectual and emotional baggage that had festered – even after I had left the cult - - until I came to The Grease Spot Café. By my own estimate, I think I overstayed my welcome here by about 16 years. I’ve come to realize I have not always kept my wits about me - and often my participation here has brought out the worst in me. For me – and I can’t emphasize this enough – for me - The Grease Spot Café became a rabbit hole. For me it developed into an intricate and convoluted labyrinth of assorted feedback and I let it take up way too much of my time trying to sort through options and possible resolutions. I wish everyone well. Sincerely T-Bone
  2. 145. Alien civilizations could use the “principles” of PFAL against us. On board the Totally Weird Intergalactic Gig: TWIG coordinator Phake Dawctor So Unt So says to his / hers / its pseudo-science officer, Pee Awful Grad Left-Bak, “Pee Awful, progress report on checklist, please.” Pee Awful Grad Left-Bak, who always did everything with a mathematical exactness and scientific precision - licked his / hers / its thin green-card-ish alien lips and acting real otherworldly says, while at the same time and simultaneously genuflecting and saluting with the official gesture of respect and acknowledgment - - making the sign of the cross five times – once in the middle of his / hers /its alien being and then four more times – once on each of his / hers / its four extraterrestrial shoulders, “Most honorable TWIG coordinator Phake Dawctor So Unt So sir / ma’am / object of worship, Phase 1. Find out what is available has been completed! Phase 2. How to retrieve it is in progress – tractor beam has the earth creature almost fifty percent uploaded. I am accessing The Greatest Secret in the Cosmos Today Textbook to see details of Phase 3. What to do with it after you’ve got it.”
  3. Funny you should put it that way, Charity. One time this wonderful ‘revelation’ hit me when a Grease Spotter quoted that Psalm. And that’s all they did – no commentary – no tie-in to some point they were trying to make…they just quoted the entire Psalm…Now, how many times has Psalm 23 been quoted or referred to on Grease Spot Café? Hundreds if not thousands. At the time, I was having one of those cult-survivor spells of feeling overwhelmed with the task of unpacking more of that mental and emotional baggage from my TWI experience and wishing I could have a professional therapist present every time I go through this tedious task. And that’s when Psalm 23:1 hit me like a Saul-on-his-high-horse-bound-for-Damascus-moment. (FYI – I like to go to the movies when I describe my internal issues – I am like Stephen Spielberg in my own right mind ). The Lord is MY shepherd – He is ALAWAYS WITH ME – I lack nothing in terms of needing a qualified therapist – who knows me better than I know myself. Your quip of signing up for that with the green card made me laugh and reminded me of the the Absent Christ? thread , a discussion on how wierwille’s insidious maxim the Word takes the place of the absent Christ had eclipsed…or maybe sabotaged a Christian’s efforts to pursue a genuine and transformative relationship with our living Lord and ever present Savior Jesus Christ.
  4. from PFAL one could ‘reason’ the Bible interprets itself – I wonder if pseudo-science interprets itself.
  5. There are two kinds of people in this world. People who take the PFAL class and there's people who don't.
  6. Great post, Chockfull !!!!!! Gnosticism-like ideas were a distinct element in wierwille’s ideology - it seems rather obvious to me now that anything in the Bible that spoke of a mystery, or verses that could be misinterpreted to teach there was some secret knowledge available only to the fully initiated , afforded wierwille a great springboard to add impetus to promote his delusions, and exercise control over followers. Yeah obvious to me NOW. But from 1974 to 1986 I bought into his delusions- hook, line and sinker.
  7. 144. following the "principles" of PFAL leads to a life of discontentment. wierwille uses this proof-text to give reason for chasing after material abundance: New King James Version The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly… John 10:10 HOWEVER The author of Ecclesiastes said one who pursues abundance will never be satisfied. New King James Version He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver; Nor he who loves abundance, with increase. This also is vanity…. Ecclesiastes 5:10 Perhaps David in the OT already clarified the abundance Jesus would bring: The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing… Psalm 23:1 NIV
  8. You participating in a general discussion of possible answers about anything - is NOT how I would characterize your posts on the God’s Budget thread. It seems to me you are consistently combative and argumentative with any Grease Spotter who challenges your myopic views and confirmation bias. Here is Mike disputing with another poster, Mike claiming wierwille did not usurp the Jesus Movement in early days of Rye NY > Mike's post on God's Budget April 27th 2023, 7:46 PM And on same thread here is Mike's claim there's excellor's sessions in the gospels_God's Budget April 29th 2023, 9:05 PM Which I challenged him to show where in the gospels are the Scripture to support his claim > here , here , here , here and Mike did not provide Scripture to support his claim.
  9. That is why when I am accusing others I do it Magneto style. All fingers pointing outward in the direction of my target – less chance of self-inflicted wounds
  10. Transitive Property my ask! To the best of my recollection, it’s yellin’ in the front and brownin’ in the back for those unaware of underwear orientation
  11. I have it on pretty good authority…well…actually according to the Great Principal (the person with the highest authority and most important position – who is also in charge of the bathroom on the bus ) Drambuie is a spirit , which leeches off the brain cells in you, which is now your problem and your problem becomes Manischewitz on the top shelf as you…uhm... what was the question again?
  12. I beleeeeeve this is one of those dive bars....owner has a tight budget and the double doors are in disrepair.
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