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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures, Jr. C Survivor. It is kind of shocking to see how trashy the place looks now, especially after all the hours we spent in-rez cleaning and mowing and cleaning some more. It was weird enough living there as adults, but it must have been so bizarre to grow up in that place. As for the partner-swapping, I had heard that went on in previous years (we were F-11), but by the end of our first year I remember noticing a lot of sparks flying between some people who were married, just not to each other. Our second year I heard about a couple of F-12 married couples being "discovered", but it wasn't addressed publicly. I just filed it all in my "this is effed-up" file in the red-flag section of my brain. Anyway, thanks again for visiting the place and sharing the pictures. (Twinky, when we lived there the grounds were beautiful and the buildings were old but interesting, with some sections really nice, thanks in part to each senior corps being forced to contribute a parting "gift" of a remodeling project, requiring maaaaany late-nite hours of our labor, plus some of our scarce cash).
  2. Not sure if this will fly, but how about the Shrew Crew?
  3. I read it early on...I took PFAL summer of '74. I though it was real, then as a couple of years passed and things started looking iffy, I wanted it to be real. Met Elaina when we were wows...she came to DC with a photographer to do a story/short film or brochure (don't remember which), so a couple of my fellow wows and I rode around in the car with her for a day. She seemed nice and I felt privileged to be around someone who was there, man.
  4. I'm glad you commented on the sunglasses, chock, because I was too busy watching Cindy rock that brunette 'do to give much thought to the dusty old creeps in the cornfield. The higher the hair, the closer to God.
  5. Thanks to DWBH and the rest for their bravery. We had already exited, but we were small fish...others we knew and cared for made the decision to leave because of that letter. Those were scary times. Guess you had to be there...
  6. WW, if I remember correctly, that ugly thing vp wore was a leisure suit.
  7. Wait, wait...back on page one Skyrider posted a list of names of people who want to change things. Ted and Ramona Bidon? Isn't she the same Ramona who was named in a lawsuit as part of Rosie's pumpin' and pimpin' ring? You don't right the wrongs that way.
  8. well, I just Wiki'd Noebel ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_A._Noebel This was just one of the brilliant minds our Wicktor admired. Sorry, didn't mean to derail the thread, but it still amazes me how the pieces of the puzzle of insanity we escaped keep turning up.
  9. WW, I just happened on this guy and I'll try to post a link, but no promises that my linkage-ability will work. http://thislandpress.com/2012/11/02/the-strange-love-of-dr-billy-james-hargis/ Noebel is mentioned late in this article, but is also mentioned in Wiki... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_James_Hargis
  10. CS has certainly grown in population, but by nazi stronghold do you mean because of the conservative bend there? I've heard it's more that way than when I lived there.
  11. Great to see you too DWBH! When did you live in the Springs? I was in the Springs and Manitou from the fall of '73 to the summer of '75...not long enough, but I drank the koolaide and left to go WOW, where I met T-Bone. Get this...I worked at an 8-track tape factory as well as a used record store/head shop. :-) I think long ago it moved down the block a few doors and became a t-shirt shop. I never could figure out where the seminary was but that's funny it's now a B&B!
  12. R n R...Ream' em 'n Rape' em? I mean, come on...the people on that list are suddenly awakened to all the evil of the past 40+ years? Give me a break. Try Repent 'n Restitution, for starters, sweet cheeks.
  13. Two things...I google mapped the community congregational church where the commencement ceremony was held, and lo and behold...it was a couple of doors down from where I lived in Manitou in my early, carefree way daze. Not of importance in the whole scheme of things, but a bit strange to me. I also googled pikes peak seminary and found the name of another graduate...Billy James Hargis. Wikipedia's info on him is another wacko radio preacher from the 50's and 60's, whose underling was none other than David Noebel, the nut-job Wierwille brought in to teach at our advanced class back in the 70's. Messed-up wacked-out all the way around...
  14. Hi Charlene, I finished your book last week and I want to thank you for sharing your twi experiences...it was a great read and so nice to have a peek behind the scenes at HQ from a researcher's perspective. You wrote about the untimely death of your mother and how you didn't get to properly grieve, which struck a nerve with me. Although I wasn't yet in the way when my mother died of cancer, I was nineteen when she passed. My father met and married my stop-monster six months after my mother's death and I moved out of my childhood home the day before their wedding. About seven months after that, I was witnessed to and started going to twigs. Being young and naive made me vulnerable, but my grief and family upheaval made me ripe for a cult. It all happened so fast. Like a high-speed crash.
  15. tonto

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    Hi DW! I've tried to post but I don't seem to be having much luck. Hope you're doing well and I always enjoy reading your posts.
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