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  1. For me if Manchester United don`t win the title then whoever wins it doesn`t really matter very much at all. Personally I don`t think Liverpool will win it. Stifling the opposition in Europe by virtually standing still for the entire game does not tend to win points in the Premier League.Although teams have to be more canny at tactics nowadays, Manchester United have proved time and time again that you can be tactically aware and still play attacking football that goes out to win the game.As for Arsenal, I don`t have strong feelings of dislike for them. I dislike the fact that they never acknowledge that their way of playing can be really dirty at times but their football can be interesting to watch. I find Patrick Veiri a bloody good player but I don`t like the media comparisons between him and Roy Keane. For a start Roy is never anonymous in matches as Patrick can be, and he also lacks Veiri`s petulance and disloyalty.
  2. I always wondered. I never took it. I remember this offshoot I was going to was running a class like that a few years ago. Did they give you tips? Teach you anything new? I mean what went on in that class about sex? ...Ain't no grave, gonna hold this body down..when I hear that trumpet sound...
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