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    Thanks. Found them. I don't think they are the recordings I sang on. We did ours in 85 I believe. I still might bid on those though.
  2. waykid

    Introducing Me

    If you could point me in the direction of that tape I would be really grateful. I looked on ebay and couldn't find it. Kelly
  3. waykid

    Introducing Me

    Hi all, I happened by this spot years ago when all the s**t hit the fan. For some reason I have been thinking about my childhood in the Way alot lately and figured I would check back in. Mom got into the Way when I was 2. We went WOW in Detroit in 1982. We were Family Corp 11. My mom and brother are in some of the pictures posted in the gallery. I wonder where I was? Most of my time in Rome City is remembered fondly. Mostly because I was very involved in singing even though I was just 6. Cindy Bernidini was my first voice coach and made an indelible impression. I started to majorly question
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