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  1. I just love nostalgia ... it's so cozy and comforting and ... oops ... other stuff that's not so great. In case you missed the article I wrote on this topic (posted here on GSC back in 2009), here you go. Enjoy. Nostalgia article CEdge10-28-09.pdf
  2. Plenty of former Wafers know that there "allegedly" were women in the early years of the "ministry" and then ones in The Way Corps who were Wierwille's "girls." He seduced them. One wrote her story about that in, Losing The Way. Others have told me themselves. This is not a new revelation on GSC.
  3. In 1971, I attended the first ROA and went to every one thereafter until boycotting the ones in 1986 and 87 while I was working at HQ and trying to figure out how to leave ... I see this revival of ROA as a way of recruiting young folks like I was back then, who are oblivious to the twisted roots of TWI, Wierwille's plagiarism and abuse of power, especially concerning women (the alleged secret harem, etc. that I happen to know now was in existence), the patterns of manipulation beginning with Wierwille, used to perpetuate its warped agenda of controlling people to further the organization and, in my view, its sick ideology of bibliolatry, homophobia, and self-righteousness beneath the cloak of "loving people" but in fact only demanding their loyalty. There's more, but ... As for nostalgia, I don't underestimate it in groups like this. It is powerful. But the target audience for this ROA is aged 18 - 35, or thereabouts, right? What are they nostaligic for? Not the "good old days," as far as I can tell. It's the current older "leadership" who are nostalgic and think this event will inject energetic new leaders/believers into its withering cause. Sigh. It might, but aren't people in this age range TODAY more attracted to social media, instant gratification, on and on? Are they willing to spend money on travel, housing, food, etc. for a week of ... what? Maybe. And just what are the goals they're supposed to shoot for if "The Word" is already prevailing (at least in some people's imagination). Maybe they'll just be looking for a good time meeting others their age and finding a future spouse or something. Good luck with monitoring what happens there, if monitoring is part of it. Seems like a lot of accidents waiting to happen in one way or another. Hope not, but human nature is ... well, human, no matter how many Bible verses you push into people's minds, no matter how many rock n roll bands sing on stage, no matter how much "sprituality" is talked about. I shudder whenever I think about it. That's just me. Go ahead and call me Wet Blanket. I don't mind.
  4. ... which, in 2017, was published as Undertow. :-)
  5. Not sure why my status is "Newbie" since I've been posting here for 14 years, since 2007. Verrrry interesting.

  6. Lonnell was in the 2nd (Second) Corps with me. Facts matter. Cheers!
  7. Hi GreaseSpotters, This is Charlene checking in to say HI and let you know that you can read a FREE chapter of my memoir about being in the Way during the early 1970s and 1980s. I was on the biblical research team. To read Chapter One, "Hiding in Plain Sight" click here. A little about me: I am Charlene Lamy Edge formerly known in The Way as Charlene Lamy then Charlene Bishop. I graduated from the second Way Corps in 1973. My memoir, Undertow: My Escape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International was published November 21, 2016. It is available in paperback and eBook at major booksellers and independent bookstores. Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9978747-0-9. In 1970, college students at ECU, who were grads of PFAL, recruited me to The Way. I gave The Way 17 years of my life. From August 1984 to August 1986 I worked on the Biblical Research Team at Way headquarters in Ohio, specifically on the Aramaic Concordance project. In 1987, I escaped from The Way headquarters with my family and disassociated myself from the organization for good. MY WEBSITE: https://charleneedge.com
  8. Greetings. Over the years I've found important help/understanding/support from the International Cultic Studies Association. Today, I republished on my blog what I think is a mainstay of checkpoints for understanding how a cult affects a person. See what you think. Agree with some aspects? Disagree? Find helpful? Check it out at https://charleneedge.com/the-3-d-cult-experience/
  9. Dear Annio,

      Good heavens ... I just read your post about being sexually abused in TWI. I'm so sorry you suffered all that disgusting crap. Please know I'm sending loving thoughts your way and so admire your courage in speaking out. I only wish the guilty ones, especially VPW, had gone to jail. Perhaps in the future a group of those abused might be able to organize and file a lawsuit. But all that seems so difficult. Sigh.

    Best wishes for your continued healing, Annio. Cheers to you, brave woman.


  10. Good morning, GreaseSpotters! This is Charlene chiming in thank Rocky for posting this link to what is in fact my FINAL public talk. For what I say about that: Visit: Charlene's Last Public Cult Talk | Charlene L. Edge (charleneedge.com) I'm here also to thank Pawtucket for risking so much, giving so much, putting up with so much as he's hosted this venue for so many years. Aren't we lucky we can meet here to share our stories, get info, and offer each other support! Cheers to you, brave ones!
  11. Ever think about how being regularly faced with symbols in TWI like the old official logo of a globe with PFAL written on it, and hearing slogans such as "The Word over the World" and "The accuracy of God's Word" over and over and over ... helped VPW gain power over us? I have. A few years ago, I thought about this so much that I submitted it as a topic for a paper I could present at an annual cultic studies conference sponsored by ICSA (mentioned above): their international conference, 2017, in Bordeaux, France. They accepted it, and I delivered it. After my session, you can be sure I totally enjoyed a wine tour through the countryside with my husband :-) To read my paper, "Breaking the Power of Cult Symbols" click here. Cheers.
  12. Twinky, yes, I hope they get help, too, and I think the International Cultic Studies Association can help. I cite that organization in my blog post (linked above) because the author of the article is Michael Langone, PhD, the Executive Director. I know him and have worked with him at conferences, etc. His endorsement of Undertow is on the back cover. Also, for anyone wondering about Undertow: Get the first chapter of my award-winning cult memoir, Undertow, for FREE on my website. Go to the Home page, look for "FREE" and click the link, Chapter 1, "Hiding in Plain Sight." Happy Monday! https//charleneedge.com/
  13. Hi GreaseSpotters, Hope you are doing well! Just a note to let you know my blog post today is a special report on QAnon and whether it is a cult. The research was done by a long-time cult researcher, author, and counselor. To read it, click here.
  14. On the eve of this momentous election day, I am having flashbacks to life in a cult that demanded loyalty to one man's perverted view of the world. After 17 years in it, I finally woke up and figured out a way to escape. My memoir of that experience is still on special sale for only $17 until Dec. 31, 2020. It includes some real names of leaders many of you knew, especially around the time of the Passing of the Patriarch in 1986. As a member of the biblical research team at that time, I witnessed what got swept under the carpet. For an insider's story of how a person is slowly pulled into a damaging world view without realizing it, give the book Undertow a chance. Visit https://charleneedge.com/undertow-on-sale-signed-copies/ I want to thank so many of you Greasespotters for having supported Undertow by reading it and sharing it. This month, we celebrate its 4th birthday! Cheers. Stay safe and carry on!
  15. Hi Grease spotters, Happy to say I can offer, while supplies last, signed copies of Undertow at a student discount of $17.00. Read more here. Stay well. Wear masks. And may your tribe increase! Charlene
  16. Hi JavaJane,

       I noticed you recently wrote:

    The first time I read a thread from Greasespot was when I saw a print out of it on Rosalie's desk while I was cleaning.  I wasn't prying, just dusting around things.  But I do remember that moment very well.  At that point I was already questioning the things I saw at HQ, and it struck me as odd that the woman in charge of the ministry was having someone print these things from a website that was so "devilish."

    My question: Do you happen to remember the subject of that printout or who wrote it? Just curious. I knew Rosalie, although not well. She was in charge of the Publications dept. when I was on the Research Team 1984-1986.



    1. JavaJane


      I wrote about it somewhere on here a long while back when the memory was fresher.  I will see if I can find it for you.

    2. JavaJane


      I can't find it.  I will try again tomorrow.  Turns out I posted a LOT on here when I first got out. :)


    3. penworks


      Oh, no worries, J.J. It's not really important. Just curious. I'm so glad (understatement) that you found your path out of TWI. 

      Your courage is a bright light.



  17. I think we all know that my idea is a dream, for now. Donna is in the hot seat. But she'll do what Rosalie says. I knew them back in the day. Sigh ... I remember Donna in the olden days, when she was a "secretary" on staff, and I was in my second year of the Corps. She was totally loyal even then. And then went in the 4th Corps. For many early Corps, the loyalty was planted so deeply they'll never root it out of themselves. I don't really have much hope for The Way going bye bye any time soon, at least in name. Added note: by "loyalty" in her case, I mean sticking with VPW's legacy no matter what.
  18. Beguiled, I hope you find comfort here amongst many of us who know and understand the truth of what you're saying. Thank you for trusting the goodwill of GSC folks to open your heart like you did. It grieves me to learn what happened to you. And saddens me that your family rejects you to cling to TWI. Empathy is not the easiest thing to convey in an online post, but you can be sure you have it coming from me. Wishing you the best with your new child and creating a life of love and joy!
  19. As a grad of the 2nd Way Corps, I thought I'd pipe up and say a few words. It's no secret that I've rejected associating with The Way and have left its teachings in my rearview mirror. Nevertheless here's my opinion about what Vern should consider doing as the new Way president (although I'm not convinced he'll ever read this). Consider this, Vern: Many former Way Corps besides me have realized from personal experience that there is no "accuracy of The Word" that exists for anyone to "return to." In light of that, I ask: What is the purpose of The Way? This is just my opinion, but since The Way's "bedrock of biblical research" has been found to be full of holes, plagiarism, and Scriptural abuse, doesn't that sinking ship make the organization of The Way without a purpose? If I were Vern, as far as the organization goes, I'd disband it.
  20. Hi everyone, although I did not disclose his name in my memoir, Undertow, Dr. Joseph Bishop was my father-in-law. I was married to Tim Bishop from 1973 to 1991. In Undertow, Tim's name is changed to Ed.
  21. This situation is beyond terrible. Shame on the silent ones who fail to warn about any abusive Way offshoots like that one was. In 2016 I wrote a blog about Barnard's arrest. Recently I updated that blog to honor Jess. https://charleneedge.com/update-rape-victims-demolish-cult-of-way-corps-graduate-victor-barnard/
  22. Hi, Skyrider. I appreciate the kind words and best to you and yours, as well. A big thank you to readers of Undertow. Many thanks for taking time to do it! And thanks to Pawtucket for keeping GSC open all these years … Cheers.
  23. Yup, the millet is long gone, but the gut reaction lingers. Ugh. In case you don't know, that's an analogy for the "Word" that VPW fed us, amounting to a con of Himalayan proportions. And I should know. I've actually been to the Himalayan mountains … in May 2009. Socks, eye-witnesses willing to give their two cents are few and far between. I get "fan mail" through the Contact page on my website from former Wayfers either defending VPW and "shame on me," or from some too afraid to speak up or out due to relatives still in TWI or due to their own weariness … which I totally understand. Who wants to put themselves out there for criticism and hate mail, which I get now and then. But I knew that going into what I did ... publishing my story in a book. Wake up people, Wierwille set this whole thing in motion from day one. It was never "pure" but got corrupted later on. He was out to set himself up as "the answer man." PLEEEAASE. Sigh.
  24. I agree with Socks regarding this, as I was an eye-witness, like Socks, to the manner in which VPW conducted himself and ran the organization: " … I don't subscribe to the theory that "the Way was fine until Martindale/Geer/Finnegan/Whoever screwed everything up".......His main guys all learned from him and acted in complete alignment with his wishes."
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