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  1. FREE first chapter of Undertow, "Hiding in Plain Sight" is now stored on my website at http://charleneedge.com/3550-2/ Thank you, readers, for the feedback on the story that you've sent me so far. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of any of my blog posts. Cheers!
  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing your story here, Skyrider. So many of us can relate to the pain you went through, the turmoil, the confusion and loss. But you are brave. You are a survivor. You are dear to us.
  3. Hi readers, First, thank you for the outpouring of interest in Undertow. I'm grateful many of you have found it worthwhile. Most of you know now that Undertow is for sale on Amazon (it is also at Barnes and Noble. In Australia, a few people have found it at the Book Depository. Independent booksellers can also get copies directly from the print-on-demand company, Ingram Lightning Source). Rocky suggested folks think about writing reviews of Undertow on Amazon, which is wonderful. BUT a word of caution: I found important advice about how Amazon views the validity of reviews, etc, in this this article. That said, I welcome your responses there or on my website. If you ever want to contact me directly with comments about the book, you can always leave a message on my website Contact page. Cheers!
  4. I agree with Rocky. Keep sharing, Skyrider. Take it from me, telling one's personal story is revealing, not only to readers, but to the writer. So write on! Tell us more about the experience whenever you feel so inclined. Cheers!
  5. Hi folks. Hope you're having a happy holiday season. I'm checking in just to let those interested know that Undertow is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and local bookstores can order it, too. If you go to my website, you'll see links to Amazon and B&N in place of the other buy button I had for the first 30 days when I sold Undertow direct from my front porch Thank you for the lovely emails and comments here and on Facebook. I am grateful my story is proving helpful to so many people! You can read the first chapter of Undertow, called "Hiding in Plain Sight" in the Blog section at the bottom of my Home page. Later, it will be stored on the website under the "Writing Undertow" blog category. Wishing you all the best in 2017! Charlene
  6. Rocky, this is a very important issue. I am glad you posted this link to more info about it. It is rampant in our society. How to offset it? Education and practices that cultivate empathy. Cheers.
  7. Could you give a timeframe for this era? Many of us left in the late 1980s. Readers of this website, too, who never were in TWI, might like to know what years you're referring to. (Yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Please don't hold that against me.)
  8. Thanks, OldSkool. I would love to have an off-line conversation with you. If you want to, send me a message through my Contact page. Cheers and thank you for adding your presence to this place!
  9. Good point, T-Bone, about connecting the dots. It often depended on the level of a person's involvement. Until I worked in the research department, I could not, or would not, wake up to red flags I'd seen ... they did not appear red until I reflected on them in hindsight. Here's a sneak peak into Undertow, Chapter 1: Hiding in Plain Sight, Cheers.
  10. In honor of human rights day, on my website this morning I posted Chapter One of my new book, Undertow. How is that connected to human rights? Because over time, cult followers often give up their autonomy, their right to make their own choices. For a sneak peak (scroll down on the Home Page) into "Hiding in Plain Sight" visit: http://charleneedge.com/
  11. Glad the book is helping out! I'm very touched to be of service with this story. If you want to, feel free to contact me through the Contact page of my website any time. I promise to reply within 48 hours, if not sooner. Meanwhile, I'm checking in now to say that due to some technical difficulties on my website blog post feature, comments can't be left at the moment. Hope to get the glitch fixed soon. Ciao for now, Penworks
  12. Dear readers of Undertow who've shared their responses here, I am overcome with gratitude. That's my understatement of the century. Thank you for sharing your hearts!
  13. I'm here to tell you that PREORDERS of Undertow can now be made on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, but they cannot ship copies of Undertow until Dec. 15th. If you want a copy before Dec. 15th, you can order directly from me on my website and I'll ship it ASAP (sorry, I cannot fill overseas orders). Cheers!
  14. I suspect she is behind the new marketing effort to make TWI appealing to more people before she "steps down." There are several newish Way websites listed in the right-hand sidebar of the main website. IMO, they are an attempt at showing different "faces" for the organization. Here's one A more modern looking TWI website. The common thread: they hammer away with V.P. Wierwille's insistence that TWI offers followers a way to find "the accuracy of the Word." With no credentials, with no understanding of what everyone OUTSIDE TWI considers as "biblical research," it may be that the next TWI "prez" --without R.R.'s marketing skills that she learned first-hand from VPW, will have his hands full trying to convince outsiders that TWI is what it purports to be.
  15. So happy ya'll have found the story worthwhile. Thank you VERY much for reading it. Cheers to you, brave souls, Charlene
  16. So nice of you to let me know. Happy reading ... even through the tough parts. It does have a happy ending :-) Cheers!
  17. That is VERY interesting. In its heyday, the 1980s, TWI was said to have about 40,000. Karl Kahler's book, The Cult That Snapped: An Insider's Journey Into The Way International, has lots of facts you might be interested in reading. Like this info on numbers, which is included (here's a shameless advertisement ) in my own new book, Undertow: Author Karl Kahler states, “Cult numbers are notoriously hard to pin down, and are often inflated by anti-cult writers more concerned with sounding the alarm than checking the facts. Many writers have claimed The Way had 100,000 members, as if everyone who ever took the class were still a member. Around 1982, when [Craig] Martindale [second president of The Way International] was marching in Ontario and Way leaders were talking to the press, I heard consistently that we were claiming to have 40,000 members.” Karl Kahler, The Cult That Snapped: A Journey into The Way International (Los Gatos, CA: Karl Kahler, 1999), 110. See also: Zay N. Smith, “The Way—40,000 and Still Growing,” Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 17, 1980. So, it is HIGHLY doubtful that today TWI has 45,000 like they told you. Actually, more like impossible, since thousands left in the days after Geer read his paper.
  18. Hi Out 'n' About. Cheers to you for joining in the conversation and we do welcome you with open minds and open hearts. Thanks for filling us in on current news. People ask me if TWI is still in existence and I say yes, but the number of followers is low now. What would be your estimate, nation-wide or world-wide, of active "members?" Take good care and feel free to ask whatever questions here that you want. By leaving TWI, you can question anything and everything. Yay!
  19. Happy Thanksgiving, GreaseSpotters. First, thank you to those who've ordered my book already. The books have shipped! This holiday is especially bittersweet for me, as it is for many whose loved ones are not here to share it. I feel like many of you are my extended family. We shared a unique sub-culture in TWI that bonded us. I am grateful for you. I want you to know that you have touched my life and enriched it. You have exhibited courage in your posts that honestly portray your experiences in TWI and the perspectives on them you have now. You continue to engage people, get them to think critically, and motivate them to look beyond the surface propaganda coming from closed-system groups like TWI that twist Scripture to suit their objectives, like teaching "believing equals receiving," which puts blame on people if they do not get answers to their prayers and keeps people feeling that if they just took one more Bible class at TWI they would be more spiritual, more able to know God, more successful in life. Mmm ... for many of us, that narrow view just doesn't work. If religious tolerance is going to prevail in this country - or anywhere - let it begin with us. If free speech, freedom of religion, and all the other freedoms we enjoy are to continue, let us not be afraid to speak the truth in love. On a personal note: Today, this holiday is happy and sad for me. It is a prominent feature of my life’s story. In 1968, when I was sixteen years old, on the day before Thanksgiving, after battling ovarian cancer, my mother died. She loved God, in her own Catholic way. She was dedicated to her family. She was kind. She was brave. Her untimely death set me on a path to find “the truth” that changed my life forever. Today, I honor her life and thank her for the inspiration she instilled in me to never give up. Hold your families close today. Cheers, Charlene
  20. Just a reminder. The Special Offer to order my book, Undertow, is only for US residents. Shipping overseas is cost prohibitive. For instance, it costs about $35 to ship to Australia! In about a month, I'm told that Undertow will be available through online vendors like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and other vendors around the world. The book printing company that is printing and distributing my book, has world-wide channels for distribution. So, sorry I can't accommodate overseas folks! Thanks for your interest in reading my story.
  21. Okay, it's working! You can place orders from either the Home page or the Book page. About an hour ago, as it turned out, we received the first shipment of copies of Undertow now waiting to jump in Priority Mail boxes and ride in the car to the Post Office. Thanks for your interest and support, Penworks
  22. If you want to order Undertow today as I announced, please wait. The link to PayPal is not yet working. But it will be! I'll let you know. Penworks
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