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About Me

I am Charlene Lamy Edge formerly known in The Way as Charlene Lamy then Charlene Bishop. I graduated from the second Way Corps in 1973. 

FREE chapter of my book, Undertow, on my website http://charleneedge.com. 

My memoir, Undertow: My Escape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International was published November 21, 2016. It is available in paperback and eBook at major booksellers and independent bookstores. Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9978747-0-9.

In 1970, college students at ECU, who were grads of PFAL, recruited me to The Way. I dropped out of college and gave The Way 17 years of my life. Lucky for me, I finished college later in life at Rollins College, Winter Park, FL.

Worked on Aramaic project at HQ

From August 1984 to August 1986 I worked on the Biblical Research Team at Way headquarters in Ohio, specifically on the Aramaic Concordance project.

In 1987, I escaped from The Way headquarters with my family and disassociated myself from the organization for good.

Why am I at GSC?

By posting on GSC, I hope to make a positive difference in the lives of people hurt by Victor Paul Wierwille's doctrines and behavior, and other leaders or members' behaviors resulting from following the fundamentalist beliefs of The Way and the cultish opinions and practices started by VPW that led to abuse of various kinds.

Message me on my website

MY WEBSITE: https://charleneedge.com. Let me hear from you through the Contact page there.

On my website Home Page, http://charleneedge.com. read for FREE: "Chapter One: Hiding in Plain Sight" from my book, Undertow,.

Also on my website, you can subscribe to my blog posts or search for ones that are stored there under Blog Categories. I write about world travels, fundamentalism, cults, the writing life, and more.

Example blog post:


I am a member of the International Cultic Studies Association, The Florida Writer Association, and The Authors Guild.

In the summer of 2019, I deleted my personal Facebook account, and one for Undertow, because FB gave my info to Cambridge Analytica.

Thanks for reading about me!

"If we claim only reasonable probability, it will be as much as men who love the truth can ever at any given moment hope to have within their grasp." ~William James, Varieties of Religious Experience

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