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  1. Welcome to GSC Grace and Mercy. I was also one who lurked in the forums reading and digesting all that was posted before signing up. I couldn’t get enough of others having the same concerns as me, and to my amazements, still alive. After leaving TWI, I was so afraid of God’s protection leaving me, that I would be a greasespot by midnight. Some days it was amazing to me I was still alive. Thanks to GSC, and all its denizens, I was able to get on with my life. WELCOME!!
  2. https://sites.google.com/site/vpwierwille/
  3. TWI was able to influence your mother to use funds to pay for her corpse training that was not hers. She stole your rightful money. It amazes me how low TWI could get parents to stoop to. Somehow they loose all sense of right and wrong in order to follow The Man of God.
  4. If your family has been in TWI for almost 40 years, they lived thtough all the lawsuits with LCM, and the plagiarism of VPW. LCM has only been gone for 20 years or so, and they have had ample time to evaluate all that has been going on. What is your relationship with your family? What do they think about you leaving TWI? How do you correspond with them? Do you get together with them physically? i wouldn’t rush into trying to enlighten them about all you know. Talk to them and see if there are small things they maybe questioning about TWI? This might be a way to introduce light into the si
  5. I wonder how long negative reviews will be tolerated until they are removed?
  6. Welcome to GSC, PAA. The love the Way showed to me was the linchpin that convinced me I had found nirvana. I was going through a very rough time in my life, when a complete stranger sat next to me at a cafe, and began talking to me. He was very kind and understanding to me. He invited me to a fellowship at his home, but Christmas break was just beginning at college, and I told him I would be going home for a month. He assured me he would contact me after the holidays were over, which he did. All (twig leafs, not sure that is the lingo today,) were very loving to me, and without a doubt, pulled
  7. Steve Sann was the Limb guy in Montana in 1985 when BG was in the State running his class in Helena. It seems to me Sann had all the corp in the state take BGs class. The rest of us twiggies would come to Helena on Sundays and go to BGs public fellowship. The thing rhat stood out to me was how jerky he made the hymns. BG said he got possessed once, while singing hymns nornally, so he added sudden stops in the middle of the verse. It became so distracting to me. A teaching that stood out was he prophesied that JC would come back in the year 2000. That cinched it for me he was a false pr
  8. Man having a sin nature is why Jesus Christ had to live, die, be resurrected, and ascend into heaven. The Holy Spirit was sent on the day of Pentecost so mad could be redeemed.
  9. Stepping away from God’s protection was my biggest concern leaving the way. They are able to keep people by instilling fear if you leave your life will be over. I have been gone 25 years and it has only gotten better. The name of this web site is in reference to LCM always saying, if you left the protection of God’s ministry, you would be a grease spot my midnight. I wonder if LCM believed he would be a grease spot when he was booted out?
  10. I lived in Great Falls in the 80’s and Helena in the 90’s.
  11. Bob Dylan is a master dealing with whatever he devides to deal with. This is fitting to the understanding of this thread and abuse.
  12. My bread hasn’t been rising and browning in the over as it should. Thinking the temperature in the oven may not be accurate, I purchased a thermometer. With the oven temp set to 400 degrees, it read 350. This seemed quite a bit so I bought another thermometer and it read 370 degrees. I don’t know which reading to trust, but am pretty sure the oven temp control needs to be set higher. Fun time learning to get things just right.
  13. I recall hearing from VP that God also told him if the Weirwille family didn’t stand on the word, the ministry would fail after he was gone. Did anyone else remember this?
  14. What a mind picture, A dog pukes and laps it up. Just like sick Fido the dog, an abused person will go back to their abuser. They will look in the mirror and see their swollen face with blackened eyes, and justify the beating they have received. Then, once again, returm to be beaten once sgain. Those sexually abused, because the have been groomed by tneir abuser, will also return for more abuse. They maybe in great pain and hate it, but will go back for more. It seems the only way out is for someone else to assist them. They just do not have the ability to completely do it on thei
  15. Rosie reminds me of Napolean in the book, Animal Farm, Napolean convinced all the other animals in the pasture that their recollection of the past was wrong. Only he knew the accurate history of the Farm, so he could change it to meet his narrative, to control them all.
  16. Over half of the Jews did heed the warnings and exited Germany. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/german-jews-during-the-holocaust
  17. Allen was pointing out there were signs indicating Jews should take heed and flee Germany. WW indicated some did heed the warnings and left Germany. Of course, the Germans were ultimately responsible for what they did to the jews, and the Jews should not ultimately be blamed for Germany’s actions. But if you can see something bad it is going to happen, it is in your best interest to avoid it. For example, if you are driving your car, and see an approaching automobile is exceeding the speed limit, and will blow through the existing stop sign hitting you, it is in your best interest t
  18. It is hard to image that those who were marked and avoided this time around, did not see it coming. After all, this is always the only outcome to anyone or group questioning the BOD. Plus, I am sure this round of M&A culprits, had marked and avoided others in the past who questioned leadership’s authority. They should have been able to write the story line, from start to finish, for the outcone of their insurrection. Step by step, all should have known what would happen next. Did they truly belive in their hearts, they would be immune from the crushing hand of the BOD? A possible alte
  19. Who would have wanted her gone and/or would have had the power to oust her?
  20. I read somewhere bread dough could be frozen and unthawed at a later time to be baked. Cleaning out the freezer I found some dough, which could have been in there for months. It did not rise after being unthawed, and did not rise while baking either. It came out of the oven a solid brick. After cooling off, with much effort, I was able to cut into small pieces and save for the ducks.
  21. I was in the 9th corp for the first 3 months and my job was cleaning up after meals. I never got sufficient food at the meals to fill me up, so was always thankful there was a basket or two left on the tables with some bread left in them. Loved the borscht too. . I hated the head table had coffee with their meal, especially when vpw always had a can of 7up at meals.
  22. I don’t recall how I knew about this. It just came to mind the other day and thought I would post to see if there was anything to it.
  23. Teaching By Ira Hearne On Organic Gardening At The Way International https://eternallyblessed.org/archive/lessons-in-living-organic-gardening-hearne-3891
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