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  1. You certainly addressed the last sentence of my post, but completely ignored the previous ones, explaining how all religions indoctrinate their followers so they remain in their group.
  2. Every religion teaches parents to instruct their children in their beliefs. Why? So the children will continue their belief’s in the future. TWI is not the only religion who instructs parents to teach their doctrine to their cildren. If you go to a Catholic church they do not finish their teaching, and then say, “oh by the way, here is a 30 minute dialog about what the Baptist believe, and the Morman’s think this way, and the Methodist’s go this direction.” “Next week we’ll have a round robin and have the Quackers, Churrch of Christ, Seventh Day Adventists, and Church of Satan tells us what they believe.” TWI has it’s problems, but you make it sound like if TWI was gone, the problems of the world would be solved.
  3. It is possible the term rub in by repetition is not understood in its correct usage here? While raising my daughter, when someone did something for her, or complemented her, I had to remind her many, many times to say thank you. I did this by ‘rub in by repetition.’ She was also required to clean her bedroom before she went to bed each night. Again, I had to remind her of the responsibility, many many times through the years. I had to ‘rub in by repetition’ the same instruction for a long time. I did not abuse her physically, mentally, or emotionally, by teaching her over and over, to perform what was expected her to do.
  4. The Boy Scouts have been under scrutiny for child abuse for sometime now. A Girl Scout in New York has also filed abuse charges. Organizations demanding obedience to their policies and leaders are like a magnet to pedaphiles.
  5. As per many of your posts, what does it have to do with the subject at hand?
  6. Specifically I am referring to the discussion of this thread. To be comforted someone has to believe God called their loved one home to be in his choir. Instead of just believing they died and will be raised from the dead some day, as the bible states, they imagine something with no basis for it. The same as the young child, someone has to believe God called their child home to be in God’s garden. There is no basis for such conjecture, but it makes them feel better to image that. I attempted to show there is a relatively new belief by showing in the 1880’s people only mentioned suffering in response to death. I then expressed it wasn’t until the 1980’s people decided pet’s went to heaven to be comforted when a dog or cat dies. There is absolutely no basis in fact for creating such an idea, and there is no proof people will be reunited with their pets someday. I showed how ridiculous this would be by saying someone who had 20 pets and how difficult it would be to have them all together. Or if a pet had 3 owners who would get to see them? Can you image how upset the steer is going to when he realizes you ate a steak off his flank? You had better run. It is nuts to think any of this will ever happen. Let’s stay in reality for our comfort. I then pointed out that it is at least, in the Koran, a Muslim warrior killed in battle for Alluh will be given 70 virgins. That has a basis in fact. Of course my view is, that the best we can hope for in death is we don’t suffer too much in the process, and our rotting body will fertilize some plant and help it grow. There is nothing after this life than a hole in the ground.
  7. Question? How does one keep a woman a virgin in perpetuity? Will the courageous warrior have to accept used women after the 70th roll in the hay? Will he even want to support these women after 70 nites of bliss? Maybe there will be another war to fight and he can turn in the now non virgins for 70 new virgins? Just like the child being a rose petal in God’s garden, you can fill in the ending of this story for the Muslim man however it will make you feel good. Facts and reality serve no purpose in much of today’s logic. Feeling good is of the unmost importance.
  8. This is how death was mourned in the 1800’s. No mention of God calling them home, them meeting in heaven, god needing a rose petal, or God’s choir needing expanding. https://swahsociety.com/records/obituaries/obituaries-1880s We have created scenarios that we believe will happen in the future after death to make us feel better. The bible only tells us to be comforted by the return of Jesus. No mention of spouses being reunited as husband and wife. What about the women who was married 4 times? Do any of her husbands even want to spend eternity with her? Nagging wives might be left out in the cold at the return if no husband wants to listen to her go on and on forever. Being a Muslim warrior is about the best men can hope for, getting to enjoy sex with 70 virgins forever. We even had to create a heaven for pets in the 1980’s. The Rainbow Bridge assures us we will be reunited with our beloved pets in the future. Can you imagine the reunion of someone who has had 10 pets in their life? How about the pet that was owned by 3 people? Will there be a shared custody agreements for those in these instances? What about the pet that was abused by its owner? He probablty would only want to bite the owner all day long forever. Men seem to create feel good sceneries with no thought as go how it will be carried out.
  9. I was just reading an obituary of a young child, and it said God needed another rose pedal in heaven, so he called this young girl “home.” Another obit I remember from the past, was the woman was an excellent singer, and God needed another member of his heavenly choir, so he called her “home.” How many more rose pedals does God need in his garden? I would think God’s heavenly choir was big enough by now, so he didn’t have to enlarge it?
  10. What is your concern? How is that after the return their will be no sin? Apparently the saved people will not be able to sin? Or if it is possible to sin, how is that absolutely no one will be to sin?
  11. Mark said: “God did not make humanity as a puppet on a string with God controlling everything that we think and do. God simply gives humanity the free will ability to do different things with God not controlling everything that we think and do.” Does this mean after the second coming that God will create puppets on a string so that everything will be perfect? Mankind will not have the ability to go against God’s will?
  12. MRE stands for Meals Ready To Eat…no water required or anthing else, as they are enclosed in a plastic pouch. You didn’t eat a 10 year old MRE if you were required to add water. Having spent 24 years in the militery I have eaten a few of them.
  13. Which distance model are you purchasing? The price varies considerably with the battery pack required to drive further distances. The price is quite reasonable and no $5.00/gal gas charges, and more and more electric charging stations are coming on line. The charts I have seen show it is considerably cheaper to “fill up” your electric car than your gasoline automobile. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/19/cost-of-charging-ev-vs-gas-prices.html
  14. There was a Thriteenth Amendment passed and a civil war fought over a 150 years ago to correct the horrible injustice. In 1964 the Civil Rights Voting Act was also passed.
  15. What is the concern if what I post is an agenda or curiosity?
  16. I just thought it very succinctly stated the obvious plus a few new ones. Combing through the bible you can easily read some crazy thing, (an animal is unclean if it doesn ‘t chew its cud), causing you to scratch your head, then close the book, and grab a beer. HOWEVER; Bob Dylan is now selling his brand of whiskey; Heavens Gate. So possibly a couple of shots of Double Barrel Whiskey will also do the trick.
  17. We are all certainly the child of a woman and man (are these still an acceptable descriptions of today’s sexes?) who decided to “come up” with us.
  18. Are you attempting to justify God’s totally incomprehensible creation of mankind by comparing him to yourself? You are so much better than anything he could ever come up with. After all, he botched the first creation so bad, he ended up killing them all. I think your family is in good hands and do not have to fear for their lives.
  19. If Lot and his daughters were living today they would be in prison, because incest is about as bad as it gets. One of the daughter’s offspring with Lot, was even made the head of the Moabites. Along with slavery, rape, and child sacrifice, add incest to the list of sins God allows. Where, oh where, is his mind?
  20. I am sure every parent can relate to your experiences of raising children. Many times they do the opposite of what we wish they would. However, we are discussing God, the all loving, all knowing, and all powerful, creator. One would think he would have made us, from the beginning, perfect, not able to do stupid stuff. After all, that is exactly how life will be after the return, so it is within God’s grasp to make life perfect. But, if we look at Genesis 6:5-7: God has done some pretty stupid stuff, and he even acknowledges the error of his ways. This crazy action by God, resulted in mankind being destroyed. “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the lord said, “I will destroy man….” If God had fore knowledge, he would have known he created very imperfect people. Why make people, knowing you will wipe them off the face of the earth, in the future? Cman, would there ever be any evil thing your 2 sons could do, that you would wish they had never been born, and kill them?
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