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  1. George, that first line should be more than enough to give you his name, and the rest should make you confident you have the right guy.
  2. Ok. Name the guy who played these roles.... Willie Lumpkin Larry King "Hugh Hefner" Hot Dog Vendor Old Man at Crossing Security Guard Man Dodging Debris Waterhose Man Man in Times Square School Librarian Smithsonian Guard Bartender Strip Club DJ
  3. "Whenever we kiss I get to feeling like this. I get to wishing that there was two of you. My heart cries out 'Woo, baby'. It feels so nice. I want your arms to wrap around me twice." "Whenever we kiss I get a feeling like this. I get to wishing that there was two of you. My heart cries out, 'More, baby!' I love you so much. I wish that there was more of you to touch!"
  4. "Seedless" grapes have SEEDS! They are small and don't have the harder shell. The plant's been selectively bred to have SOFTER seeds. With no outer husk, the seeds are SMALLER as well as softer. Although they have seeds those seeds are not expected to work to grow fruit, so they're grown from a CUTTING of an existing plant. Plants are different from animals in many ways. Among those is that you can cut some parts off a plant, and the plant will heal, and grow another plant from the cutting. Multicellular animals aren't built that way. (BTW, "seedless" watermelons ARE grown from seeds.) If he's really spent his life farming, you think he'd know that "seedless" grapes are misnamed. (They also occur in nature and do not require a devil to be involved. They are, however, a mutation that doesn't benefit the plant.) "Seedless" fruit occurs in nature, but they usually die out because their seeds don't produce more fruit trees/plants. However, humans can exploit that and continue their existence on purpose. Why would they do that? (To hear this guy say it, a devil made them do it.) 1) The spot where the big seeds would be is now occupied by fruit. 2) The resulting plants are effectively identical- which means the farmers know what to expect of them.
  5. "Whenever we kiss I get a feeling like this". I get to wishing that there was two of you. My heart cries out, 'More, baby!' I love you so much. I wish that there was more of you to touch!
  6. YES, it is "Oliver!" Oliver himself was holding up his bowl and asking for more gruel. That's probably the most famous moment in the movie. (For those who don't know, the kids picked ONE of their number to ask for more...then let him get into trouble for asking.) "Please, sir, I'd like some more."
  7. Seriously? About how many minutes in did he say it?
  8. Page after page of nothing but that sentence, formatted all sorts of ways, all typed out by hand. It was one of the many creepy things about "THE SHINING." Jack Torrance typed all of that. There was real typing, too. Kubrick used the actual typing sound for that sentence, as Jack (Nicholson) typed over and over on the set. In other languages, Kubrick used a recording of the saying they used from that language. (Foreign versions didn't all use this phrase- they used a phrase well-known to them.)
  9. "Whenever we kiss I get a feeling like this. I get to wishing that there was two of you. My heart cries out 'More, baby' "
  10. To hear Mark Sanguinetti tell it, vpw HIMSELF called himself that to Mark. However, he appeared to have been joking at the time.
  11. One last digression. Waydale had this, and the GSC Editorials had this. "Onion Free Zone." Here it is again. " The Way's Onion Free Zone (This article first appeared on WayDale's Discussion Forums) Craig Martindale does not like the smell of onions. THEREFORE, the TWI Food Services Department NEVER prepares food with onions as part of the recipe. NEVER. What's the big deal you may ask? Well, why not ask a staffer who has lived in an onion free zone for 10 years how he or she feels about it. Don't you guys know how good onions taste??? Imagine having almost EVERY meal that you eat in an average month, cooked for you and served to you by TWI FOOD SERVICES. Now, further imagine that you will NEVER have onions be a part of that meal. Are you getting nervous yet? :-) A few years ago I asked the Food Services Dept. coordinator about this *Onion Free Zone* that surrounds HQ. He told me that as *Rev.* Martindale doesn't like the smell of onions, Food Services chooses not to prepare meals with onions in the recipes. Food Services was to do everything in its power to encourage *Rev.* Martindale to attend meals and nothing to discourage him. It seems that if *Rev.* Martindale attends a lunch time meal, he will likely share the *word* with everyone. But he won't attend the meal if he can smell onions! [Anyone who knows Martindale also know how sensitive he claims his sense of smell to be. Onions take him over the edge apparently. At the Advanced Class Special in Dallas in the 1998/1999 year, Martindale was moved through the hotel via the *staff only* corridors. This way he didn't have to stop to greet people at every turn. Martindale claimed that it was so as not to cause a big commotion/distraction with the believers whenever he (LCM) moved about. Way Corps made sure that these corridors had incense burning whenever Martindale was due to come through, in order to cover up the smells of cooking that would distract and upset LCM due to his *hyper-sensitive* sense of smell] Martindale only attends the HQ noon time meal, Mondays through Fridays. His other meals are prepared for him privately by his own in-home staff, and yet, despite this, TWI Food Services Department NEVER cook with onions for the other meals. Why? you ask - Because. That's why! Of course there's nothing to stop a staffer from sneaking an onion in the *privacy* of his or her Founder's Hall cell bedroom. Can you imagine expecting more than 500 people to forego a basic food prep. item such as onions in order to *bless the man of God*?? Seems to me that LCM would rather inconvenience and deprive 500 people as opposed to inconveniencing himself a little. Isn't this all backwards for a *servant* of men? The *Onion Issue* is another of the TWI staffer's many sensitive issues that they try to look stoically at. After all, if the staff can help MOGFOT (Man of God for Our Time) stay blessed, won't that help in God's work?"
  12. Watered Garden: "Mr. Garden and I arrived early to enroll our son in school and were volunteers in the canning room for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately we knew more about safe food preparation and canning than the staff zeeatch in charge, so there were a few conflicts. Also, when we made salsa, we were strictly forbidden to include onions, as LCM hated onions. Nor were we allowed to put garlic in the salsa, because he also abhorred garlic! What the heck, does he just want tomato sauce? I suggested we make him a personal batch and label it "El Presidente Especial Blend" but OHHELLNO! If that was the president's preference we needed to renew our minds to his godly thoughts on salsa recipes! In spite of the largesse of foods and veggies, we ate meagerly. Most of the good stuff went to NK for pleasurable consumption by the MOG and his minions. Sad." Watered Garden: "I think I saw the height of this stupidity when I was in Family WC at Rome City. We were volunteered to help process tomatoes. This was actually before the official start of the program, but we were there, the tomatoes were there, and we knew what we were doing, actually much better than the person in charge. Comes time to make salsa. We didn't actually make the salsa but had to watch it cook. The salsa had no garlic and no onion. I politely pointed out what I saw as a glaring oversight, and was promptly informed that Official TWI Salsa NEVER NEVER NEVER contained garlic or onions! Perish the thought! Was I possessed? Did I not realize that THE MAN OF GOD FOR OUR DAY AND TIME AND HOUR absolutely hated garlic and onions? I then suggested we could make him his own little stash of garlic and onion free salsa, which we could also call tomato sauce, and make normal salsa for everyone else. The supervisor was equally aghast! NO NO NO NO NO! If the MOG hates onions and garlic, then the entire WC must avoid them like the plague. This left me with two thoughts: 1) The MOG has NO right to impose his personal preferences on the entire world. 2) This is not gonna be the best time of my life." Unrelated, but useful if making tomato sauce.... "A word abouttomato sauce : Don't cook it over high heat for hours - it brings out the acidity of the tomatoes. Lots of folks think its necessary to add sugar totomato sauce - that's because they are trying to mask this acidity. If you just simmer the sauce for no more than 2 hours it will be fine." -doojable Chef Robert Irvine (who does not post here) recommends adding carrots rather than sugar for balancing the flavors when cooking. Carrots contain glucose naturally,
  13. BTW, blame lcm for your meals lacking onions and garlic. Since he disliked either, he made a federal case any time anyone cooked with it. So, all of you were deprived of it, even if it was for dinner and he wasn't eating with the rest of you.
  14. BTW, if this works for you exactly as I said, and you get the image, you will have just that and not a screen-shot. That way, you won't need to trim out anything that wasn't in the imdb image- no "rest-of-your-screen" stuff (no titles, no desktop...) If you get the image from another site, always check the image's title- otherwise, if you post it, we'll be able to access its title. That's fine if the title is "1234dft42dsdgw34qwdads" or something like that. If the title is "batmanholdingabomb", then it gives away the movie. Imdb tends to give them alphanumeric sequences that don't spell out anything. If you do it the way that Raf and George mentioned, you'll get your whole screen, and need to use a program to trim the image- as both mentioned. My way, you generally won't need one unless you're very picky about what the image file contained that you got from imdb.
  15. I can tell you the process if you're using FireFox. I imagine the steps might be the same. Here's what I do. I go to IMdb, look up the movie, and call up its photo gallery. I click into one photo. That brings up one photo on my screen, and I can page through the rest of the gallery. On the image itself, I right-click. That calls up the options menu. Among those are "View Image" and "Save Image as..." Clicking on "save image as" give me the choice of where to save it, and the option to rename it. Clicking on "view image" gives me the image at full size. On imdb, that's usually a lot bigger than it looked before. THEN I right-click to "save image as". Once you have the image saved, you can edit it, rename it, or use it as-is and just post it here. You already figured out how to attach the image to a post.
  16. I was confusing this for "Light My Fire," by The Doors, but this obviously is not that song. It is "L.A. WOMAN" by The Doors. (Both songs have a line about a liar.)
  17. It probably was yet another of those wild stories that got passed along in twi. People in twi never believed/never believe in VETTING a story, checking if it was true. They just pass it along without looking into it. (Some out of twi for decades still buy the imaginary snowstorm/ snow job story.) When I was in, I remember at least 1 person passing along a story. From what he said, I was under the impression he was describing a television show he saw once. No, he heard the story and passed it along entirely. It was an urban legend and easily disproved. However, he spoke as if he'd vetted his source. That was typical. Some ex-twiérs still buy into some OTHER group's nonsense just as easily, because some people never learn.
  18. I'll run these past Mrs Wolf- she watched more of those types of shows than I did.
  19. I'm enjoying it enough to keep playing. So long as nobody minds I'm getting the still-frames from Imdb or elsewhere rather than capturing them myself, I'm good to keep playing.
  20. I intend to watch both. We're rationing our last 3 Arrowverse episodes- 1 Flash, 2 LoT The titles of the Stargirl episodes look promising. I hope they're not a lot more promising than the content. I've resumed watching "the Daily Show", mainly because it's still pretty funny and still making episodes every week.
  21. That sounds correct. lcm HIMSELF documented something like that. In his book "vp and me", his book-long adoration of vpw, he said that vpw told lcm off for sending some of the Lightbearers off in the morning with NO BREAKFAST. lcm didn't think of himself as much of a breakfast person, but the reason WAS primarily to save money. vpw told him off SPECIFICALLY for being foolish in cutting a corner there. When vpw tells you off for being stingy- and it's not about something he's going to use personally- then you know you've REALLY gone too far. Normally, vpw wanted top dollar spent on HIM, but wanted everything else done on the cheap.
  22. STL, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask you for a little more information about this. So, again, I ask you. In light of what we've learned recently (who he was, where he worked...) my question is shorter and more specific. WHERE did you hear this? WHOM did you hear this from? Did Ira Hearne HIMSELF say this? Was this mentioned by someone official during a teaching? Was this an offhand comment by someone at dinner?
  23. This rings a bell. Lined 3 &4, and the last 2 lines sound vaguely familiar. I'll have to keep working on them and see if my memory cooperates.
  24. Now that we have the correct spelling.... There's a few references to that book, with nothing new to add. There's also this: http://dlfarms.com/seasonal-garden-vegetables/ " In 1977, I began working with one of the foremost organic gardening experts in America, Ira Hearne. Ira lived in Ohio and managed the small farms department for a Christian ministry. Through his tutelage, I learned about growing food by “serving the soil.” On that six acre garden, we grew everything from asparagus to zucchini squash. We had an herb garden, 30 bee hives, a new orchard of fruit trees, chickens, goats, and beef cattle. We truly believed what we were doing was God’s intention on how to take care of his Creation." https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/16874-i-am-a-3-dr-pepper-drinker-a-day/?tab=comments#comment-403766 "My first year in-rez, betty bowen ran the kitchen at hq, and, a "rank unbeliever", eileen hitchen, was the chief cook. We ate great food, every day, with plenty of it available!.......except for the 3 times we endured the full three week long, grace bliss administered colon-cleanse torture..er, 'skuse me, program,....we ate quite well. .We also enjoyed organically grown meats and vegetables and fruits from the kipp farm, which was run by a tremendous fellow named ira hearne. .We butchered and cleaned pigs, cattle, chicken, and sheep, and we ate good meat at least once-a-day, 7 days a week. We also had fish several times a month. We had our fair share of granola, figpep, and other healthy grains and veggies, which i called "rabbit" or "bird" food. There were plenty of burgers, pizza and sometimes even beer!!. All the trustees and all the staff ate at least lunch together with the in-rez corps every day, and many times joined us for supper too, .....Always in the brc basement, in which we all fit comfortably back then. There were often bacon, homefries, and scrambled egg breakfasts, with real coffee and apple cider, etc.,......sometimes pancakes and syrup with fresh berries.. And there were actually several meals we all looked forward to, like eileen's homemade enchiladas, dripping with cheese and stuffed to the hilt with chicken, or pork, or ground beef with terrific refried beans and sour cream!........and there were usually abundant seconds and thirds available..........the food was the same during our second year too, again all in the basement of the brc......... however, the food at emporia was horrendous from day one, when it opened for in-rez corps training in august, 1975.....people were literally made sick by that garbage they served.........it seemed the food never improved there during the entire time it was open!........initially, the food at both indiana campus and gunnison was comparable to what was served at hq when we ate in the brc.............once the osc dining room and kitchen opened for "business", the quality and volume of food served at hq depreciated noticably!..." If it's the same guy, he either lives or lived in Wapakoneta. OH.
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