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  1. SWS works for Minotaur energy drink, drives their Minotaur monster truck, and dresses as a minotaur at events. The supervisor for the big brother-type program, who continually cursed at them and doubted their sincerity-to be fair, she was right at the time. A big LAIRE fight was starting up; The supervisor and PR and SWS again. SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE'S CLIMAX!!!!! No "country" will take on Augie with the current "King" against him. But, it only takes a minimum of 4 people to start one, with matching livery and "country" name. So, 4 improvised costum
  2. Ok, closing out this round, it's obvious nobody's familiar with this movie. This was "ROLE MODELS." Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott lack direction in life, and work off some community service hours as "big btothers" (or equivalent.) They learn something and they (eventually) connect with the kids. SWS dealt with a small black boy with a sewer mouth, and taught him about KISS and so on. Paul Rudd was paired up with "Augie", a shy teenager whose only interest was a mock combat Live Action Role Playing game called 'LAIRE." Naturally, things get worse in the second act. (SWS t
  3. "Fill my heart with song. Let me sing forevermore. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words, In other words, I love you."
  4. The spherical earth wasn't just "MENTIONED" by the ancient Greeks. Eratosthenes, with the help of some geometry and mathematics, calculated the circumference of the earth and was something like 99.5% or mor accurate. (He was off by about 1-2 sports stadiums lengths.)
  5. "Fill my heart with song. Let me sing forevermore. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore."
  6. I suspect nobody checking in has seen this movie.
  7. I was right? Ok, give me a day or so....
  8. Has to be an older role, then, not Howard Hughes or someone later than him. *wild swing* D'Artagnan???
  9. Furthermore, as Bullinger knew and vpw didn't. the verses were about THE ORIGIN OF SCRIPTURE. It wasn't from some person's volition, but rather holy men were moved of God and that's how we got it. That was the point of the verses, and Bullinger made the same point there. vpw, on the other hand, wanted to make it about having an official "interpretation" (his), so he claimed it was about how NOT to approach the Scriptures- NOT like a wild pack of dogs on a hunt.
  10. The 80s version was filmed at Elstree Studios. Corman thought so little about the original that he never bothered to copyright it- so it's always been in the public domain. Brian Henson was one of several puppeteers to play "Audrey II."
  11. For the current one, I'd got with "High Anxiety", but Cloris Leechman is way taller than that.
  12. He's not the messiah- he's a very naughty boy!
  13. -There's a title that's shared by 2 movies-which is fair since they're 2 different versions of the same story. -None of the endings of the story were incredibly happy. However, in the original, one of the main characters survives, and in the 2nd, 2 of them do (but their future looks endangered.) The 2nd one had an ending that was trashed and never made it past the test audiences- everybody died, and the Earth was invaded, quite successfully (complete with the theater audience among the casualties, with a 4th wall break.) -Many people forget (or don't know) there was an original versio
  14. "Naysayers tell me 'You should be embarrassed.' 'You should not be fighting.' 'You look like Marvin Hamlisch.' You know what I say to the naysayers? I say 'Nay! I am not embarrassed. I will fight. And who the hell is Marvin Hamlisch?'" "He wrote the music for The Sting." "That's a good movie." "Who are these clowns?" "KISS? You don't know who KISS is?" "No, never heard of them. They look like idiots to me." "No, no, no, dude, these are four of the smartest guys who ever lived. They're these Jewish guys who grew up in New York, and they put on guitars and makeup to g
  15. The most obvious question is if you're the one with Administrative rights on the computer, and if the user account you're using has admin rights on the computer. If not, someone would have to log into the Admin account (or AN admin account) and change the permissions for Chrome for the user(s). Are you running the most recent version of Chrome? have you restarted the computer since this happened? Either might be the resolution of some glitch you encounter.
  16. Hamlet Ian Holm Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Ring
  17. Yeah, that's not this movie, but you knew that.
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