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    That's better than six feet under.
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    I listened to the YouTube – it hit me as a lot of political and conspiratorial rhetoric. As far as putting my two cents in this thread “The 'end' is nigh...or is it ?!” I’ll say this – folks who have a fatalistic attitude toward a situation, often means they are expecting things to turn out badly and see no point in trying to change that outcome. I don’t consider myself in that category. I don’t ever like the idea of giving up – especially if it’s something worth fighting for – and I think if we all follow the good advice coming out of the science and health care communities that will help towards flattening the curve. We will get through this together – even though we’re six feet apart. Existentially speaking – perhaps the way of life as we know it will significantly change...and currently the situation will probably get worse before it gets better – some scientists speculate that even with the curve flattening from everyone’s efforts we could still see a resurgence in the fall… hopefully they’ll come up with a vaccine sooner than much later (I’ve heard a few folks in the news mention the typical span of time for developing a vaccine is in years). I’ve heard someone comment on this new “war” of humans vs covid-19 that it’s like a call for many of us to stay at home – so we don’t overtax the system…that’s something to think about…that’s some paradigm shift. This is not your typical conflict between another nation or group, with military personnel on the front lines of the battlefield. I’m not a medical professional, police officer, firefighter, grocery store / pharmacy / delivery worker, fast food drive-thru or restaurant take-out worker, waste management personnel, a technician who helps keep infrastructure (utilities, internet, etc.) up and running, or the many other essential jobs on “the front lines” who preserve life and our way of life. I’d rather be a part of the solution than part of the problem.


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