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  1. Done with Greasespot

    "The moderators cannot read your private messages" Yeah, ri-i-i-i-i-ight. Just like personal attacks will not be tolerated. Is that all without exception or all without distinction or whatever that Piffle crap was? I received a private topic post from another GSer today. When I hit reply, the return email was to GreasespotModerator. I told the person to use my email address and stop going through private topics. I don't trust or respect this forum's management and they have no business knowing the contents of my reply. I got a call from a currently out of favor, but not yet banned GSer that told me what had happened to him. More info that I am glad to have about this site that I weighed when making my decision. Those if you have posted (except for the lying moderator), thanks for your kind words and I have enjoyed getting to know many of you. It is time for me to haul the canoe out of the water, hoist it on the truck, get in and drive home. And find another lake next time I feel like I want to row. Life is just too short for bad coffee, bad whiskey and dealing with liars and hypocrites.
  2. Done with Greasespot

    Have met some wonderful folks here, but no longer have any interest in participating in this forum with the new "guidelines" and the selective enforcement of the "no personal attacks" rule. I will no longer be checking my private topics since I have found that they are not really private topics and are read by moderators as well as the person they are addressed to. These new "guidelines" are giving me flashbacks to TWI. No thanks, don't need it. Anyone that would like to reach me can email directly. Please put "GreaseSpot" in the subject line or I will delete it as junkmail. I will be deleting my profile information in a few days so my email address will no longer be available.
  3. where is GS Cafe headed? (iyo)

    Oh, I get it. Only some posters get to do personal attacks. Where is GS headed...Hmm don't think I give a sheet anymore. B'bye.
  4. Galen, It's funny when I think about it. Most of my siblings and parents are so good at "being poor" that it wouldn't matter if we didn't have any money. I save a large percentage of my income because I just can't help it. It is just way too much fun to find bargains, fix other people's cast offs and use them or turn the oddest things into planters or other yard decorations. My dad has a very healthy net worth but still buys his clothes at thrift stores and likes to go with me when I drive my truck around looking for good junk.
  5. Can't we all just get along?

    When I was growing up, the family across the road was JW. I remember the kids used to be ridiculed in school because they wouldn't stand for or say the pledge of allegiance. Is this a JW belief or simply a practice of that particular family? I used to feel so sorry for those kids.
  6. Can't we all just get along?

    Doug, Great post. Thanks for starting this thread.
  7. Has GreaseSpot finally gone downhill?

    Paw, Please check your private topics.
  8. Greasespot and Zixar's Loaded Question

    Zixar, See my post on Downhill thread. Have a nice life.
  9. Has GreaseSpot finally gone downhill?

    Zixar, I can't believe you! Paw makes changes to the forums, deletes threads and it's still not enough for you? As much as I have come to dislike you, I agreed to stop the one line posts with your name in them because Paw asked me to. It's his place, he gets to make the rules. If there were no rules, the gloves would be off. If this site isn't to your liking, maybe you should start your own. I have nothing else to say about this subject. And on a very serious note: The personal info about my head injury and subsequent epilepsy is all true. Brain injuries, disorders etc are not at all funny. I hope you nor anyone you love ever has to live with one. Please think before you speak about disabilities in what you might think a humorous light. You have no idea what it's like to rebuild a mind and a life. Peace.
  10. Has GreaseSpot finally gone downhill?

    OK Paw, Since you were polite about it, I'll stop.
  11. Greasespot and Zixar's Loaded Question

    I know you don't care, I thought you might be curious. Got any new analogies today?
  12. where is GS Cafe headed? (iyo)

    To the store to get a grocery cart. I can only hope.
  13. Has GreaseSpot finally gone downhill?

    I made it!!!!!!! I finally Knows the menu too well!!!! OK. I'll stop....for now.
  14. Has GreaseSpot finally gone downhill?

    Will Zixar saddle up his hoss?
  15. Has GreaseSpot finally gone downhill?

    With Pawtucket is Zixar cross?