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  1. In May of 1985 I was with a bunch of other folks in South Dakota (Rapid City/ Black Hills) on L.E.A.D. We had all just finished our "Duo" and everyone was back in camp when an armed uniformed park ranger came driving up the trail looking for us to let us know that they had got a phone call, and were asked to find us and tell us that docvic had passed. I wondered why they were called and asked to look for us, but found out later on that the L.E.A.D. program was considered a "Mobile Root locale", and thus worthy of immediate notification of "breaking news" from NK. Our week long L.E.A.D. program was cut short by a day and a half because of it, but none of us complained. It's been 34 years since then and though the news was traumatic back then - - it is something I now no longer think about or remember - - except that in 1985 I was rock climbing and rappelling in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I'm loving the musical history being shared in this thread by the two of you (Socks and DWBH). I was always envious of all of you in JN/ etc./ (not for the being on stage and performing part) but just for the opportunity to pick with other top quality musicians and make music. I've had a chance to meet and hang out with a few at the heartbeats/ pfal 79/ ac 81/ etc./ etc. (back in the day) - - and it was always a treat and a learning experience. R@ndy DeBrule (I think that was his name) was in a TWI Bluegrass group that did some touring, and he showed me one heck-uv-a lot of melodic licks on the banjo. Instead of Bluegrass - - docvic decided to call the music style "Truegrass" because in his "infinite wisdom" he decided nothing could be "blue" since that sounded sad and not "abundant". Like a lot of other things, he screwed up a perfectly good music genre name just to satisfy his ego.
  2. Congratulations and best wishes to them for their future success (which is assured now that they are out). You're right - - we do know the feeling all to well. Traumatic at first - - but the freedom quickly grows on you.
  3. dmiller

    Who do you love?

    All right. That there is the original post/ and I've read purt near every response to it and about it in this entire thread. I might've missed one or two, but suffice it to say - - I have the "jist" of what this all talking about. rrobs -- you're quoting scripture. Nothing wrong with that - - but then (imo) you add your own "commentary/ preaching/ etc." mandating that we (and supposedly all of human kind) have to think like you do. I could go to any Baptist/ Catholic/ Pentecostal/ Mormon/ Presbyterian/ JW congregation/ etc./ etc./ etc./ church and gotten the exact same message from "the pulpit" saying "GO THOU AND BELIEVE LIKE US ". In my job, I have to deal with a LOT OF detrimental things that happen, both physically and mentally. Some can be forgiven outright, and others have consequences that need to be dealt with forcefully. I Am of the opinion that you are failing to see the "forceful" side of forgiveness, such as is mandated by scripture.
  4. Mike -- - It's good to "see" you again. It's starting to be like the old times here on the GSC.
  5. - - - - > > > I wanted to delete this post, but it looks like I can't.
  6. Yes - - it was originally advertised and promoted as a re-filming for a "new and improved with a modern look to it" class for us to peddle to the masses. I also was there (I almost put the word "also" after the word "there" instead of "I", but caught myself in time in order to be correct according to Bullinger and the proper placement of the word "also"), and it was evident after just the first few minutes of session 1 - - that things were not going as planned. Docvic tried to recite all the lines verbatim from the original class, and he failed completely. The folks who were all attending PFAL 77, were staying in student dorms there on campus. We were all put into twigs according to our housing assignments and once the disaster of Day 1/ Session 1 of the event took place, it didn't take long at all for our twig leader to tell us that "things had changed" and that this class was no longer a re-filming to make over the class for all to see - - but that it was "just for us". I look back on that nowadays and think B as in B and S as in S - - but back then I bought the story hook, line, and sinker, even after seeing Docvic's PAINFUL attempt trying to "teach" that first day. My memory isn't as good as it was 30 years ago, but that there is what I remember of the "re-making" of PFAL in '77. P.S. - - In each of our dorm rooms there was a Jade plant for us to take home, along with a 35th anniversary commemorative plate. The Jade plant supposedly signifies longevity. Well -- I brought mine home after the class, and it died long ago (just like my affiliation with twi). But I do still have the 35th anniversary plate. Does anyone want it??
  7. My - my - my - - Anything you say Ms. B****. I aim to please!!
  8. Grace - - what are you trying to do here??? This thread was started 15 years ago, and the last post to it was 7 years ago until you decided to "stir the pot". After 30+ pages of opinion - - yours is hardly needed (these days) to add to what has already been said. If you are so ....ed off at docvic and his teachings and the class (as many of us are) - - start your own thread and see how many pages you generate from it. Mike has his opinion that many of us here accept as being HIS OPINION, and even though we disagree - - we respect him for his opinion. You (on the other hand) sound like you don't, and have an ax to grind as well.
  9. excathedra has a copy of Jim Doop's book. Back many years ago here on GSC - - she told me how he gave it to her and she hung onto it, She always thought she should share it with the GSC community, but wasn't willing to let go of it. I offered to pay her for it being photo-copied so I (and others) could read it too. She thought that a good idea, but she never got back to me about it, and since then she has disappeared from the GSC and I haven't heard from her since.. The last time I had contact with her was 2009.
  10. http://www.startribune.com/inmate-charged-with-severely-beating-victor-barnard/417697833/
  11. dmiller

    Song of the moment

    T-Bone. You just absolutely floored me with that video showcasing something I thought i would never see. I have Never/ Never/ (NOT ONCE EVER) seen Sam wearing a suit and tie until this video tonight. He shows up at my home town of Bloomington Indiana occasionally to do shows/ concerts at the IU Music Auditorium with folks like Edgar Meyer and Mark O'Connor, and Mom sends pictures from the local paper to me because she knows I'm interested.. In those pictures of the concerts, Sam actually has tucked his shirt into his pants, and I joke with her "It must be a formal concert, eh? He has his shirt tucked in." I never thought I'd see the day where he was wearing a suit and tie. Wow!
  12. dmiller

    Song of the moment

    I just LOVE listening to Sam Bush "kicking @ss and taking names" with his fiddle or mandolin .
  13. dmiller

    Song of the moment

    When you're looking at the youtube video you want to share, look below the video to where it says "Share/ Embed/ Email". Click on Share, and then copy the code that pops up. In the case of this video - - I clicked on share, and htt ps//:youtu.be/8nldGugymY showed up. I copied that and pasted it here, and it shows up as a video.
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