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  1. I wrote Jim's son. He has the book and many of his fathers writings. He seemed interested in saleing them, including the book. I don't know how much he wants. He asked if I was looking to publish the book. I said no. I just wanted a copy, and would pay for it. He seems very busy.
  2. Thank You. I hope someone does. Shame to lose this kind of history from the people who were there.
  3. Maybe Connie Frisbee would know how to contact the Doop family, or maybe someone here has connections that allow then to find answers about the manuscript or book?
  4. I met Lonnie in 1975, we had a very interesting conversation about my life.. He knew things no one knew. But I never met Jim Doop. I heard he had kept a diary of his walk in the 70's. I was wondering if it would be possible to pay to for a copy of the book or manuscript. Does anyone have any current info on this?
  5. Thank You...Man, oh man... So sad....Sad for my generation. I love you all, I am so sorry.
  6. Lastly... I heard of this. I met Lonnie Frisbee years ago. (He was right on, read my mail... Secrets in my heart no one new except God)... If I'm not mistaken Doop was with Lonnie at the beginning, and said they met Wierwille, but didn't follow him to his farm.
  7. Man... I'm so sorry for you guys and what you went thru... Guess I'll not listen to anymore of his mp3's.... I guess this is good for me, what you wrote... For I have been struggling for a few months now, because I always wanted to be a student of the scriptures, and the truth be known I was being like Israel wanting a human king. You see God has been really faithful over the last 42 years to teach me himself, and keep me from organized Christianity, or so-called Christianity. Meaning to say "God hates religion even if you call it church". ANYWAY, guess I won't post anymore here, so sad that s
  8. Maybe the power is in us on the inside, for that is where Jesus says the kingdom is. Then we have the obvious answer, that it's in the blood and our testimony. I struggled for years with sins, 2 mountains in my life, that were miraculously removed not so long ago. I can only share with you what God has done for me, in hopes that it will cause you to look to him. I met Jesus in the 1970's I had a rare and dramatic conversion (at least that is what Christians tell me). But by the end of 75 I had accidentally disobeyed a spoken word... Let me explain. I had gone to visit a dearly l
  9. I love the scriptures, and it is a record of God's words, words spoken in the past, that "CAN" still apply to us IF God moves upon those words and they become alive to us. Similar to Jesus on Emmaus road. But Hebrews 4:12 is NOT talking about ink on paper. IF the bible is God's only word, then how do you answer this? IF the bible is our answer for our spiritual life we have to then consider, what the scriptures say about the bible. Who had the bible, and who did not have the bible. Then we must ask which of those persons had life, true life, the kind that Jesus promises. I
  10. It wasn't just "The Way" that ended in the 80's. EVERYTHING came to an end...The Jesus movement was over in the late 70's. Calvary Chapel began not with Chuck Smith, but with the Hippy Preacher "Lonnie Frisbee", the reason that is not stated much by many, is because of the struggle that many claimed Lonnie endured with was homosexuality. Yet God used him mightily. Thousand came to Calvery Chapel Why did all these Ministries even though active dry up? Because the Jesus movement ended and the Spirit lifted. IF that is not true, why did the same occur in 1908 with Seymore, and after the
  11. Now concerning the present. I have never heard of TWI or Mr. Wierwille, until about 3 weeks ago, when I stumbled onto a MP3 of a teaching that seems to have been done in the early 70's. So I am a total novice, and idiot compared to all of you here. So please allow me to pose some thoughts and questions. I listened to the MP3 and loved it. I thought "man who is this guy"... So I googled him and found tons of bad news, some equally good news, and thought "Man could it be". Or maybe it's just a bunch of people attacking his followers (leadership who came later), and the followers were,
  12. I'm new here, and I just wanted to express some things to you, and get some feedback. Possibly an introduction of my life, and some of what I believe I have learned walking with Jesus would kind of give you an idea where I'm coming from. (I know it's long,, forgive me) Then I will move into the topic and how it effects me now, and to my inquiry, concerning TWI. MY STORY: I came from a violent home, (drugs, alcohol, gun shots, being chased with knives, people thrown through picture pane windows), in fact I was born three months early because my father kicked my mother i
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