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  1. Aloha to everyone who read my long story and especially my ex-TWI ohana (family) who responded. You all know exactly what to say and I am blessed! I told my daughter about GSC, maybe when the dust settles she will come on board and share her journey, ask questions from you "old-timers", and contribute. Thanks so much for the support here!
  2. I was involved with the Way International Ministry for over 20 years. PFAL class grad 1974, Advanced Class 1979, WOW Vet 1994-1995. I raised my family in the word, according to leadership. Three of my four children are Advanced Class grads. My oldest daughter went WOW after High School graduation, 1991-1992. When she came back home to Ohio, she married a wonderful man who was also raised in the word and involved with The Way International. When the "dang hit the Fan" - Martindale and the leadership doing their "mark and avoid" trip - my family was kicked out for standing up to leadership
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