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  1. It is desert. The average water temp in the Jordan River only varies from around 50°F in January to 60°F in August. I am not convinced water temp affected the baptisms.
  2. I am not sure why the dance around the link to these videos but here- some guy named Curry Blake with John Lake Ministries. Doesn’t this belong in Doctrinal? There are at least 4 in the series.
  3. I am not skeptical, I do not believe a bit of it. By that time the human body is well along into the putrefying process. This story is full of gas and smells like the body would have.
  4. Hah! Maybe she didn’t know it was going to be on YouTube and her husband works for a petrol company?
  5. Kenyon is now apartments for seniors (it was totally gutted and remodeled). ESU just is the holder of the transcripts from the original College of Emporia. The chapel was redeveloped by the same group after a church abandoned it and it suffered massive water damage and vandalism. Most the rest of the campus is owned by a variety of businesses. http://www.emporiagazette.com/latest_news_and_features/article_a89eb138-35db-5576-90a5-3db16315f057.html
  6. So, as far as we know, donations are still needed and being accepted, right?
  7. I think I recall in the FB discussion of this that it was learned the girl was either a relative or the daughter of a friend? As I recall he claimed it was a misunderstanding but was arrested anyway. (What else WOULD he say, after all). I think he was given community service and home detention? I do not have access to that Facebook group anymore to look it up.
  8. “If that assumption is correct”- Let’s keep it simple, the assumption is false therefore the premise on which you built your life the last 15 years is also false, and therefore you do a disservice to God when you claim to “speak UP FOR God”
  9. This looks like the Assembly she spoke of, started by George and Betty Geftakys http://www.apologeticsindex.org/1553-george-geftakys-assembly
  10. Bol’s post looks very on topic to me. Flat earther’s are the core of the anti-science nuts who think NASA faked this stuff. TWI had a lot of these disgusting theories. No doubt next we will hear about Masons. What comes after that? The holocaust didn’t happen? Maybe John Birch next month? What a bunch of horse manure
  11. you can see more than the head, especially as the video continues to around 3:47. The whiteness of the shuttle hides some of it and the reflection is mainly visible against the black sky. The later segment you pointed out in the OP is even more obviously a reflection I can't tell if you are serious in this conspiracy theory or just making small talk, feel free to give your thoughts. For me, I put the "fake NASA" stuff right up there with flat earth, chemtrails, inside job on 911, there was no plane that hit the Pentagon etc. (by the way, my brother was a block away from the Pentagon that day. He saw the plane.) To me it is silliness and a waste of time. I made one comment here (two now), but that will probably be it. It is not a subject of further interest to me, and I really do not spend much time at GSC anymore anyway.
  12. reflection in the glass of the astronaut inside. duh
  13. HAPe4me

    Cat Woman

    The number of views here often is a matter of how words in a post line up with Google users searches. they are not always limited to GSC members views. And welcome back Goldstar
  14. Interesting. Do you know what became of that 2015 indictment?
  15. Raf, I believe that post can only be seen by people who are Facebook friends with John Lynn.
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