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  1. There is a difference between "get to" and "got to". Giving with a heart of love because you want to is I think what is important. And according to 2 Corinthians 9:7 God loves a cheerful giver.
  2. This is WHY Paw keeps this place open!
  3. ciythog

    A Thread For Quitters

    On November 13, 2006 at @ 1 PM I smoked my last cigarette... for $75.00 I received 5 treatments of acupuncture from a local MD in the town I live in... within 24 hours I went in for my second treatment and then went weekly for 4 more weeks... I've only had 1 week that I've almost killed for a cigarette... but I didn't give in... I can be around people that smoke and it doesn't bother me.... I know that he did raise his price shortly after I went... and I know of 3 other people that have had the exact same treatment with the exact same results... if you want more details.. PM me.... I truly believe that it works.... CIYTHOG
  4. Her name is Kelly Pickler... she was on American Idol a couple of years ago...now she is a country singer.... :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: edited to add link
  5. I don't post very often, but... this thread makes me want to share something that I will forever carry with me... The last 4-5 years of my mom's life we didn't see eye to eye on very many things... and I went from the daughter that faithfully (if not religiously) called my mom weekly (because that was the way she brought me up)... to calling her maybe 3 times a year... about a month before she passed I received a call from my oldest sibling telling me that mom was in ICU... they didn't know if she was going to live or die... and they didn't know how long she had to live... Needless to say I called my full time job and told them I was hopping a plane to the state that she lived in... I also had a part time job and told the owner what I was doing and he told me he didn't need me any more... I spent 2 1/2 weeks sitting next to her hospital bed talking about absolutely nothing of importance... during those talks there was so much forgiveness & healing in my heart... that when I got on the plane to come back home ... I was at peace within my heart concerning our mother/daughter relationship... Fast forward 11 days... I was at work and my mom was heavy on my heart... so I called her... just to tell her that I was thinking about her... she told me that she was tired... I told her that I'd let her go and that I'd talk to her again soon... and that I loved her... 2 hours later I received a call that she had passed away... I am so glad I got to tell her those 3 words... and they were the last three words she heard from any of her children...
  6. CONRATULATIONS LINDA It will be 10 weeks on Monday since I quit smoking :) When I decided I wanted to quit, I knew that I didn't want to use the patch, gum, or mints... I didn't want to be hypnotized... I heard through the grapevine that a local Dr. did acupuncture... the price was reasonable ($75 for 5 sessions)... so I went... there has only been 1 day that I could have done just about anything for a cigarette... didn't give in though (I was stressing out of something that I couldn't do anything about) ... in fact I have have a 1/2 of cigarette sitting in the ashtray right next to my computer... Dr. said that the theory has something to do with the addictive part of your brain... And Atomic Fireballs did help
  7. God is good to me, God is good to me, He holds my hand, He helps me stand, God is good to me. God is good to me, God is good to me, He holds me tight, He helps me fight, God is good to me.
  8. I haven't written off the whole generation... I have several nieces and nephews that work very hard... 4 of them are homeowners (all in their 20's)... I guess that it is the ones that don't do what they are suppose to do that make me sad, that they think that they can get by in this world by not doing anything... I know that there are plenty of good, hard working college age students out there... I would just like to see more of them... And believe me I think that there is nothing wrong with spoiling your child...but on the same hand they should know how to work... and to know when they can slack off and when they can't...There are days at my job that I slack off... the clue is... I have completed everything that I need to... but everyday... I don't think so... I have to take care of myself with no one to help me and I cannot afford to lose my job and call my parents to bail me out... Since I was 18 the longest that I have ever been without work is 6 weeks... and there have been times when I have worked 3 jobs to make ends meet.. Will this generation be able to do that? I don't know and that is what bothers me too... CIYTHOG
  9. I may be overstepping some boundries here (as I have no children)but where I work there is a college student that does NOT know how to work... sitting behind a desk reading a magazine when she doesn't have a customer... the thing that I realized is that it is MY generation (40's) that are her parents... Are we teaching children that they don't have to do anything? What is this poor girl going to do when she gets into the real world and have to pay her own way... and I see it all over...how often in the grocery stores do the high-school/college age students offer to carry out your groceries when that is what they are paid to do? I got mad... at my generation and myself for not teaching them how to work... I can remember when I would get upset with my parents because they made me work around the house and earn spending money by doing things in the neighborhood... like babysitting... Now days it is amazing how many teenagers have rooms full of stuff that they haven't worked for... and it was handed to them because the wanted it... I think that maybe we should take a look around and see what is going on... why are people in my generation doing this to their children??? I'm not saying that everyone is like that... it just seems to be the majority of people... Any opinions??? CIYTHOG
  10. MY favorite still is Sons of God by Brian Bl*ss. Sons Of God chorus We are sons of God with power Raise your head and say it loud The righteousness of God is ours Of our sonship we are proud We're brought back from the devils power Set apart by Christ And we're reconciling men to God Serving them the bread of life verse one We are sons of God shining as a light Casting out the darkness Holding forth the Word of life Fearless as we stand upon the promises of God Proclaiming the wonderful works of him Every morning noon and night verse two Standing before our father's throne Bodily without shame Making our requests made known To God in His Son's name Bold because we know we're righteous We’re not afraid of man Knowing that in the book of life God has put our names verse three Never doubting our ability We stand and know we're free Knowing we're more than conquerors We claim each victory We're God's perfect masterpiece We're complete in Christ Believing working miracles Casting mountains to the sea Words And Music by Brian Bliss © 1975
  11. I have been thinking about this ever since this topic was posted and I can tell you that I believe: Being born again of incorruptable seed... Going to heaven and all He!! isn't gonna stop me... The dead are dead... The hope of His soon coming... SIT (All the manifestations... Jesus Christ is not God... Saved by grace not works... The TRUE love of God never fails... The power of Prayer... both kinds.. That God meets my need... and always when the time is just right That God's knows my heart... and of course it's Christ In You, The Hope of Glory (Hence my screenname) CIYTHOG I may add more as I think about it some more
  12. Mike, I have not posted here in a long time nor have I taken the time to read all 9 pages of this "topic". I want you to know that I (meaning no one but myself) who was only involved with the way international for a few short years knew that "The Hope" was not VPW last teaching. "The Hope" was the last teaching that VPW did at headquarters. It is up to each and every born again one to gnosko (sp) the word of God in their own life. Make the word your own boy, then state your case... because I personally would rather see a sermon every day than hear one. And it all starts out with learning the love of God as stated in ICOr.13. Actions speak louder than words...
  13. Yes you were absolutely right...what was I thinking to have MY own opinion... How stupid of me not to see that you are always right and I am always wrong... Of course... how could I have not seen that???? Please forgive me... I didn't realize that you know everything... Sorry for the sarcasm (no I'm not) just tired of the belittling that goes on around here...
  14. I just got off the phone with a christian friend of mine and she wanted to find out about evening primrose. My MD actually told me this was very good for PMS (and yes it does work) M. wanted to know if evening primrose was used in clearing up eczema. Either I'm not looking in the right spot or I just don't see what I'm looking for. Any ideas or suggestions??? Thanks, CIYTHOG
  15. just watch Drew Carey's "Whose Line is it Anyways?" No matter how my day has gone... that show makes me laugh at one point or another... Silly... stupid... funny... All of the above Anyone have have shows that make them laugh...
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