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  1. I'm with you Rocky.. It's not my purpose to denigrate someone's feelings and their research. Looks like a lot of time of was put into this. Oh, the wasted hours I spent studying "The Word" only to find out it was all fraudulent. I wonder at how all the priests of Osirus got along with the priests of RA or Horus? Or the priests of Diana or Zeus? They all led their entire lives consumed by their beliefs in a lie.. Lies they would die for. Lives for which they would kill others for heresy. Things have not changed. Only the names of the current gods.. And for what?
  2. All the successful religions have BIG time punishments for 1) Not accepting the religion and 2) leaving the religion. Hell gets used a lot..
  3. Count me in as well..
  4. How much do we need? I can give some more... sudo
  5. Geeze.. thought I had just posted.. anywho.. I just donated. I think this is a great site though I don't come here as often as I once did.. sudo
  6. I've seen that before.It was posted in a forum that knew nothing about TWI. Many thought it was a spoof making fun of religion. Yeah.. it's that bad but undoubtedly is what Rosy thinks is hip. I've got to hand it to her being able to weasel in and take control of TWI. No one would have thought that possible back in the day. And just look at what its become. I wonder how many adherents they really have left? How many at their Sunday services? At what point do they sell off their assets and properties? sudo
  7. Sudo

    Rascal's Waydale Baby

    Great pic... I haven't seen Rascal in many years now... but would have recognized her anywhere.. sudo
  8. I didn't know John very well. He was the the NE regional leader that included Pennsylvania in 1979 and I got to meet and talk to him maybe four times is all. I was a dentist and faculty member at Temple dental school at the time and I think that was important to him when so many TWI'ers were window washers. I feel sorry for the guy. Now he has a serious disorder yet cognitive dissonance will not allow him to consider for a moment that all that he has believed in all his adult life is a lie. Of course he can beat non-Hodgkins lymphoma so its not like a death sentence but poor guy.. he's dedicated his whole life to a lie... sudo
  9. Whoa whoa now, Raf.. you're going a little bit too far now. You were right on about everything else but did you have to include succubbi in the list? Sure belief in fairies, gods and devils is B.S., no doubt, but succubbis are for real dude. I know. I can feel their truth in my dreams. Beautiful pixie like harbingers of pleasure that come to me in my most needful moments. Anyone who doesn't accept them are going to Hell.. sudo
  10. Yeah, that's why I wanted to post this.... We weren't so special like we all thought. We were all in just an average run of the mill cult. I'm sure all the other cults' members thought they alone had the true spiritual insight as well, huh? Probably believed God spoke directly to their founders too no doubt. Heard of lots of miracles that the founder had done "in the early days" I would guess, as well.... sudo
  11. I think the internet was the final nail in TWI's coffin. Martindale would more than likely have been able to continue on his lecherous ways unencumbered had there been no WayDale. Yep.. Loy finally screwed the wrong man's wife...and the internet made sure that TWI's numbers would continue to drop. sudo
  12. I saw this article on The Daily Beast website and was struck about how similar the abuse in TWI was to other fundamentalist Christian groups. It's almost as if Weirwille and the others all took the same lessons... http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/03/23/survivor-bloggers-join-forces-to-reveal-christian-fundamentalist-abuses.html sudo
  13. I took a look at that web site recently too. You know what the musical numbers remind me of? Lawrence Welk! It's religious Lawrence Welk for for old coots! But then.. that's who their audience is now. I'd be surprised if they still had 1000 members... sudo
  14. Raf, Why thank you! Yes.. I added my vote. Look what happens when I stay away for a while! sudo
  15. Hey... It seemed like a good idea at the time. That's about as honest an excuse as I can muster. sudo
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