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  1. ex10


    FYI Way employees didn’t pay into Social Security. So there is none for the years wasted working for the so-called “Ministry.”
  2. ex10


    Dooj, I had to come out of Greasespot retirement to post one more time. I'm very sorry for your loss. You and Groucho especially, but everyone who knew and loved Rumrunner. And I'm very thankful for one enjoyable Saturday afternoon with Beer from South America and lovely conversation. I'm looking forward to seeing you and the girls again soon. Hugs from all of us.
  3. So when and where is the party? Of course, I'm assuming I'm invited.....
  4. ex10

    Happy Birthday, Ex 10

    Thanks, Bow. Oh geeze, George. I am so gonna tell on you when your beloved gets home. :B)
  5. The thing is, Waydale was fun. Remember the poptart thread? And of course, the infamous THE. There were so many witty, fun threads, that just let us excultists have fun.
  6. ex10

    Happy Birthday, Ex 10

    You know me, Twink, I'm easily amused. Twas a quiet day. And very cold for our part of the world. There was a fire in the fireplace, chili cooking on the stove, thanks to my beloved, and my family members called and sang to me. Wierd, I know, but for some reason, we all sing to each other on our birthdays. Never mind that nobody for generations has been able to carry a tune in a bucket. I guess that's all the fun of it. Twas a wonderful day, and just what it should have been. Thanks for your friendship, cause you remember me even when it's not my birthday.
  7. ex10

    Happy Birthday, Ex 10

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I'm very fortunate to have health, friends, and family close. It seems the older I get, the more I appreciate the people in my world. And some of the most precious to me spend a moment or two here.
  8. Where ya been?

  9. I guess I'm around 1001 years old. Life was rough before Colombus discovered America.

  10. 4 years old?????

  11. ex10

    Viral email

    Twinky, I didn't send the email, so ignore it. The funny thing is, not everyone in my address book got it, just some.
  12. ex10

    Viral email

    Yup, I got it from someone here at GS. I clicked on it and it sent emails to my contacts. Sheesh.
  13. I came, I saw, I met the cats. ;) I'm sorry I didn't have my camera along for pictures of the pub. I'll have to wait for you to send my #2 daughter home for the pics she took. Your town is so beautiful, Twinky. Four days was hardly enough time to experience it all. The theatre in London with the fancy dinner afterwards was fun, but I really enjoyed being at your house much more than the big city. And of course seeing my friends in the North was just as thrilling, but again, not long enough. So many places, so little time.
  14. I just wanted to say howdy from Twinky's house! My younger daughter and I have crossed the pond for a friend visit. She has a lovely home, in a beautiful town. We are on our way out to explore the sights of this ancient city. Cheers.
  15. Wow. Someone emailed me and told me to look at this old thread. That same someone wanted to know my response, all these years later. It's summed up in one verse, that came to mind as I reread: I Corinthisans 1:18. 18For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. Amen.
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