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  1. It is rather comical how Allan keeps posting so many links that contradict his claims
  2. Actually she did say the lab workers are on site. As for other employees, working remotely is no indication of being vaccinated or not. The Federal Government issued remote working guidelines back before June 2020. Not just for the CDC but for most Departments. I know personally this is true with the EPA, *if* a job can be done as effectively remotely as from the office, they are not required to come to the office. It may surprise you, but productivity has seen crazy upticks. why? Well, for one thing commute times. Housing in DC itself is crazy high ($650k+ for a two bedroom bungalow, $750k for a townhouse, as a starter). As a result MOST government employees live an hour away in Maryland or Virginia. Not commuting saves over 2 hours a day. What actually happens is the employee ends up working MORE hours than they would if they came to the office 9-5. Federal employees, just like the those in the private sector, have learned during this pandemic they can get more done, AND have more family time, AND be healthier working remotely. Of course you have to quickly scramble and throw on a sport coat when a Cabinet member pops into the Zoom meeting LOL. (True story) It has nothing to do with not being vaccinated. (Virtually all are, or will be by January). The workforce, public and private, are changing how things get done. Simple as that.
  3. Here is another, a PBS interview with the chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Denver Health about our current surge. Dr. Ivor Douglas: Mostly unvaccinated, younger by about 15 years than the first surges, very worrying, because we're seeing patients who are presenting and getting very sick very quickly. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/show/colorado-hospitals-overwhelmed-by-young-dramatically-ill-unvaccinated-covid-patients
  4. Yeah but you swallow the crap from quacks and other ne’r-do-well liars , so who cares what you say? that is why I addressed Skyrider not you. for what it is worth, I have friends who work ICU’s here and they confirm what this administrator says about the numbers but that is immaterial since you reject real science and the preponderance of evidence.
  5. Skyrider, I am a data driven guy and the data I see here in Colorado does not align with “the vaccines are not effective in preventing contractions or even serious complications” I recognize your hesitancy in accepting releases from the CDC, so this is directly from UCHealth, one of our larger hospital systems. (Other Colorado hospitals are reporting almost the same numbers) “Across Colorado, about 80% of adults are now vaccinated against COVID-19. Inside our hospitals, we’re seeing that the other 20% who are unvaccinated are making up the vast majority of our patients with COVID-19. As the charts below show, nearly 81% of our patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, and nearly 90% of our COVID-19 patients ventilated in ICUs are unvaccinated. Of our hospitalized patients who were vaccinated at the time of admission, many are immunocompromised.” https://www.uchealth.org/today/covid-19-coronavirus-recent-updates/ My point is, if 80% are vaccinated but the 20% who are NOT vaccinated make up 81% of hospitalizations and 91% of ventilated patients, the math indicates the vaccines are helping keep the vaccinated safer. sure, there are breakthrough cases. There always are with mutating viruses (witness the flu). However except in individuals who have other health issues, those are primarily not requiring hospitalization or ventilators amongst the vast majority of the population who is vaccinated here. I hope that helps you understand how I look at it.
  6. But according to the links you provided, Ivermectin has been approved in the US for 50 years in humans for parasites, not corona viruses. Covid is not a parasite. Your articles also pointed that out, as did they mention that for treating Covid, it is still experimental. Isn’t the so-called experimental aspects of the vaccine a part of your distrust of it? Note: the vaccines have now stepped past the experimental stage and have FDA approval right? Ivermectin has not made that step here in the US. It is still an experiment here. The FDA has not banned Ivermectin nor HCQ, they are just not the go to treatment regimen. I am curious why you accept this experiment and not the vaccines? As for India I think I read it was included in the WHO campaign packets distributed to the population partly because it was during flood season and if people got parasitic attacks (common during major flooding) their health would be compromised and thus even more at risk for serious complications from Covid. That is what Ivermectin has long been prescribed for (in careful human doses and formulations)
  7. Yes, it has been in press releases, news stories etc., and as the article says, various joint departments of the Administration have committed $1.2 billion to purchase doses *provided* it achieves FDA approval. Sounds like they are willing to commit whatever is necessary to thwart the pandemic. This agreement gives Merck enough confidence to commit resources to the testing and development of this promising drug. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  8. Allan, I am unclear as to your position regarding Ivermectin. You shared several links to stories about it. Do you suggest ivermectin should be used in the pandemic battle rather than vaccines? Why?
  9. Done- $100. Thanks Paw for helping so many people over the years. I am glad you let us know of the site needs once again. Thanks Raf for the superbly written invitation for this fundraiser.
  10. Indeed, some hospital workers are refusing the vaccine mandate. UCH is firing 119 employees, but that is out of a workforce of over 26,000. That is less than 1/2 of 1%. Of those 119, the vast majority are support workers, not doctors, nurses or other medically trained employees. There is not really a big movement of medical people refusing vaccinations and masks in Colorado, but yeah, go ahead and ask them why they refuse. I don’t really care about their reasons. I wish them well but them being away from patients is a good thing IMNSHO.
  11. Fair enough Raf. Being as this is more of a memorial thread, I apologize for opening that can of worms. Not the place for it at this time. I do express my condolences to Christine and Elizabeth.
  12. According to posts last week from his family members, he had been in ICU for a week, fighting Covid caused pneumonia complicated by his ongoing oncology issues. He was unvaccinated, and several have told me he opposed wearing masks.
  13. Uhhh Raf, you forgot to use the sarcasm font
  14. The article in Life Magazine The Groovy Christians of Rye, NY
  15. That was Rev. Bishop. He was Tim Bishop’s father, and his church was in Rye, NY. Remember the “Groovy Christians of Rye”? (Life Magazine article, May 14, 1971) As I recall they held Sunday fellowships and larger meetings in a room in Rev, Bishop’s church at the time.
  16. It is desert. The average water temp in the Jordan River only varies from around 50°F in January to 60°F in August. I am not convinced water temp affected the baptisms.
  17. I am not sure why the dance around the link to these videos but here- some guy named Curry Blake with John Lake Ministries. Doesn’t this belong in Doctrinal? There are at least 4 in the series.
  18. I am not skeptical, I do not believe a bit of it. By that time the human body is well along into the putrefying process. This story is full of gas and smells like the body would have.
  19. Hah! Maybe she didn’t know it was going to be on YouTube and her husband works for a petrol company?
  20. Kenyon is now apartments for seniors (it was totally gutted and remodeled). ESU just is the holder of the transcripts from the original College of Emporia. The chapel was redeveloped by the same group after a church abandoned it and it suffered massive water damage and vandalism. Most the rest of the campus is owned by a variety of businesses. http://www.emporiagazette.com/latest_news_and_features/article_a89eb138-35db-5576-90a5-3db16315f057.html
  21. So, as far as we know, donations are still needed and being accepted, right?
  22. I think I recall in the FB discussion of this that it was learned the girl was either a relative or the daughter of a friend? As I recall he claimed it was a misunderstanding but was arrested anyway. (What else WOULD he say, after all). I think he was given community service and home detention? I do not have access to that Facebook group anymore to look it up.
  23. “If that assumption is correct”- Let’s keep it simple, the assumption is false therefore the premise on which you built your life the last 15 years is also false, and therefore you do a disservice to God when you claim to “speak UP FOR God”
  24. This looks like the Assembly she spoke of, started by George and Betty Geftakys http://www.apologeticsindex.org/1553-george-geftakys-assembly
  25. Bol’s post looks very on topic to me. Flat earther’s are the core of the anti-science nuts who think NASA faked this stuff. TWI had a lot of these disgusting theories. No doubt next we will hear about Masons. What comes after that? The holocaust didn’t happen? Maybe John Birch next month? What a bunch of horse manure
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