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  1. The focus of this thread was to be twofold: 1) Your similar experiences witnessing. 2) Your now current view as to what you expect to see & who you now hold forth GOD''s Word to out of nothing more or less than God's love. Not concerned about product or how "HURT" you still are or how pi$$ed off at TWI. How about some focus people... :blink: You want to rant-do it elsewhere. Please, help a brother out by giving constructive input. No more Jerry Mcguire comisserating divorcee' type posts please. I'm not the greatest communicator, but I'm trying to get an honest sample on a specific area without being derailed in my effort.
  3. Thank you all for your posts & varying opinions... I think I may have posted this in the wrong forum. My intent was not so much to rant & rave on how F-Upped TWI is/was. Remember-the people in the valley. Where many of us came from. The year in which this happened-doesn't matter. The specifics asked about-not the emphasis. What matters is that we are willing to get down in there and do what this Word of God tells us to do. As for pimping the class (product). Let me give you some background: I was in the first Way Disciple Group who had no product to pimp-as we were between PFAL & The Way of Abundance & Power. Our goal was to get people born-again. So in a way, the pressure was off. This then was coupled with taking a genuine interest in people-why keep fishing if you have on on the hook? So we spent some of that precious door2door time just hanging with folks. Kind of like you would do when you meet someone in the "real" world. Mind you- this was some years later after group I, but the lifestyle learned continued. As for my leadership at the time-now that I have calmed from my rant, I think he was young, immature & in a self preservation sense, looking to protect my family out of love for me. All this corporate .... about the product-who can keep up with all that? Like this election! LET'S KEEP IT FOCUSED ON YOUR EXPERIENCES IN THE VALLEY & THE LESSONS LEARNED DOWN THERE!!! :) "TO HEAL THE BROKENHEARTED....SET THE CAPTIVES FREE..." You know-it could very well be our lifetime in which the Lord returns!!! I believe that-do you
  4. To answer your question as to his pathology-it doesn't matter. Please, don't miss the point here.The point is you will get dirty down in the VALLEY. I don't profess to have had the professional ability to "shrink" him. But it is supposed to be GodinChristinMe! Bringing the energized Spirit to bear via the manifestations or just plain common sense such as aiding this kid into getting a professional's help whether inside the ministry or not. Like you said:" But seeing the need and turning away from it isn't the answer either. Had "we" had a broader view of helping people and how to use the tools available, I'm sure more could have been done." Again the point is what do we expect to find down in the Valley???
  5. Most have heard this phrase before taught in the context of outreach. I was recounting some old, pleasant memories with my wife of time spent in the Detroit area. She met this guy at a yard sale who started hangin' with us (he always wore pants & long sleeves). Over time, he opened up to us and expressed his desire to be delivered from his problem. When asked what it was, he said: "I like to cut myself". Well, it's not like I meet people who dig cutting themselves all the time. We proceeded to ask him many questions about his upbringing, the first time he recalls doing it, how he feels when he does it, how he feels afterward, & etc. Why did we ask him questions? Seemed like the thing to do to keep him talking to help figure things out. I'm sure we threw countless verses at him ending that evening in prayer with him. We went to our leadership for "wise counsel". There response was: "Do you really want to take someone like that on?""Do you really want someone like that around your wife & kids?" We let him fizzle. Wherever you are, we are sorry & pray God still took care of you in another way(no-pun). WTF did we expect to find in that Valley? Just people who only needed help with there budget or scheduling? People have real problems! Some more austere, some less. All that training & classes & weekends in the Word & etc. What good do they do without the practical. Knowledge puffeth up... AHHHHH. Now I feel better.
  6. We served at Ft. Devens, MA as well as in Sinop, Turkey together in the early 90's. My wife and I are happily married 18 years after their wise counsel while we were just dating. In Texas last I heard. Would love to find you!!!
  7. I knew barb well. Last I saw her at ROA 94? She was in the air force, married, living in N.D. What ever happened to Sam Coleman? I know he went in the navy-heard he wanted to become a SEAL. That was in the late 80's though. Hey Sam, where are you?
  8. My son is 12 and sometimes talks a different language. Here's one: It's all good, it's all gravy baby! Meaning things are great and smooth. "Like Butta" -It's smooth or that was a smooth move. "don't front" - means you're "storekeepin" you are faking/lying putting up a front. "Step-off" -back off, back down, get away "aaiight" - alright tukiteessy - take it easy (if you are a puerto-rican from new york) Be careful with the "DL" (downlow) phrase for it also is used in the context a married man cheating on his wife- WITH ANOTHER MAN!!!! Which has been portrayed on LaW & Order Urbandictionary.com
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