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  1. Hi Purple - The brass screen mod is well worth checking out. I've been trying out a variation which employs a single brass screen, shaped into the cone, which I fill with a very small piece of the original cart fiber filler (about a 1/4), serving as a plug for the cart filled with juice. The results have been very good so far, providing a nice, steady vape and draw, no atty flooding, very little leakage. As Socks mentioned, there's a very informative (and long) thread in the cart mods & tips section of the ecig forum which provides pics and YouTube links to the different ways brass screens are being used.
  2. Hopefully I will have cut down on my gas station trips in the middle of the night. Not sure of my directions - personally I think I'm way off the map :) Thanks Socks.
  3. That pretty much sums up my attitude and experience when I started - I kept on smoking my regular Camel Lights alongside vaping. I wasn't particularly "religious" about "quitting" - thought it would be good just to "cut down" but gradually I found myself preferring more and more the taste and convenience of the ecigs. The old cigs started to taste crappy by comparison. This experience seems to be quite common among vapers. If I were the big tobacco companies (or the pharmacutical corporations pushing their unimaginative patches and gum, or the government raking in tax money)I would be worried too.
  4. Nice to see you again Excy! Hey brother Socks, I started out with prefilled cartimizers and quickly caught on to refilling them. The cartimizers (flavor-filter carts which combine the filler and atomizer, which I would recommend for anyone starting out) that came with the Xpower are extra large, and I usually top them off at least once a day. I also picked up an atomizer and some carts to experiment with those and the "dripping" method - good for sampling different juices, and a little cheaper than cartimizers. A usb passthrough is the next item on my agenda, to turn my computer into a hooka :) I know what you mean about adjusting to using ecigs. With my first kit, I caught myself trying to "light" it up (lol). But the transition from smokes to vapor hasn't really turned out so difficult for me so far, considering all "The Passion of the Quitters" horror stories I've heard over the years. I feel a lot better now than I have in years. It's the "End of the World" and I feel fine.
  5. Have been "vaping" for a little over a month now. These things are fantastic. I began with a typical mall cig (an E-9) which was fine but for the short battery life (batteries needed recharging every 2-3 hours), and upgraded the following week to an XPower 900 (litecigusa.net), an "EGO" clone with the battery charge lasting 12-14 hours. After 25 years of smoking it's good to be rid of the old "analogues" and all the circulation problems they were causing me. For those starting out I second Sock's advice on reviewing the wealth of info and reviews the ecig forum. Enjoying some "American Spirit" eliquid flavor as I type.
  6. Woe unto ye Scribes, Lawyers and Martindales! Sing it, brother.
  7. It's been eons since I read that one. But as the recall the last thought going through the skeptical sergeant's mind before getting gunned down in the jungle was something like "Oh gee, I need a saviour..." and BAM! receives his prize in the afterlife. Made it look so easy. D.
  8. Jack Chick smoked dope? Now that you mentioned it, kind of makes sense. "Holy Joe" was one of my favorites.
  9. That was a mean letter at the time. But fast foreward to today - the grand "Athlete" is (last I heard) a balding, obese exercise trainer in Toledo. Judgement doesn't get any better than that. I'm rather grateful for the weird, humiliating spectacle of the super rainbow guy's boots tripping on that gaudy, velvet Elvis cape and rolling down the steps so many years ago. D-
  10. The Martindale dispension is expired, dude. It's over, and has been for quite some time. What's there left to be done, outside the final Jack Chick-ian broadcast of "This was your Life"? Unless Yahweh intends to fly around the earth to reverse its axis for bringing us back 25-30 years. Which would be cool only if I could go back to that era with the mind I have now. Hey Steve, nice to see you again as well. D-
  11. You inherited Martindale's rainbow "mantle" (along with his dancing boots and extra-large headband as well)? You should sell them on ebay.
  12. Great to see an aerial view of Victor Skull Island.
  13. Roy, in all my years passing in and out of this forum, you have consistently been one the nicest people I've ever encountered. Quite an accomplishment on the internet these days, when it's all too easy to give way to snark and mouse rage. I think you're pretty cool. Thank you. -Dan
  14. Welcome. You remind me of myself on some of my worst days. But such zeal can also present the paradox that what one most vehemently despises, they may also tend to become. It's weird, but it happens. Are you better than Jesus Christ? Then by all means, why not take it upon yourself to at least act as such? If you observe Christians treating others like crap, then please - why not take the opportunity to demonstrate here a higher road.
  15. Was in Meridan CT. during the 80s, eventually moving back to Maine. She turned me on to a lot of great music. Hope all is well with her. Dan Mahar
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