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  1. WordWolf,thanks. Yes,those "little things" happened here in Columbia. It's like the saying,<Death by a thousand paper cuts>. The deepest one that hurt the worst was when my Wife,who was going in for a major surgery,asked a fellow believer's wife for some advice. She said that she "was too busy to be bothered"by my wife's questions. Well,if we could not lean on fellow believers for support,then what's the use of going to fellowships at all? We were still pretty new to Columbia back then,and did not have the network of friends we have now. As Paul said in 1Corinthians 10,"ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. The Adversary sure leveled this town after the fall of TWI.
  2. Grace,I was Active Army 79 to 83, IRR for 6 more years. I know of Paul Norcross,but have not met in person. Back then,TWI leaders were considered "untouchable". Sad,innit?
  3. Grace,thank you for your service. Have you reconnecred with other "greasespots" yet? I believe the way we live our lives tells others more aboot us as Christians than saying the right buzzwords. Hell,I still cuss up a storm occasionally,but it isn't what is in my heart. People are GLAD to see me now,because they know I keep my word. Whether at work or at home.
  4. Thanks,Allan! Basically,hoomans are social creatures and we need to be around others. To be"shelved" or "pigeonholed" becausd one didn't take the right class,or <talk the talk>, just crushed any desire to keep going to Fellowships. And the "I don't know you" attitude outside of Fellowships was the last straw. In Eastern societies,citizens are more open to meet and talk to strangers,and I find that refreshing! Jeff.
  5. Funny how TWI dropped off the face of the planet when the Fit hit the Shan. No more newsletters,or anything. Oh,well. Only the Word of God endures...
  6. WordWolf,that was quite a Timeline! I believe now I can let my Light shine again. God Bless Y'all!(yeah,it's in the Bible..lol)
  7. T-Bone Thanks. Am going to do some reading for a while...
  8. In Search Of: Clarice Reida,does anyone know? Thanks in advance...
  9. Waysider,thanks! Enjoying some Jamaican Me Crazy! now...
  10. Hello,Cafe Patrons... My name IS Jeff Massey,and currently living in Columbia,Missouri (used to be misery). I was born ag'in back in '81 or so at Ft.Bragg,N.C. I remember being so nervous aboot SIT for the first tyme.For days after,I could hear this constant dialogue of strange language runnin' thru my head,although the Twig leaders said it was nothin'.A while later,the small voices got quiet,as did my heart,or so I thought. Life with the WOWs then was one hellish roller coaster ride of don'ts,shouldn'ts,and know-your-place's. Wound up living 4 to an apartment off post with "Jeff","Glenn",and"Wallace(Wally);all of us were Active Military.Jeff was Family Leader. He kept a tight rein on me and Wally,and Glenn was #2 in rank. We were told to read the paperback books from PFAL class,without any help or advice. Eventually transferred to Germany,as a MOA. Yeah,what a joke... No support,expected to travel to events miiiless away,and bring new blood into TWI. Okay,with what? My good looks? No supplies or followup instruction. Stuck it out for a couple months,then wrote in with my resignation. Was told I would NOT be given-up on,and hang in there. This was 82 to 83. Discharged,moved to Jefferson City and lived with "David" and "Diana",the Bitch from Hell.Diana eventually flipped out,and left us with living expenses,paid by Way of Missouri. '85,decided to go WOW and was sent to Indio,CA. with "Bruce","Bill", and"Eugene".Had problems relating with local believers,thought not for lack of trying.Returned to Jefferson City,then Columbia.Roomied with "Teresa"and "Ricky".Teresa l8r became my wife. Went to local fellowship,maybe did a class,and then quit going altogether. That was aboot 87,and all I remember was the ANGER coming out of TWI HQ. So,did I miss much?
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