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  1. Thanks for all the help. I found 'Keep walking. From Star of the Show by Joe Fair/Ralph Grham.. On Facebook/Reverb... but can't find it for sale, and will keep an eye out for the other which I think is about a couple on a boat during a celebration? There was also a very nice compilation of piano music back then. I think maybe Mary Ann Hendricks was the composer/pianist. If anyone has a copy I could buy I would be very glad.
  2. Looking for old songs on a cd. First has words 'keep walking son..we'll get there soon'. Second has words like ' after all our friends have gone, you come to me and say, will it always be this way..'. I know if isn't much to go on, but would key me know if these ring a bell? Thanks.
  3. Looking for cd with songs that highlight words ' keep asking son, we'll get there soon' and another with words something like 'after all our friends are gone ..you come to me and say..will it always be this way...' I know that doesn't give much to work on but let me know if it rings a bell and you know,where I,can get these. Thanks.
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