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  1. Janet21047

    1971 to 1989

    It was almost a 2 day trip to New Knoxville from where I lived & I had no car. Couldn't afford a car. Had no camping equipment. A sponsor is someone who gives you money for a project. I would send someone $10 a month while they were in the Corps. It's been so many years that I can't even remember the names of all the people I helped. I have known about Grease Spot for years & years & the site before it which was closed because of a legal agreement between the owners & TWI. This site has changed. It's fine; just different. It doesn't seem to accept attachments though. The Forums are a good place to visit. I decided to revisit to see if it still existed. At least you are not involved with Harry Potter.
  2. Janet21047

    1971 to 1989

    I never attended a Rock of Ages in all my years of being in TWI. I was a divorced mom who could barely make ends meet. My kids were always more important than a Rock or going WOW or into the Corps. I was BULLIED for that attitude also. The one thing I did do was attend family camp one year. Other than that, I went to local events. I did take the advanced class but had to leave my kids with a Corps grad friend for 2 weeks because I could not trust my abusive 2nd husband. That marriage also ended in divorce. My life is peaceful now & my kids are adults.
  3. Janet21047

    Old Way Tapes

    The group Breakthrough - A Thought Away - came out in 1985 after Dr Wierwille's death. I have the cassette tape. It's all I have left of my music tapes. I tired to upload the images but it isn't happening. An OLD webpage that might help is http://www.believerlinks.com/cortright/bbmusic.htm.
  4. Janet21047

    How does one change the banner photo?

    No. I mean the banner photo. Maybe that can't be done on here but it can on Facebook.
  5. No matter what I do, I keep getting a message that I'm using the wrong size.
  6. Janet21047

    7th Corps - The not-so "perfect" Corps

    I know Dave Pettit.
  7. Janet21047

    1971 to 1989

    What else do you want to know?
  8. Janet21047

    1971 to 1989

    Those were my years in The Way. I sponsored many people through The Corps. That's about all I care to say now.