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  1. Oh wow guys I didn't expect such great responses! I also feel I should maybe clarify my username (ProbablyAnAtheist). I picked it just off the top of my head but now I'm realizing it could be seen as a sort of typical "angry atheist mocking Christians" sort of handle and I just want to say it is most definitely not. I've never really truly believed in God but I sometimes wish that I did. And indeed I try to behave as if I believed God to exist. The "meaning of it all" has always been a big fascination for me and I admire the way Christians are able to just believe so passionately that this is
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've sort of surmised as such. I've even been looking up the names of their parents and have seen some very vague but scathing comments about them. So now the detective in me is wondering who these people really are. I know my romantic interest is a legitimately good person who has admitted that there are things they don't like about the organization but that it brings them peace. I've of course been trying to be a good partner by showing interest in the Way and seeing if I can give it an honest try. I was raised Catholic but not ever really religious. The whole "cult
  3. Hello all I'm new here. I'm not an ex Way person or a current Way person or whatever. I'm mostly ignorant of this group. But I just recently became romantically involved with someone who is, and wants me to take the foundation course I think its called. I've trying to read up on this organization and the more I read the less I like. I really really like this person and from listening to them it seems like it is a group that was once plagued by a lot of corruption and is now a lot better? Is that true? I know I probably sound like a complete idiot with this post but I'm trying to disguise mys
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