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  1. I have these books, I sent them to the US and they have helped me a lot (even though I'm not that good in English)
  2. I get along with my family, I see them quite a lot, but the twi people, some friends stopped talking to me (especially when I let some of them about vpw plagiarism). When I left Twi my parents thought it was horrible, they got mad at me for a while, especially when the representatives of Twi came to my country to accuse me that I wrote on Facebook that they were a cult (my immaturity error). I get along well with my family but we don't talk about religion.
  3. Incredible testimony, I will take a look at the links you left, thank you very much for supporting me and answering my questions. The Toy Story thing was very funny since here in Latin America they give Buzz a Spanish accent in that part of the movie, which is as different as the English accent from the American accent.
  4. I forgot to mention that I am from Chile, South America.
  5. Hola WordWolf, My level of English is not very advanced but I can read and understand (sometimes I help myself with the translator and I am able to distinguish when the translator changes the meaning of the sentences) I greatly appreciate your help with this.
  6. Hello, that they have been 40 years old is a way of saying, they were disconnected from twi from 96-97 until 2012, since there was a problem with the representative of the Country (I think the guy stole some land and money), And as a result of this, many people left for Twi in Chile, but my parents and uncles kept the Twi style, making twigs, that's why they don't know about lcm, they learned something about Chriss Gere's letter, but nothing in detail, the Senior Twi commanders in my country hid a lot of information, so my relatives do not know all these things, nor about the cases of abuse of lcm. Then in 2012, unfortunately it was me who contacted the Twi people in my country again (believing that I was bringing my family closer to God again), since my parents do not understand they do not have much contact with technology or the internet. As an adult I managed to take the Fundamental Class, when then I started researching vpw and its teachings and came across this whole iceberg of things.
  7. Hola a todos Soy Francisco tengo 32 años y desde que tengo memoria mi familia participa en twi, yo abandoné esta secta hace unos 7 años mas menos cuando me topé con la página de John Juedes, con quien también he podido hablar por teléfono y quien me dirigió a un Centro de Investigaciones Religiosas. Desde ese entonces he estado investigando, comprando algunos libros y aprendiendo de twi y del desastre teológico y abusos cometidos por el alto mando. Mi pregunta es la siguiente Como puedo ayudar a que mi familia abandone esta secta?, llevan casi 40 años envueltos en esto, obviamente desconocen que es lo que ocurrió con LCM y las demandas, o el plagio de VPW, mi intención es poder sacarlos del culto. Alguna idea de como empezar?
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