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About Me

Okay now I have been knocking around in here a bit, I guess I should really do this thing

I took PFAL in Pueblo Colo in 1979 Late spring early summer... hey it has been 30 years who remembers this stuff.

I went WOW in Montana for the 79-80 Year

Was in a way home in Montana for 80-81

and then in Idaho from fall of 81-spring of 83 in way homes there.

Married in Late 81 and left the way in 83.

I have been living the life of a regular MOM since then with 2 kids and some assorted pets and of course my beloved awesome Husband.

Things I do Garden and Art work, quilting, and sewing and knitting and currently I have gone back to school... Hopefully I will not foolishly interrupt it for some crazy cult this time around.

IF you were in Montana or Idaho or Colorado at any time give me a shout.. I would love to say hello.

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