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  1. Are there any other available audio files available of Martindales ranting that I could listen to that aren't on this website?
  2. Just wondering what the town of New Knoxville and other surrounding towns feel about having TWI hq in their backyard?
  3. Well!!!!! I heard my friends talking about his son, Tim, I guess they are friends with him. We don't really talk about TWI, but I heard them once saying that his dad did some f***** up sh**. Not 'much else other than that. I really need to ask them next time they mention it.
  4. I'd like to know what you think.
  5. So is the way slowly getting smaller and smaller? How much money do they actually have? Will it eventually go away?
  6. I was wondering where I could see some pictures of HQ as well as some descriptions of what is there. I have casually walked through the campus by myself, but wasn't sure what each building is. The fountains were very interesting, as well as the homes and dorms surrounding hq. I am very unfamiliar with the way, and have only read on here, but its hard to imagine without pictures. Also, does the new president teach services? What is her role? Is it public? How often do members see her?
  7. Tell me about it, I'm lucky to have at least found this site, if I didn't I would have gone CRAZY!!! I always thought the way was weird, just because they have an HQ and dorms and stuff. Thanks to everyone for their help. I have no idea what to think anymore. HA
  8. Thank you for your response, I have really been enlightened by all of your responses. I have been dating this girl for quite a while, but she really doesn't talk about the ministry that much to me. Is that normal for peopl in the way? Or is it just because she knows I don't live my life religiously. If I could message someone and ask about her father, that would be great, as I have read through posts on this message board about him. I'd like to know what I was in for. We are young, i'm 21 and she's 20, so does her trying to recruit me or whatever not happen until later? I have not seen any intentions or had any pressure from her thus far. She's very hush hush about the ministry, except for the time she asked me to attend a service at HQ.
  9. Thank you for your answers. But it seems that she is different, she understands that I have what some would call atheist views, and it doesn't bother her. Is that just a front? Would that change in the long run? BTW If you were to message me and I could tell you who her father is, then you will see why I'm worried. And maybe give me a better insight. Thanks.
  10. I am in a very serious relationship with someone in the way, and her father is very big into it. I have never really been religious or anything like that, but I was wondering if there was anything I should look out for. I attended a service with her once to see her father preach or whatever, but I had always thought church was weird, and I just knew something wasn't right with the way. What should I look out for?? Any concerns I should have?
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