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  1. I have been having trouble going to mass lately... ok, for almost a year now. I feel alone when I am at mass. But when I go into the church all alone, I feel warm and embraced. I wish I could puzzle this one out so that I can go to mass happily. I miss mass. It is hard not to attribute every dark corner of my life to TWI. It is hard to realize that other things have happened in my life - happy and sad. It could be that I am going through yet another season of forgiveness... and as much as they are uncomfortable, if I just get on with the forgiving, I can get on with everything else faster, too.
  2. How cool! My sister-in-law is an organic farmer, and my husband and I hope to join or start our own intentional community one day. It is so awesome to know that there are many out there who are interested in sustainability. Kudos to your project - and good luck!
  3. No lie - RCIA rocked my world. I told my priest about TWI - and he dealt with it well. He was supportive as much as he knew how to be. I'm here if you ever want to ask about my experience in RCIA.
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    When I was small, we lived up near there. My memories are so fuzzy of TWI stuff at Rome City. But I remember loving it there. It felt old and loved.
  5. I was born in '78. Legend has it that Mom and Dad met in the Corps and didn't like each other. Then they fell in love - and I came along. I grew up on Way albums - not tapes or CDs - and Rock of Ages. My dad led Twig. The years right before and after the family left were really hard. It took 6 or 7 years for Mom and Dad to go to fellowship again on a regular basis - and then it was to hang out with ex-Wayfers and sing the same songs, say the same prayers. Deja vu. I couldn't hack it for long. I was big into Dale Sides for a few years. It's ten years later, and I am happily Catholic. I like the ritual, the quiet, the softness of my church in the morning light. Going through RCIA was hard; it brought up a lot of memories, and I felt vaguely guilty and like I was doing something wrong. My sister helped me through that. She is Methodist and leads the worship team at her church. Mom and Dad... well, they are still kind of loners, I think. I am, too, when it comes to worship. I found the term "love bombing" when I was doing research on TWI - and now I get why I like to be alone in church and why I go to a big place where talking to others and making friends isn't necessary. Someday I will become more a part of my church's community. For now, hearing the Bible without getting sick to my stomach is enough of a joy for me. Overall, I am blessed. At this moment, I am so happy to be able to talk to you all - people who get it. People who get that TWI years gave us some joyful moments and a lot of pain, too. My husband has a hard time identifying with the stories I tell - and my friends get a little antsy when I bring up TWI. It's hard to feel isolated like that - like I did something wrong by being born into a Way family. My aunts and uncles were in TWI, too. About ten years ago, I was at a Dale Sides event, and someone called out my last name. He recognized me because I look like my dad's family. It was a fun moment. I miss that sense of community at times. For me, that is/was one of the hardest aspects of exiting TWI - the sense of loss of community and family. I named my son Jamie. I sing "Love Child" to my daughter. When I am stressed, I sing "In the Garden". I have the fondest memories of women in long skirts and long hair. Picnics. Just writing this is bringing back the names of my childhood. The faces. The joy of family. I am not sure what I am looking for here at GreaseSpot. Maybe I am not looking for anything. I am just glad to be here.
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