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  1. Why is there a pic of a dresser behind them, you ask?? Well now, let's all begin GUESSING what the picture of the dresser means... I THINK the dresser represents the old age that people move into, becoming to our young as antiques or relics. Simon's declaration of "Holy God!!" sits there like a diamond. How short and simple the TRUTH is!!! Exie, I thank thee and I thank thee for this thine research. Has the messinger from below (latin = 'sub' and 'carrier') given you new light into these obscure websites?? John* and Cece* Daly** and big Dick** DeNenno**, are they in or out of whatever ... If the Bible doesn't tell you, you DO NOT KNOW!!! Simon, are you and the apostle Paul at this time planning another college WOW tour to Florida?? Blessin's to mah people...
  2. That Rhino the Albino sure is one sharp cookie lovstedt...
  3. "No hurry tho..." What's THIS?? We here on the 9th tire tread abide by "It Is Written". No hurry??? Go to the ant thou sluggard. And again, "Redeeming the time, because the Way is evil". You tell me what you think about "No hurry tho", and I'll tell you how far you're gonna go metaphysically. Yet a little sleep, a little folding of the hands, a little closing of the eyes ... And as the train was pulling out of the station there in Jubblepor ... Hint of who I am: I cribbed in Uncle Harry Hall so maany, maany years ago. That should narrow it down.
  4. Holy and Blessed is this our cloven hoof-tongued the motherboard. She sits and the sound of her voice ... Bill ... Let's see ... Bill Board (and his sister Peg) Bill Fish Bill Me Dollar Bill FellowShrimper, you fisher of men, how are the wages down in AussieLand?? Comparable to the states? Do they have 12 minute tests there also (bullinger)? Anyone know where Simon the Surreptious is? I miss his fake laugh...
  5. I am that I am, my dear deer StrangeOne. I have been praying in the Holy Ghost to get a contract locally sos I don't have to be away from these my posts. I prayed so fervently last Wednesday that I prayed Him right into my room. And behold, I may be starting a new contract locally within a month, with higher rates, AND red drapes on the windows. So, absent though I may have been, there's a day coming, you're gonna be with me in these posts ... Newcommer Bill, you must needs adhere to the 4 R's of righteousness on the 9th corps thread: Receive, retain, release and relax. Just let go and let God. Exie, art thou the holy breath the Mothership?? Love to all, mah people. I will return once I quit travelling, which is being interpreted, soon.
  6. Here am I ... Just returned from a land that floweth with smog and heat. I don't have too much time anymore to come here to OUR posts, but it is great to "see" all of you. I think about you all every day ...
  7. You know that Simon... here today, gone tomorrow, blown about by every wind of doctrine. He is PETRA (a small pebble), but upon this PETROS, pointing to myself, this solid ROCK, will I build my Dan Church.
  8. First (God) : Congrats Mr and Mrs Fellow. Be fruitful, multiply and RE-plenish Aussiedom. Have a quiver full!!! Second (Others) : Sexie, I so wish I could have thrown a b-day party for you. Me and Simon and "Frank, you're too fat" could have done a male burlesque. What a sight... I can see it yet ... Happy of happies, lovely lady. One day maybe we can all celebrate together forever. Third (myself) : Tomorrow I am off to Mr Strange's favorite place (besides the golf course of course); the land that floweth with hot sauce and tequilla. As Jaime Taylor would sing, Ohhh, Mexico!! I will return to these our posts after the 4th of July, full of blessings and kickin' the hogs. Until then, my people, be good unto all, especially unto the 9th household...
  9. Country Cookin Makes U Good Lookin !!! That's what the sign in front of this all-u-can-eat place in the Carolinas says. I like to say: Fried Cheekin makes u good leekin !!! But what does the Word say?? I go a fishin ... Howdy, FosterSipper. Hope you enjoy your new abode. Are you living in sin with this widow-woman??
  10. Bon Voyage, YankeeClipper. Please report back to this your family when the fullness of times is come ...
  11. Greets all. Just read that John Hendricks passed away. I second what everyone else spoke about him - he was genuine, giving, joyful and a wonderful believer. He got me involved with his twig when he was a WOW (not WOWBURGER, fellowflipper). He is honorary 9th corps. Life is too short. We ought to get a delegation together - maybe Simon could lead this one - and speak with the mgmt. Love you all. I will be home for the next 10 days or so, sos I can post on these our treads. My Sexie, how's the youngin??
  12. ... He maketh my feat like Impala's fleet ... Gasser' up, Rubin !!!
  13. No KINA, my travels are limited to N and S Carolina. I will be looking up the snake handlers there along with some Cassandra Chew ...
  14. If any man lack Teek, let him ask of God... Thank you Nika, thank you Mellow, for keeping this our tread prospering and in good health, whiles I am traveling to and fro. And lest I be exalted above measure, God hath giving me a thorn in the flay-sch, a messinger of Simon, to Jmmy Buffet me. Hence I will be on the road now for 5 months, until I return as queen of queens and bored of boards. Thank you all for standing in the gap of Monarch pass ... Tom Horrocks, please stand and have the blessing ...
  15. Hi Sexie. Exercizing my gift as the Kumforter, may I say what the book says?? Let God be true, but every man a liar ... You just have to figure out which statements your son made that were lies. My 19 year old is kinda into that scene, on his way out of it, I think. Dress like a gangSTA, yo yo, talk like one of dem (str-8 up baby gurl), chillin wid the home boys & gurls, or as I call them, the Coolios. It's a vicious cycle, I tell you. The guys trippin like dis, sos the baby gurls are droolin over dem. The home gurls jus wanna chill wid the bad boyz, and the worse they get treated the cooler it is, yo yo ho-bitch. Oh well, if any man be stu-peed, let him be stu-peed. It's the height of idultry (thanks ho-Sexie, for bringing that term back into fruition in mah mind). Hopefully our youth will grow up outta this fad, as we did our fads, without joining a cult. And now I go, back to mah itinerary. SIT much. Stand erect. Pray for Simon. Seek the honey-wagon. Apes & peacocks ... Lovingly yours, 9th corps rep re sent ta tive
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